Danny Cipriani Bares His Skin to Help Animals Keep Theirs
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Danny Cipriani Bares His Skin to Help Animals Keep Theirs

Danny Cipriani is the first-ever rugby player to star in PETA’s iconic “Ink, Not Mink” ad series! The Sale Sharks’ fly-half shows off his tattoos, his chiselled physique and his respect for animals in order to raise awareness of the cruel fur industry.

Danny’s new ad, which was shot by top photographer Trevor Leighton, highlights the growing trend among celebrities and athletes to speak out against stolen skins. As Danny says, “The rugby pitch is known for being a tough environment, but it’s nothing compared to what some animals go through when being hunted for their fur. I’m proud to be helping PETA raise awareness of how to help these animals – all you have to do is not wear them!”


In the wild, fur-bearing animals caught in cruel steel-jaw traps can languish for days, slowly dying from hunger, thirst, disease, blood loss and predation. Some, especially mothers with babies, chew through their limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy cages before they are beaten, gassed or anally electrocuted.

Mink. Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

It’s hardly surprising that so many people are rejecting this cruelty outright. Danny follows in the footsteps of fellow athlete, cricketer Jade Dernbach, who also recently stripped off for a PETA ad, while top designers such as Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Vivienne Westwood have all publicly sworn off fur.

Please take a few minutes to educate yourself about the barbaric fur industry – and pledge to stay away from it – by viewing the eye-opening video footage of Chinese fur farms.

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  1. please get this fur trade stop ,this is so wrong them poor animals please help them buy getting the fur trade stop full stop

  2. Please stop buying real fur clothes; animals deserve a better life in this planet

  3. avatar Jenny brady says:

    Stop this horrific cruelty, animals are not ours to victimise with this cruelty

  4. avatar Rachel Horsfall says:

    The is so repulsive. Pure evil. There is no reason for people to wear these beautiful creatures. I have had sleepless nights thinking if how they must suffer. This has to stop and all animals should be protected.

    • avatar Karen Deppe says:

      I am with you Rachel. I have also had sleepless nights about. I have come to the conclusion that true evil is the inability to empathise with the suffering of another living creature so I do feel that that the people who do this are evil. They continue to skin animals alive despite the screams of pain and fear from their innocent animal victims. I am thinking of the fur trade. I am thinking of baby rabbits in fur farms who are hung up by their feet and skinned alive, baby seals who are clubbed and skinned alive and so many others. They only care about profit so maybe not buying fur is the only way.
      the other issues is that we do not need to wear. We now have so many fabric alternatives. It may have been necessary for Neanderthals living in cars during the Ice Age so many millions of years ago but not now.

    • avatar Karen Deppe says:

      I made an error. I meant Neanderthals living in caves during the Ice Age. Sorry about that.

  5. avatar Catherine Chizmar says:

    It’s wrong. Just stop it now!

  6. avatar diane smith says:

    The fur trade needs to stop & stop now, needless torture!!!!

  7. avatar neil green says:

    Peta, do you have a list of vegan friendly tattoo parlours in the UK(south)? Keep up the good fight!!

  8. avatar Manel Dias says:

    Thank you Danny Thank you for standing up for the sake of these such innocent & voiceless animals. The world has become such massive ruthless heartless evil place to live in. The people who abuse innocent animals while skinning them alive need to be hang them in public. If the governments are not included with the THUGS themselves then this barbaric practices need to to adressed and stop ASAP. We are called humans because we should know better ways to treat others and respect them accordingly. But the wickedness done towards innocent animals by the people are so vicious and violent this must need to be stopped before it gets more violent and evil.

  9. avatar Anne Grice says:

    Its shocking that the fur trade still exists today especially in the developed world where people are well aware of its sickening brutality. To wear the fur or skins of any animal today defines you as an unintelligent, low esteem, self loathing and self absorbed selfish irrationals person. So keep supporting this cruel evil industry and see how far you will go in society today!!

  10. Bravo to Danny for speaking up against this horrifically cruel industry! To wear fur is the sign of a callous and cruel heart, selfish and vain.

  11. p.s: Compassionate guys are hotter!

  12. avatar Anthony says:

    We as society have a moral duty to protect all sentient beings from evil, corrupt and profit driven individuals. Government policy and enforcement is key, but education is vital. Government will only listen if sustained pressure is applied.

    God bless all animals in this cruel, evil world.

  13. avatar Roma Robb says:

    Fur belongs on the beautiful animals who are born with it, Not on us. Stop killing and abusing these animals for our greed. Don’t we have enough materials in this world we can use. This is selfish, greedy and totally disgusting. Stop now.!!!

  14. STOP THE FUR TRADE? It’s barbaric! animals are skinned alive.

  15. avatar Wendy bell says:

    Who needs the skin off some poor creature to keep war or look good anymore.
    Man can create synthetic furs etc so superior for far less. Buy one of each, save the animals from being slaughtered for us.

  16. avatar Rena McVey says:

    Many years ago, when buffalos were killed or other animals for every part on their body, was different than now. The meat was eaten and the hides were used as blankets, coats and bedding just for survival. That has all changed now, just a money making commodity, at the cruel expense of animals. thanks for caring and baring???

  17. avatar lucia says:

    Grazie per l’impegno

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