More Stores Stop Angora Production – Thanks, New Look and Esprit!
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More Stores Stop Angora Production – Thanks, New Look and Esprit!

stock angora babyFurther people-powered progress in the campaign against the cruel production of angora wool – global fashion brands New Look and Esprit have suspended angora production over animal-welfare concerns.

In a statement, New Look said: “[W]e have taken action and put our angora production on immediate hold”. Likewise, Esprit said: “As long as the industry lacks credible certification and proof that it complies with according policies on animal welfare, Esprit imposes a ban on Angora wool”.

Angora, which is used to make gloves, sweaters, hats and scarves, comes from the fur of long-haired angora rabbits, and 90 per cent of angora wool is produced in China, where PETA Asia’s recent investigation has revealed that workers often rip the fur from the rabbits’ skin in handfuls while they’re conscious. As you would imagine, these timid animals are in agony while this happens. Wool obtained in this way is longer than fur obtained from shearing and so commands a higher price on the market – although as our video shows, shearing is also a traumatic and terrifying ordeal for rabbits.

PETA’s shocking video, exposing these barbaric practices, has already been seen by more than 150,000 people and has been making waves in the fashion world. The compassionate decisions by New Look and Esprit come hot on the heels of similar announcements from Swedish retailers H&M, Acne, Lindex, MQ and Gina Tricot. We’d like to say a big thanks to all these companies for listening to consumers. The next step is for them to commit to a full and permanent ban on angora products.

Fortunately, plenty of cosy, super-soft alternatives to animal-derived fabrics are widely available on the high street. Remember to check the label before you buy in order to make sure that no bunny suffered for your fashion choices. And if you’re looking for cruelty-free Christmas shopping ideas, check out our handy guide here.

Compassionate PETA supporters who have been contacting shops to challenge the sale of angora deserve credit for all the wonderful progress so far! Please, let’s build on this momentum – keep on sharing the video and speaking out when you see other stores selling angora.

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  1. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    I’d like to pull all the hair out of their heads, see how they cope with it..i hate humans.

    • avatar BC says:

      Totally agree Maggie!

    • avatar Mimi says:

      I completely agree with you!

    • avatar Soraya Aslam says:

      Totally agree. The problem is these retail giants build these “factories” in poor rural areas where people have no jobs. Unfortunately this barbarism, evil is often the only income these people can have. Though how anyone who has even the tiniest of hearts could ever, ever harm a bunny is beyond me, it breaks my heart. Please use your retail power folks and don’t buy from anywhere that sells angora. Write to the CEO of those companies expressing your anger, disgust and refusal to buy from those stores. If you google CEO email addresses uk, you’ll have access to a site that lists CEO email addresses.

    • avatar Kristine julian says:

      I always said humans were some of the worst beings on this planet and these videos only prove it to all be right. I would definitely love to go to China where most of this is done to rip their hair out of their heads and just be nonchalant about the obvious pain they’re in. These people and all others who commit inhumane and disgusting cruelty to animals need to be punished.

  2. avatar Linda Purr says:

    Excellent that Next & Espirit are banning Angora wool I have stopped buying any jumpers with it in, I try hard NOT to buy anything from China as for sure it will have exploited something somewhere they exploit their own people,

  3. avatar ola says:


  4. avatar Bernie says:

    When are H&M halting production. I went into their Manchester store yesterday and found an Angora mix sweater!

    • avatar Anne says:

      Hi Bernie,
      H & M have said that they have suspended production, but haven’t withdrawn existing angora products from sale. They are also offering refunds to anyone who would like to return an item that contains angora. In the longer term we’d like to see them ban angora products permanently from their stores, but this is a great first step.

  5. avatar Cheryl n says:

    Horrific treatment! Stop this now please!

  6. avatar K says:

    Think Matalan were offering an angora jumper as a prize earlier this week.. :-(

  7. Great news! Now we have to work towards introducing a total ban worldwide! People power can succeed! China has to be the number one priority to be shut down for good, with every single one of these beautiful sensitive bunnies being removed and re-homed, preferably out of China, without delay.

    There has to be a united effort and whatever the cost, this rescue can succeed!

  8. avatar silvana says:

    STOP PRODUCTIONS RABBIT ANGORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. avatar Sharon pawlett says:

    Disgusting cruelty !!!

  11. avatar Kristo says:

    Hello, I strongly agree, this kind of animal ill and sick treatment – I will not be part of that and I encourage people to put humanity above discounts if this even is a cause. But more then sure, more regulations on animal treatment part will cause more management costs which consumers, us will need to pay for., I hope that someday there is a well respected certificate from party which has shown their reliability and would step up their green light auditing responsibilities.

    Lets stop and think, “cheap price = scream crying bunny, squealing and tortured other animals”?

    In short ..


  12. avatar Carmen E says:

    Que horror de crueldad !!!!!!

  13. You interest in money is disgusting when you know full well the suffering caused to these beautiful animals to give you the Angora items to sell. You are as bad as the people doing this. I hope you Rot in Hell with them.

  14. avatar Raven says:

    Can you please not use a picture of a rabbit being handled completely inappropriately? A rabbit should never be held on it’s back!

  15. avatar harish says:

    surely this is cruel… but how many of us have thrown out Angora products out from the wardrobes that we bought before this news broke out… any one would take a step in that direction??

  16. Good News that some companies have suspended buying of angora wool. I wish that all companies currently buying from the Chinese will stop buying it and reveal the cruelty behind it.

  17. avatar Nina S says:

    PETA – have you targeted Amazon to ask them to stop selling angora products themselves and also to not allow their marketplace sellers to list these items either. If you search for Angora on amazon there are over 1000 products listed. If they stopped the sale of angora products across their sites worldwide that would surely make a difference.

  18. avatar susan repp says:

    I hope that more exposure of animal cruelty in China, other parts of Asia and other countries start to come to light. The barbaric practice of torturing by barbaric methods dogs and cats that have been found to have crept into our fashion consumer line. Millions of our companion animals are in hell right now being hanged, beaten, burned and skinned alive at the hands of ruthless humans to make a buck out of the suffering of animals!

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  20. avatar Sarah Williams says:

    I’ve emailed amazon but no response!! Over 1000 Angora products. PETA you might have more clout when contacting them. Please tell me EBay and amazon have been approached? This has haunted me ever since I saw the photos. I just want to wrap all those rabbits and bring them home to safety.

  21. avatar Magsie says:

    Dear All

    I am running a campaign to spread awareness, please like the page and share, the more people we know and educate, the better the results.

    Thank you!

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