New Look and Forever 21 Ban Angora!
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New Look and Forever 21 Ban Angora!

New year, new fashion season – and for conscientious companies, new policies that put animals first!

New Look and Forever 21 have both just introduced bans on angora after having been contacted by PETA and our international affiliates. “We have ceased future production of all products containing angora”, New Look said in a media statement, while Forever 21 made a similar commitment. This excellent news means that no rabbits will be caged, violently mistreated or killed on Chinese farms for any of their clothing or accessories.

Many of the UK’s biggest brands have taken steps to dissociate themselves from angora, after undercover video footage shot inside Chinese angora farms revealed that workers violently rip the hair from the rabbits’ sensitive skin as they scream at the top of their lungs in pain.

Watch the video here.

The campaign against angora is making a huge difference on the ground. As one farmer explained, “Our [angora wool] export is mostly to Europe. After this incident, our orders decreased by 30 percent”. Despite these victories, though, angora bunnies still need your help – because THIS is still going on at many Chinese farms:

Take the pledge never to wear angora, and if you see angora on sale anywhere, please have a polite word with the manager, explaining why exploiting rabbits for their wool is wrong. Consumer pressure is immensely powerful at persuading businesses to do right by animals, so thank you for all your actions so far!

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  1. avatar Susie Phillips says:

    Please help stop this cruelty for fashion

  2. avatar KIM PALMER says:


  3. avatar lebrun says:

    0o ! je ne comprend pas et ne comprendrai jamais comment peut on faire ce genre de chose atroce… :((((((((

  4. avatar constanza marin says:

    Please top quota cruelty

  5. avatar Jo Reuben says:

    This is barbaric and should not be allowed in this day and age

  6. avatar Paula Notman says:

    Please stop this is barbaric to

  7. avatar maureen martin says:

    Well done i wish more companies would follow suit .

  8. avatar emma says:

    Horrified. I don’t believe people are truly aware of were materials that are being used for clothing and shoes etc really comes from. Ignorance I guess in some ways. More needs to be said/ shown. Is there any way to get tv coverage. Obviously it would have to be very delicate as to what 2 would be shown. But the more people know the more I do believe would stop buying it. Alot of people probably believe it to be a man made material.

  9. avatar Deena Mahmoud says:

    This is despicable! How do you people sleep at night?!

  10. avatar john burke says:

    Thank you Peta for working tirelessly in your resolve to stop barbarbic and cruel treatment of animals.
    I wish more companies would not just receive there finished products via the the use of animals but also look into how animals are treated for it to get to there shop floors.
    The more companies that say ‘NO’ the less capital is created.
    If this then increases wereby no financial is to beade then capture and torture of these beautiful animals will no longer be required.
    I implore the hearts and minds of the leaders and directors of such companies to join in a resounding ‘NO’.
    Create such a noise that it cannot not be heard.

  11. avatar Linda says:

    I will do!!!! Hate to see what the did to that poor rabbit.. We must all take aktion!!

  12. avatar Jan Pyne says:

    There is no need for this to happen.

    The excruciating pain, torment and stress these beautiful animals have to suffer is barbaric. I truly cannot understand how humans do not have feelings, that they need to look after animals and humans that need our help and love.

    This is not allowed to happen anymore

  13. avatar susan clark says:

    Angora needs to be banned.

  14. avatar ria says:

    Great news keep up the brill work PETA!!! x

  15. avatar Peter wright says:

    Untill we stop using animals for clothing, you will always have some vile and cruel/sardistic humans, that all they think about is ‘how can I make more money’ and animal suffering will continue, untill the consumer realises that ther is an alternative, MAN MADE that is just as good, without the cruelty.

  16. avatar Emy says:

    Abercrombie & Fitch has a lot of angora products in their stores… Almost all the sweater they have include angora fur.

    They still haven’t responded to my inquiry of their source….

  17. avatar Anonymous says:

    Bless all those people in PETA, thank you for stopping and saving this innocent animals..

  18. avatar sandra paulden says:

    Please stop this barbaric cruelty now .

  19. avatar Amy Fensome says:


  20. please stop this it so wrong ,them poor rabbets ,is got to stop now ,

  21. avatar Bettina B Nielsen says:

    Could you stop be cruel to these rabbits this is so animal abuse and hurts on there skin try do with yourself

  22. avatar Bettina B Nielsen says:

    Fuck those who are doing this , it’s very sad to do . Stop doing that

  23. avatar Helen Davies says:

    Thank you Peta for all your dedicated work for all animals. It is great to see so many people support the cause through your site.

  24. avatar Weber Monika says:

    Was bildet sich der Mensch eigentlich ein so mit unseren Mitgeschöpfen umzugehen ??? Das muss sofort und auf der Stelle aufhören ohne irgendwelche Ausreden zu suchen , für sowas gibt es keine Ausreden nur Verachten für die die Angora trage , für diejenigen die sie quälen und für die Verantwortlichen die weg schauen!!!!!
    Schämt euch , Ihr seid das Letzte wenn Ihr jetzt nicht sofort eingreift und dieser Barbarei ein Ende setzt !!!!!!

  25. avatar Greg Buxton says:

    There’s no need for cruel behavior like this to be happening to any animal, mammal or fish in our world today, put a stop to such Barbaric behavour today not tomorrow!

  26. avatar april garcia says:

    This needs to stop .its cruel and evil.Band 21 forever…..

  27. avatar mandy ayton says:

    poor bunnies people so wicked Marks And Spencer are selling Angora mix scarfs still can we do something about that This is just barbaric

  28. avatar Marilyn Cocking says:

    Soooo so cruel how can any human justify this .

  29. avatar Lara Aziz says:

    Just wrong and pure evil-please stop

  30. avatar Wendy Ward says:

    How terrible this is. Those poor rabbits it is unbelievable that any human being could do this but then that’s the bloody Chinese for you

  31. avatar Mairi wotherspoon says:

    So angry

  32. avatar Lisa lawrence says:


  33. This is just horrific and needs to be made known to all suppliers of items of clothes that have angora fur.this is so upsetting and so cruel.makes me feel so sad.

  34. avatar Anapaula gouveia says:

    Stop this cruelty now …. This is horrible ….this heartless Chinese people need to be punished …. I can’t take this no more this Chinese people are the most terrible people on this world they have no mercy for animals at all ….

  35. This breaks my heart.Who gave anyone permission to rape these helpless little creatures

  36. avatar Martijn says:

    How can people do this!
    This needs to stop everywhere in The world.

  37. avatar Sylvia Gries says:

    This is really horrible, unbelievable and INHUMUN !!!
    Hope god can change this cruelty.

  38. avatar millie says:

    you shouldnt do this it is awfull why why why?

  39. avatar shannon says:

    why are you doing this to animals it is rediculas im 10

  40. avatar shannon says:

    you should be ishamed off your self would u like to kwow how old i am 10

  41. avatar Shannon says:

    You are retards treating animals like this you should be apoled of your self get something sorted

  42. avatar Simi says:

    I beg the Chinese government please please stop this cruelty. These beautiful babies deserve a lovely life. Please stop this, this is just very cruel, breaks my heart.

  43. avatar Alison says:

    I noticed Joules, the clothing company in the UK, source their clothes from China and I have seen angora wool used in some of their clothes. I emailed Joules asking if they could confirm procedures were in place so that they knew the sources of their angora and that the rabbits were well cared for.

    I am still waiting for a reply. For a company that trades on the image of good wholesome English countryside, they don’t seem too forthcoming about their standards of sourcing their products.

  44. avatar Shannon says:

    Do you want to know how many animals are dies from medical research ?well 100 millions.

  45. avatar SHANNON says:

    you aare idoits go to hell

  46. avatar Belinda says:

    I am disturbed for life. I cannot believe mankind. The continuous torture in the hands of a human who is listening to the screaming of pain it is inflicting purposely on a living creature and making it suffer is sickening cruelty. How can they carry on? How can they not imagine what this pain, torture would feel like to themselves. How does this not make them stop at the first scream they hear?

  47. avatar jenny slatter says:

    This is so barbaric words dont describe how evil these people are, how would they feel if thier hair was ripped out of their heads.. i hope karma comes back to the evil sadests who do such horrific brutal crimes to rabbits. This is unthinkable…and makes me so upset. It must be STOPPED

  48. avatar carolyn raw says:

    Its disgusting and needs to be abolished! The pain the rabbits endure is so shocking and cruel.
    I visited monsoon in leeds uk to buy a sweater but just before buying it i noticed it had 16% angora rabbit. I WAS SHOCKED AS I THOUGHT THEY HAD AGREED NOT TO SELL IT.
    I spoke to the manager and sales assistant and explained i would NOT be buying the item and why to which they replied that according to their website they only sold cruelty free angora.
    My question is, is how cruelty free is it? Do they still live in terrible conditions? Yes
    Do they have to be shaven or clipped which is incredibly stressful for them? Yes
    How can any angora product be cruelty free unless the rabbit has passed away naturally having lived a long and happy life.
    I will not be shopping with Monsoon any more until their ethics change.
    If everyone does the same with all the shops who sell angora we will all make a difference and close ALL the farms.
    Keep protesting!

  49. avatar yvonne berry says:

    This is one of the cruelest and barbaric torture I’ve seen and it needs to stop NOW.

  50. JUST STOP. Imagine being skinned alive yourself!!

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