'Blackfish' Still Making Waves: BAFTAs, Celebrities, Demos and More
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‘Blackfish’ Still Making Waves: BAFTAs, Celebrities, Demos and More

The film Blackfish – a compelling documentary about how orcas are imprisoned, exploited and driven mad by SeaWorld – is still making a splash, months after it was released.

It’s up for Best Documentary at the BAFTA Awards next month and really deserves to win! Most of those who have seen the movie report that it opened their eyes, both to the magnificence of orcas and their misery in marine parks.

Here are a few notable reactions:



Lauren Mayberry of Scottish indie band Chvrches has perfectly summed up the sentiment on this issue:

After seeing the graphic abuse footage in Blackfish and hearing the testimonials from former SeaWorld employees, I believe that orcas and other marine mammals do not belong in captivity. Orcas are intelligent, social marine animals and naturally very passive, non-aggressive animals in the wild. In captivity, however, they are kept in conditions which cause them extreme psychological trauma, far removed from their natural open ocean environment. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen Blackfish to watch the documentary for themselves, decide what they think about what is going on in places like SeaWorld and no longer visit marine and wildlife parks that profit from harming such animals.

Anti-SeaWorld Demo/Blackfish

Our friends over at PETA US have been making sure that SeaWorld can’t forget about the outrage over its unscrupulous treatment of whales – persuading multiple musicians to cancel gigs at SeaWorld, chasing SeaWorld’s corporate sponsors such as Southwest Airlines hard and even sending fearless protesters out on headline-grabbing demos.

Get Involved

  • Not seen Blackfish yet? Find out what all the fuss is about by watching it on iTunes or ordering a DVD here.
  • Please, when you’re on holiday, avoid marine parks such as SeaWorld, which kidnap, imprison and inbreed whales.
  • Write to Russian officials, asking that they release two wild orcas who were recently captured in order to be imprisoned in marine parks.
  • You can also take action for young orca Morgan, who is being held against her will at Loro Parque in Tenerife. Read her heartbreaking story and join the campaign here.
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  1. please can you help the release of young orca morgan ,it wound be a wonderful thing for you to do .to help to get them release

  2. avatar Judith trunks says:

    Why do human beings behave like this, animals never do ?

  3. avatar Sylvia Wright says:

    I didn’t know that things like happened but it should be stopped , it is cruel .

  4. If you care about animals dont visit Sea World it is cruel and barbaric

  5. avatar monika says:

    please can you help the release of young orca morgan ,it wound be a wonderful thing for you to do .to help to get them release

  6. avatar Cindy says:


  7. avatar Heli Sajaniemi says:


  8. avatar BROWN-JONES says:

    Just for our entertainment, what cruelty!

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