The Latest Stores to Halt Angora Production Are …
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The Latest Stores to Halt Angora Production Are …

Topshop and Primark!

First, it was Swedish retailers H&M, Acne and others. Then, New Look and Esprit followed suit. Now, after meeting with us and hearing from many concerned customers, Topshop has also told its suppliers to stop sourcing products containing angora while it investigates alternatives. Shortly afterwards, Primark made a similar announcement. Hooray!

Topshop has worked with PETA before by pledging to keep fur and exotic skins out of its collections. Today, the company has also delivered good news for rabbits who suffer tremendously when the fur is ripped from their skin on Chinese angora farms.

Marks & Spencer has also responded to calls from consumers about inhumane angora production, stating, “We will not place any further orders with our suppliers for products containing Angora Wool until we have concluded our visits to farms”.

This is a welcome start. However, PETA is asking these and all other retailers to take the next step and commit to drop cruel angora permanently. In China, where 90 per cent of the world’s angora comes from, there are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms, and there is no “humane” way to raise rabbits on factory farms.

Here’s a reminder of why retailers are dropping angora like a hot potato:

Let’s keep this momentum going. To keep rabbits safe from cruelty, we need to put pressure on retailers to promise to keep angora out of their stores forever.

If you haven’t already, please sign and share our campaign:

UPDATE: ASOS Goes All the Way Against Angora!

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  1. avatar Clair O'Neill says:

    What about Monsoon / Accessorize?

    They use angora a lot.

  2. End Cruelty Against All Animals NOW :-(

  3. avatar Gemma Quinton says:

    This is barbaric! Having read about the investigation on PETA’s Facebook site I looked up a video on Youtube. It is horrific! The rabbits are tortured & in agony, there is not one creature on earth that deserves this treatment. I immediately emailed Topshop, Next, M&S, H&M, River Island….any online store which I saw had Angora wool on their sales pages. The retail stores listed above all responded, some stating that they are indeed halting production, others responding less enthusiastically (& certainly less satisfactorily). I refuse to shop at any store that condones or ignores this merely for profit. Thank you for opening our, the consumers, eyes to what goes on behind closed doors. I sincerely hope that all customers boycott this product & consider other sentient beings as more important than a soft jumper which can easily, & more importantly, less harmfully, be replicated.

  4. avatar Leanne Moffat says:

    This is disgusting!

  5. avatar Linz says:

    I can’t watch this video but I can guess what sort of suffering is recorded on it because I have seen a million more videos just like it and my heart is breaking. I have long lost faith in humanity, our souls have been deleted and replaced with nothing but malice, vanity and greed.

    I wish I could stop those vile people who use and abuse animals, I wish I could keep them all safe and free from the pain and terror they must feel. I hope that one day humans will realise what damage they are doing and have done to nature before it is too late.

    • avatar Trudy says:

      I’m afraid I watched the video. The pain was almost too much to bear. The human breed has really lost its way. We are disgusting and vile, or ignorant to the world around us. How many people who pick up their fluffy clothing even bother to try and find out where it has come from. It was heart warming to read your comments, maybe all humanity is not lost.

  6. avatar Zuzana Marsalkova says:

    Please stop torturing animals and stop this production, you have no right to treat any living being like this. Dear fashion brands and shops – please stop sell these products. We do not want to wear cruelty!!!!! I’m boycotting any animal products and there is no way I would ever buy it for myself or anyone else.I’ m supporting brands and producers who are compassionate to animals..

  7. avatar Ira Miskovic says:

    I used to do Rabit rescue few years ago (with help of my ex husband & while my health still allowed me) & I had angora rabbit which was one of my house rabbits, whom I adored! He was house trained, used his litter tray just like cats do & would come when called etc. I used to brush him every day & make sure his fur was clean! He was spotless, cute & cuddly & very loving! I support PETA in everything incl making people aware of what’s happening to animals & regular donations! However I have not been able to watch that video, I just couldn’t. It was enough to read what they doing to those cute, adorable, loving & defenceless animals, to bring me to tears…let alone if I managed to get myself to watch the video. It seams tha Chinese have lots to answer for…and I know that I shouldn’t be generalising, but is easier said than done! They are sick & it makes me sick to my stomach to hear every so often about next animal cruelty case happening in China! It makes me so angry!! I hope & pray that PETA will succeed I’m putting stop to this!! Good luck & Ill continue to help in any way that I can!

  8. avatar Zuzana Marsalkova says:

    Animals are God’s living beings who have emotions, thought, intelligence, soul and life so as humans have. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT FOR THIS AND TORTURE ANY LIVING BEING!! This is disgusting, cruel and evil and there is no way I would spend even a penny to support you in this nasty business. You have no respect to life and more and more people will be boycotting your production. In the end of the day it is the final customers who deciding what they spend their money for….NO ENQUIRY = NO SALES!!!!!

  9. avatar Shug Boyd says:

    Absolute disgrace

  10. avatar sue evans says:

    this must be stopped so very cruel, the suffering these animals must go through x

  11. avatar Anne Richardson says:

    What will they do to the poor redundant rabbits :(

  12. avatar ria says:

    This needs to stop now! its god awefull and heartless, infact i will never shop in a store that sells any angora products untill they have stopped selling it full stop!! i hope other ppl follow suit and if i see any products i will tell them exactly what happens to get it in their store!!

  13. avatar Fergus C Mclachlan says:

    This barbaric practice needs to be stopped immediately.

  14. avatar janice says:

    I e-mailed m & s, Tesco and sainsburys I was not very impressed with tescos answer that they do not personally source their products I felt they were passing the buck they should still take responsibility for the people they do buy their material from as by buying it they are still saying its ok because we don’t buy direct disgraceful :-(

    • avatar Rebecca says:

      I just received a scarf/hat/gloves set from Sainsburys Tu as a christmas gift. It’s going to have to go back as i don’t want to be the cause of any suffering for the sake of profit. (I couldn’t watch the vid but just glimpsing the captions was enough to make me know i will never buy angora…and to think only a few weeks ago i had no idea and would happily have accepted the gift…)

      Anyway, i have been trying to find reports online that specifically investigate how sainsburys source their angora, but i haven’t found anything…

      So Janice, i was wondering whether sainsburys had responded to you?


  15. avatar shiva says:

    PLz stop all cruelty with animals otherwise LORD SHIVA will punish U all by his way….

  16. avatar shiva says:

    plz share as much as U CAN…

  17. avatar Carol Russell says:

    This is barbaric be showed to all retailers and people that wear this fur we must get this stoped.

  18. avatar Diane says:

    Crying my eyes out watching this. How can anyone rip fur out of a live bunny. It’s sick and cruel.

    • avatar Heather says:

      I cried as well.. So cruel and I recently bought a jumper with Angora in from H&M, I didn’t think…

  19. avatar Beth Williams says:

    I just cant understand the cruelty,why the $ is more important than this inhumane treatment.

  20. avatar Jelique Marin says:

    Help our beautiful animals of this world……gods creation to earth for love

  21. avatar People are so cruel why do it how would they like it done onto them?! says:

    Let me know how we can help soo wrong!!

  22. avatar Loukopoulou Eleni says:

    Just stop it

  23. avatar Di Adendorff says:

    This is totally barbaric and cruel. I will not shop at these stores that buy these angora goods. Why is man kind so greedy and evil?

  24. avatar Sara Jackson says:

    I didn’t realise that M & S stocked Angora products until yesterday when I happened to catch sight of an Angora scarf in my local store. I am now boycotting the company until they agree to stop buying, stocking and selling Angora products and have e-mailed and written to them expressing my disgust at this. Hoping they see sense with this. Boycotting and making the stores aware of our horror is the way to go forward here – where there is no demand will ensure there is no supply. Radio 4 ran an item today with a spokesman from Esprit – PETA are once again ensuring that we are informed and aware of the horrors being inflicted on animals for the sake of our vanity and greed. Thank you PETA.

    • avatar jo says:

      Hi.nticed angora in m&s nrly2 ago,&tweetd em&rang&voiced concerns 2 local store.assistat chckd labels&china fgures in em&the cashmere.m&s replied2me sayin wud investigate furfarms supplier.i notified peta o ths,bt stores still appear 2b selln xistin stock.ur rgt abt boycottn.i suggestd ths on twitter nrly 2wkago,cos if any these stores really care,theyl b wthdrawin any angora products NOW.if theyr investgatn suppliers,bt dnt wthdraw sales o xistn stock,implies theyr nt 2 cncerned,bt dnt want2lose customers,esp xmasTme.weNd2cntinuePressurinStores&share info.

  25. avatar Daryl Michael says:

    The Chinese again? well what a surprise, when will they evolve! Very pleased stores are listening and acting on the evidence.

  26. avatar Debby says:

    How unbelievably cruel, please stop this, the Chinese again, no respect for gods creatures! :( x

  27. We should all please be informed of the shops who still sell any type of real fur.

  28. avatar Chris Batey says:

    It can be dispiriting to see battles (supported by my friends and myself 30 years ago) I thought we had won over fur etc, still having to be fought.It is hard to understand how frivolous rubbish can justify such cruelty, but refreshing to read how energetic people are still prepared to take up the fight against it.People don’t need cruelly produced products to look good .

  29. avatar Julia Read says:

    I am particularly dismayed at being assured by the Chairman of Marks & Spencer in early December that: “In line with all major retailers, we do source our angora from China. However, we have strict animal welfare policies which are enforced at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure animals are not mistreated” when clearly if M&S is now visiting and checking farms he was not in a position to make any such statement. Shame on M&S.

    Let’s hope we will see an end to this vile abuse before much longer.

  30. avatar Momoko says:

    Hi. I’m against animal cruelty and I totally understand why PETA is against those animal cruelty in fashion. But I’m not sure what PETA is encouraging people to do? Avoid wearing wool all together? To wear more synthetic fabrics? But they are made from coal, oil, or natural gas so not sustainable and environmentally friendly. I think animal fur (not skin) is more ecological and sustainable as long as we make sure those animal won’t get suffered. I think we should rather encourage ethical and animal friendly farming and discourage mass production/consumption of animal product for sustainable eco system. But of course I’m no expert. I’m just interested in what exactly PETA is trying to do.

  31. avatar Sarah Osgood says:

    Saw a lot of tops in Yours clothing today in the store in Crawley, a lot of people order by catalogue from them, they obviously have not withdrawn their clothing from stock

  32. avatar Jill Rapley says:

    I too was appalled to see the video and even more shocked to find I had angora in my wardrobe from Jaegar. I have emailed the chief exec and asked for a response, To which I have had a reply saying they will be contacting me. Nothing less than withdrawing these products and all future orders will be acceptable. I will update this blog when I have heard from them.

    • Will be interested to hear what they say.I e mailed John Lewis and they replied they are” committed to high standards of animal welfare” I have replied asking how they set these standards and how they ensure they are met and what their policy is if their suppliers don’t meet them

      .I think big companies would do well to have an ” ethical sourcing” department that oversees the ethical side of their sourcing separately from the departments that are led by pound signs.

  33. avatar Lisa says:

    I watched about 20 seconds of this, absolutely horrific. I will be honest, I wasn’t aware angora wool had anything to do with rabbits, I’m sure many others are not aware of this either and would certainly think twice before buying and wearing

  34. avatar Sarah Williams says:

    Just look on eBay. Angora wool is all over it. So so upsetting. Please tell me some of these farms are being shut down. I couldn’t sleep last night after seeing sky news. Cannot watch video :'(

    • avatar Tracy Richards says:

      I bought 3 shrugs not realising how the angora is taken they are going on a bonfire and I will be contacting e bay

  35. avatar Carol Dyer says:

    what about Jack Wills this season most of
    Their knitwear contains angora from China
    I’m disgusted that a premium brand is so
    Unethical!!! I have Email them as of yet have
    Had no reply : ( also is it true that ugg skin
    The sheep alive !

  36. avatar Jacky Mabbett says:

    When is john lewis going to stop buying angora wool from china?

  37. avatar Megan Comber says:

    Is there a list of shops that haven’t stopped using Angora? I want to make sure I never step foot in one of those shops again!! I couldnt watch the video..I have a white bunny who was meant for testing before he was rescued and I cant stand the thought that if he wasnt here with me thats what would have happened to him!

  38. avatar Emma says:

    I have already told everyone I know not to buy anything containing Angora and also started posting comments on all the main retailers facebook pages and telling them to pull all Angora products from their stores and website, stating the longer they just ignore the public who clearly want this to happen too, the more this will damage their creditability and effect their profit, which is obviously all they care about. I am absolutely disgusted that even with all the media attention the stores and website are still openly selling Angora products! The only stores that acted quickly but obviously just covering their own arse were ASOS and H&M at least they pulled all the products, but to be honest they should have known how they were sourcing Angora in the first place, so they are still on the list in my opinion.

  39. avatar claire Hayes says:

    I have tried to get an answer from MOnsoon – nothing yet and fobbed off on phone.

  40. avatar claire Hayes says:

    Just had this response from MONSOON.
    Please be assured that Monsoon Accessorize is committed to playing its part in promoting animal welfare where possible. For your reference, please find outlined below our policy regarding animal fibres and other products.

    Wool and Angora – we expect suppliers to be mindful of animal welfare standards in sourcing wool and the plucking of rabbits is not permitted under any circumstances. We are working with our suppliers to monitor adherence to this policy.

    Animal Fur – the use of animal fur is not permitted in any of our products.

    Other animal products (eg leather, suede, feathers, shells) – other animal products sourced for Monsoon Accessorize (eg leather, suede, feathers, shells) must be animal by-products. Monsoon Accessorize will not accept animal products which have been bred to be killed for the purpose of manufacture of any of the above. It is the responsibility of our suppliers to ensure that this policy is adhered to for all animal products and to provide a declaration confirming this on request.

    I sincerely hope that the information above is of help in addressing any concerns regarding our policies in this area.

  41. avatar Isabel says:

    I am appalled by this, M&S and Topshop are still selling Angora tights and hats from China today 18 December as I have seen them on their shelves. It is utterly disgusting and I have hardly thought of anything else since reading about this in the news last weekend. Something has to be done.

  42. avatar Elizabeth Wardrop says:

    Disgusting. I was trying to find out where marks and spencer sourced their cashmere products when I came across this article. Are ordinary Chinese people aware of this despicable cruelty and many more acts of animal cruelty that take place in their country?! I am sure the majority would be outraged if they knew what was going on.

  43. avatar Katy says:

    I was in Topshop yesterday and they were still selling angora products. When do they pledge to stop selling them??

  44. avatar Nee says:

    I didnt realise monsoon did angora rabbit products until i was out shopping today and saw a jumper i liked and checked the label like i have been doing recently! I was mortified as previously i have bought a lot of other things from monsoon! What disgusted me even more when i asked a sales assistant about whether monsoon were participating in boycotting angora rabbit products she replied with she didnt know and asked me why i cared as its just an animal! She then thought she was being clever pointing out monsoon does “a lot of chairty work” theregore using angora fur was acceptable?!?! I stood there in total disbelief at her stupidity! can honestly say if the counter wasnt between us i would have actually hit her for her ignorance and laughing and joking about the process/production. I will be writing to that particular store and putting in a complaint in reguards to their air-headed incompetent staff ! Nor will i be shopping there in the future! Shame on them!

  45. avatar Sharon wilson says:

    I was disgusted to see new lines of angora wool sweaters when visiting Eastbourne uk branch of river island, when asked the assistant filling the shelves with these new lines not in the sale why they were stocking these disgusting jumpers she knew nothing about it, so are river Island refusing to do the right thing? I put back my purchases and left the shop, I will not return until they end these lines.

  46. avatar Cathy says:

    White Stuff also sell items containing angora. I have just written them and email with a link to the video (which I couldn’t watch as it would haunt me forever) and I would encourage others to do the same. I will post their reply when/if I receive it and hold off shopping there until they commit to stopping the sale of angora.

  47. avatar Cathy says:

    I have had a response from White Stuff:

    “In response to recent customer concern, we have conducted an investigation into our Angora wool suppliers. We are confident in our supplier certification and the subsequent investigation has assured us of their compliance with the ethical sourcing of the Angora wool we use. However, like many other companies, we have decided to cease all production using Angora, as we look to replace this with innovative, sustainable, and ethically sourced alternatives.”

  48. avatar josh says:

    Hi guys. I was looking at river islands Web page over the weekend to spot they was selling angora. So in my one man protest I’ve emailed them. And got a reply. Good news as a result of my email river island, no longer sell or stock angora. Power to the people.

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