New Look and Forever 21 Ban Angora!
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New Look and Forever 21 Ban Angora!

New year, new fashion season – and for conscientious companies, new policies that put animals first!

New Look and Forever 21 have both just introduced bans on angora after having been contacted by PETA and our international affiliates. “We have ceased future production of all products containing angora”, New Look said in a media statement, while Forever 21 made a similar commitment. This excellent news means that no rabbits will be caged, violently mistreated or killed on Chinese farms for any of their clothing or accessories.

Many of the UK’s biggest brands have taken steps to dissociate themselves from angora, after undercover video footage shot inside Chinese angora farms revealed that workers violently rip the hair from the rabbits’ sensitive skin as they scream at the top of their lungs in pain.

Watch the video here.

The campaign against angora is making a huge difference on the ground. As one farmer explained, “Our [angora wool] export is mostly to Europe. After this incident, our orders decreased by 30 percent”. Despite these victories, though, angora bunnies still need your help – because THIS is still going on at many Chinese farms:

Take the pledge never to wear angora, and if you see angora on sale anywhere, please have a polite word with the manager, explaining why exploiting rabbits for their wool is wrong. Consumer pressure is immensely powerful at persuading businesses to do right by animals, so thank you for all your actions so far!

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  1. avatar Becca Rose says:

    I can’t believe I have been naive enough to think that angora was collected in a cruelty free way. This has shocked me to the core, am so upset. No more animal-based clothing for me and i will tell everyone i know about needs to be publicised more. If any manufacturers read this..Stop this unthinkable cruelty now!! We should protect the innocent and defenceless, there’s none more so than a gentle little rabbit! How could you??!!

  2. avatar Leigh says:

    I also always believed angora was collected in a cruelty free way, until I saw a PETA post on FB!!
    I was heartbroken today when I spotted a gorgeous pair of long socks in M&S today when I realised they were made with angora, I really, really thought M&S had also pledged to ban it from their products too. SHAME ON YOU M&S!!!

  3. avatar Patricia Jolly says:

    Thank you PETA for bringing this crime to the attention of fashion consumers. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this; I haven’t even seen the video, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch. Thank you to the individual animal lovers who put themselves out to secure the undercover footage and images to share, a selfless act in my humble opinion. I have at least 9 Angora items manufactured in China; I’m disgusted that I could purchase these items so freely and angry at my own naivety or is it stupidity? I’ll never knowingly buy this product again. It is my intention to write to as many retail outlets I can. I received a very positive response from Mint Velvet today.

    ‘Thanks for getting in touch. We can confirm that we have continued to cease production of all angora products.,

    Please keep this in the spotlight PETA…

  4. avatar carolina says:

    thanks for show to me what is behind the animal products, my mind can’t think by itself…i mean, i tried to think in something cruel before watching the video, but i never thought in that king of torture….wiht those rabbits….i needed to turn the volumen down!!!!
    i wonder why the pain of animals are always behind farmers or food or clothes or companies in general….why????

    can we do something without torture?

    i am Little bit sad, because you have said that there is still a lot of rabbits suffering this kind of pain….in china…it is posible to make something with the goverment of china!!!…why china is the most cruel country with animals?…if i am wrong…..i apologise but…almost always is in china…could PETA or interantional organizations try to change the behabiour of china!!!!…i repeat…if i am wrong i apologise!!!!

    thank you

  5. avatar Jenny says:

    Thanks for all the awareness, as soon as I saw this I donated and will not buy angora. I knew that it was an animal product and didn’t buy it anyway, but never knew the cruelty involved, this needs to be banned, and lets hope that TopShot follow Forever 21 and New Look by no longer supporting this cruelty and not supplying angora products.
    China does seem to be the main perpetrator to animal cruelty so in general I always read the label and NEVER buy from China as I don’t trust their industries or their products.

  6. avatar Sarah says:

    I have just ‘shared’ this on Marks and Spencer’s website as 2 days ago I found angora socks (made in the cruellest of places China) in one of their shops. I suspect that they will remove the link as it is pretty horrific and every other post is all about fashion/stitching/materials/cakes etc… I thought that M&S would have higher morals. I asked them to ban using Angora. Can PETA also target M&S please?

  7. avatar Helen perry says:

    Just binned my angora jumpers, can’t bear to wear them. Won’t buy from china!!

  8. avatar Bob says:

    Watched the video and now I doubt I’ll sleep for months. Facking horrible.

  9. avatar Marianne Juhler says:

    treat others the way you want to be treated yourself

  10. PLease PETA do your very best and save the pain of these poor innocent rabbits who are unlucky to have fallen in the hands of barbaric people.

    May Lord Buddha guide you in you endeavours and I hope very soon angora will totally disappear from the market and these animals alongwithe the raccoon dogs will live happily thereafter

    Brunila Goa India

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