Bloodshed in Taiji
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Bloodshed in Taiji

The eyes of the world are watching in horror as 250 bottlenose dolphins – who, several days ago, were herded into the now infamous “killing cove” near the small Japanese village of Taiji – are now being slaughtered one by one by Japanese fishermen. By the time it’s all over, the sea will be red with the blood of these animals.

CC Cove Sea Shepherd

This horrific massacre goes on for six months a year, during which time more than 20,000 dolphins and small whales – including babies and their mothers – are corralled into shallow waters, disorientated with underwater sounds, run over in boats, netted, starved for days and then killed by having their throats cut with knives or by having metal spears driven into their spinal cords in front of their terrified families. Dolphins are so devoted to one another that even those who escape from the killing area have been known to linger nearby to wait for their family, even if that means being killed themselves.

It is commonly assumed that the Japanese fishermen hunt these highly sentient beings do so to supply a small minority of Japanese people with dolphin meat. But in fact, the Japanese government issues permits to kill dolphins in order to prevent them from consuming the fish in Japan’s surrounding oceans, which it prefers to reserve for human consumption.

The 2009 Oscar-winning documentary The Cove opened people’s eyes to the annual massacre in Taiji in the same way that the recent BAFTA-nominated film Blackfish brought attention to the plight of orcas and other dolphins in captivity. Many dolphins from Taiji’s “prize catch” are removed before slaughter and sold for use in shows and swim-with-dolphins programmes.

Life in marine theme parks is appalling for these smart and sensitive animals, who in the wild would live in large and intricate social groups and swim together up to 100 miles a day. Female dolphins spend their entire lives with their mothers and sisters within the family pod. They communicate with each other through whistles and body language, and when dolphins are injured or dying, others will come to their aid, supporting them at the water’s surface so that they can breathe. At some marine parks, dolphins have nothing to do but swim in endless circles in tiny, barren pools. Their sonar bounces back at them off the walls of the tanks and often drives them crazy. Dolphins live about 45 to 50 years in the ocean, but more than half of captive dolphins die within their first two years of captivity.

Two Ways to Help Dolphins

  • When you’re on holiday, refuse to visit dolphinaria or marine parks. The dolphin display industry will pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for each captured dolphin, making the annual slaughter highly profitable for a handful of Taiji fishermen.
  • Send a polite message to the Japanese Embassy in the UK explaining how horrified you are by the bloody dolphin massacre:

Image: ©2004-2007 Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 

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  1. avatar shirley says:

    I am appalled, whats the matter with them? are they completely devoid of human emotion?

  2. avatar susan austin says:

    This breaks my heart how can man do this to this beautiful intelligent creature I have swam with them and looked into there eyes please stop this barbaric act now

    • avatar cat says:

      I see you have said you’ve swam with them…I hope you now realise supporting industries that captivate and “use” dolphins for any form of entertainment is terrible.. as oppose to that part of what you’ve read above going right over your head.. Not trying to sound shitty! Just felt I needed to point that out in case you hadn’t noticed that part..

  3. avatar Anita King says:

    The murder of these beautiful innocent creature’s is unacceptable and must somehow be stopped

  4. avatar Claire says:

    I am disgusted and horrified by this. I will need visit your country.
    This upsets me and makes me feel sick. Evil, evil actions :(

    • avatar Steve says:

      You need to visit them? Lol. It’s cute that you think you can just rock up to a foreign country with a totally different mindset and single handedly bring them around to your way of thinking. Can you even speak Japanese?

  5. avatar Clare schild says:

    Please stop this insanity! This makes me ashamed to be part of the human race. It’s time to stop this nightmare and start opening your hearts to these defenceless, beautiful, intelligent creatures. Take responsility for your actions and make changes to make this world a better place to live in for us all. The greed and cruelty must stop now.

  6. WHY? WHAT in the hell are you doing just think on this be sure your sins will find you out and when they do you will feel pain !!!Crazy people God crested these Dolphins and they do not deserve this stop the behavior now evil people and do right !!!!!!Right I said please PETA do the best you can to take these people down!!!!

  7. avatar MRS SANDRA LETSCHE says:

    This has to stop.There is absolutely no excuse for such barbarism. People need to boycott exports from these areas.

  8. avatar Becky says:

    That is awful how could anyone condone such violence towards any creature. please stop this barbaric act.

  9. avatar Michael Pickett says:

    This is barbaric and cruel and must be stopped

  10. avatar Mel Lucas says:

    What is wrong with these people?
    Disgusting, barbaric and unnecessary.

  11. avatar jayne kirk says:

    We are supposed to be civilised. I despair of todays society. People like you make me ashamed to be a human being. Where are your morals and scruples, and where is your humanity ?. Why do people have to constantly destroy this beautiful planet and the wondrous creatures that live on it. Please leave these intelligent peaceful creatures alone. If you want to torture and kill do it to yourselves because you are not fit to habit this planet or be called humans. The world would be a much better place without the likes of you….and all this suffering in the name of PROFIT !! SHAME ON YOU.

  12. avatar Chloe says:

    This is absolutely disgusting and sickening! It has to stop!!

  13. Sick, cruel bastards! This must STOP now!

  14. avatar Mr Merrick says:

    The United Nations should step in now and stop each and every nation across this rock we live on and BAN them from trading and if found trading, should be hung and whipped before having ALL MONIES gained from from this illegal trading taken from them and put into the finding of these scum who trade in killing of whales, dolphins, and other animals they like to hunt. If caught a 2nd time, they should be hung until DEAD

  15. avatar Trish Flanagan says:

    This is the most horrible horror to see .how can you all get away with this what have they done to deserve this . Get off of yer asses and stop it..I hope kama gets ye and make ye suffer this horrible death.. STOP THIS STOP THIS. YE ANIMALS …

  16. avatar Michelle Dobson says:

    Please put a STOP to this – it is ridiculous, unnecessary and resembles Hitler! It is time to STOP!

  17. avatar Belma ilkan says:

    Let the dolphins live. Stop the massacre !!!!!

  18. avatar Liz Steen says:

    And no doubt the people resposible for this horror consider themselves civilized!!!

  19. avatar Hayley says:

    Please stop this now. We need to save and protect all that is natural and beautiful that is still left in this world. We are one world, one people , wr are brothers and sisters , what we do affects us all. Please realise this.

  20. avatar Liz Domville says:

    This sickens and saddens me very much,these beautiful creatures will be extinct soon.It has to stop.

  21. avatar Marian Madsen says:

    And you call that tradition?? This is murder and eradication of a species.

  22. avatar Rachel Simonds says:

    Lets get this stopped now !

  23. avatar Thi Bui says:

    Damn Japanese fishermen! What the hell are you doing? Stop killing these innocent dolphins right now!

  24. avatar gill turner says:

    horrific when is all this cruelty and killing going to stop.both china and japan need a lesson on animals feel pain as so do we.leave these beautiful creatures annoyed.

  25. This is so sickening. Have these Japanese fishermen no feelings at all? Please, please stop all this killing now, it is so unbelievably cruel.

  26. avatar Vanessa spencer says:

    This has to stop its to distressing for words you are supposed to be a civilised people this is not acceptable in the modern civilised world

  27. avatar Lisa David says:

    Every year I see these horrific pictures of the devestation humans carry out on these defenceless mammals.. What is wrong with these people. This barbaric act needs to STOP.. :((((

  28. avatar Irene says:

    The only way to stop this slaughter is to advertise all over the world what they are doing, and try and shame Japan, and China too as they both seem to think it is ok to murder beautiful creatures. Don’t buy anything Japanese or Chinese if they are hit in their pocket maybe then they will understand how disgusted civilised people are with their actions

  29. avatar Nicole Pilato says:

    I think our governments should impose sanctions on Japan for allowing these atrocities

  30. avatar Dolan Laurence says:

    This must stop. If you cannot respect nature you will never respect life in general. Never expect to be respected back. Please show mercy for nature otherwise will really are nothing!

  31. avatar Jasbir Humpage says:

    Why are these beautiful, intelligent mammals being slaughtered by this horrible race. Is there not enough variety of normal meat!!!

  32. avatar Paula Hutchins says:

    Government needs to do something about this it’s disgusting absolutely livid

  33. avatar Amiee says:

    There has to be a solution. Please stop the bloodshed in Taiji

  34. avatar Cathy Pegley says:

    I would like to write to Mr Keiichi Hayashi the Japanese ambassador in the uk but am having problems finding his email address if anyone has it or knows how I can find it please let me know … So I will send a letter voicing my horror at this cruel and unbelievable slaughter.

  35. avatar christine saltmarsh says:

    The whole world is watching you! This must stop.

  36. avatar susan browne says:

    how can we massacre these beautiful highly intelligent creatures in such a barbaric way. we need to look at life through a terrified creatures eyes and see the wrong we are inflicting on these beautiful species. how sad this makes me to be a so called human being.

  37. avatar Danica says:

    I dont know how people can think this is okay!

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