5 Reasons Why Going Vegan Needs to Be Your New Year's Resolution
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5 Reasons Why Going Vegan Needs to Be Your New Year’s Resolution

1. These cuties. Animals are beautiful, interesting, intelligent, sensitive and unique. They’re not dinner.


2. fitter, healthier you. Weight loss – tick. Lower risk of developing heart disease – tick. Clearer skin – tick. Increased sense of well-being and total absence of guilt about what you’re eating – tick!

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3. Deliciousness. Vegan food is tasty food. Don’t believe us? Sample a few of these stunning recipes.

Vegan Doughnuts

4. The planet. Stopping climate change is a pretty major priority for the human race right now – and the UN says we can do it by going vegan, because factory farming is wrecking our environment.

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5. Non-violence. You believe in social justice, freedom, equality, respecting others and acting with compassion, right? Well, here’s your chance to start putting those principles into practice on a daily basis.


Gandhi image: duncanh1 / CC BY 2.0


All geared up for a vegan 2014? Here’s how to get started:

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  1. […] why going vegan needs to be your new year’s resolution […]

  2. avatar Roma Robb says:

    I have been vegan for a number of years. There are so many alternatives these days. I am 68 and have been in the best of health for years and astound the doctors if i am ever there by telling them i am vegan. Animals are so cruelly treated in all aspects of l;ife for humans and factory farming is inhumane.People would be so much healthier if they thought about what they ate and how they lived.

  3. avatar Maureen Smith says:

    Animals are sentient beings the same as humans and do not deserve the cruelty we inflict upon them. We do not need them to survive as we may have done in the past. A vegan diet would indeed improve health. We have a moral obligation to respect and protect other species and in so doing care for our planet.

  4. Animal should have as much rights as humans as they are living beings, so should not be eaten. I will never understand why we are so cruel to them?? I have been a veggie for 30 years & will try to be a vegan in 2014.

  5. avatar mel says:

    just gone vegan myself and all these points are totally valid…not to mention its really easy, in fact much easier than i thought. i have always been on the side of animals this was my final hurdle and im so happy ive finally done it :)..

  6. Why don’t supermarkets have a vegan section?

  7. avatar kuba says:

    I am vegetarian since i’m 4. Want to go vegan this year

  8. avatar Julia king says:

    Thank you for your website. I had been wondering about wool production methods. I feel there will always be a range of best practice and savagery until human consciousness moves to kindness and caring for all. In the mean time I will share your website. Some friends recently told me that they had become vegan. I am going to look at this now. It was Pink’s video that brought me to Peta.org when Torsi mentioned Pink had spoken about UGG manufacture. I always say that once you know the truth then you have choice. Now I have to make a choice. It’s not difficult. Walk the talk.

  9. avatar cassandra says:

    I tried a vegan diet for 4 months and I found it quiet easy to find vegan products but I did give it up because I miss cows milk in my tea to much and I can not live without tea(believe me I tried, even tried herbal alternative) so now I am strictly vegetarian but I always go for organic diary never any other. so I suggest pledge going vegan for 2 months to see if its for you because it isn’t for everyone.

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