WIN: Plans for Yorkshire Beagle Breeding Farm Rejected!
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WIN: Plans for Yorkshire Beagle Breeding Farm Rejected!

We did it.

East Riding Council in Yorkshire has just rejected the awful proposal to build a new beagle breeding facility in Grimston which would have sent thousands of puppies to suffer in painful and deadly experiments.

Dogs spared from factory farming and cruel testsThe council’s enlightened decision comes after a concerted campaign by people who care about animals. In the space of a week, almost 10,000 compassionate PETA supporters mobilised to send messages opposing the application, and it clearly paid off.

This is a significant victory for beagles. At the facility proposed by the company B & K Universal, which is a major supplier of animals to the cruel vivisection industry, up to 2,000 of these docile dogs would have had the worst of all possible lives: bred for profit on a factory farm and then sent to laboratories to be poisoned with pesticides and drugs or cut up in experiments. As anyone lucky enough to have a canine companion knows, dogs are loyal, intelligent, playful and affectionate individuals. They belong in loving homes, not in barren laboratory cages.

Today’s happy news comes hot on the heels of another brilliant victory for dogs: Bolton Council recently approved the closure of Westhaughton Greyhound Stadium, another nail in the coffin for the unethical dog-racing industry. Again, messages from concerned activists played a part in making sure that the council made the right decision for animals.

It’s inspiring to see what a difference we can make by speaking out against cruelty. A huge thank you to East Riding Council, and to everyone who helped stop this inhumane breeding facility from being built in Yorkshire. 

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  1. avatar eve martin says:

    Brilliant news let’s stop all testing on poor defenceless animals♡

  2. avatar Dot Pleydell says:

    Yay nice to hear good news

  3. Brilliant – very well done team. xx

  4. Well done .nice one thank you

  5. This is really great news.

  6. avatar lizzie says:

    well thats the best news i ve heard in a long time if only we could get more animal abuse stopped what a great world it would be . and thank,s must go to the people who do all the work god bless you all once again thank you

  7. avatar gina says:

    Thank you PETA for helping us to help the animals.

  8. avatar Sue Cluley says:

    I have been deeply upset by recent animal welfare issues and went to bed on tears last night over the Foie-gras video. Tears of joy today however at this wonderful news. Go little Beagles!!

  9. avatar hannah says:

    amazing news :)

  10. avatar WA says:

    Just as dogs should not be forced to race, dogs should also not be forced to live in a kennel or to be used by humans for anything.
    Animals obviously don’t belong to human and it is more appropriate for animals to have freedom and to live with their own kind in their own natural habitat.

    • avatar Roy Baker says:

      I quite agree the animal use of dogs and horses that is considered so “normal” is long overdue to be questioned, animals aren’t sharing this planet to be used by us. Empathy and respect are sadly lacking in the majority of people.

  11. avatar lisa says:

    Fantastic news atleast we have provented babies being born in that situation ive just got 2 rescued kittens to join my family and my other cats when you sitting at night and watchin
    tv and they come up for a cuddle how could you ever imagine what these dogs are going through

  12. avatar Zuzana Marsalkova says:

    Awesome <3 thank you everyone :)

  13. avatar simone mclaren says:

    such fantastic news…..i have a beagle and he is so good natured, trusting and loving….it breaks my heart to think of anyone testing on these docile intelligent companions and any others for that matter!

  14. avatar rita uljee says:

    fantastic news,nice one before Christmas!thanks.

  15. avatar Yasmin Fielding says:

    I wrote to them. I prayed. My stomach churned. I have two dogs – have never smacked or shouted at them and they are perfect.


    No one has the right to abuse or inflict pain on fellow creatures unless you are bereft or have a serious deficit of humanity and compassion.

    All animals feel pain, have a right to be free and to live life in groups, free of pain and psychological torment. As stewards of the Planet we must ensure this.

    We are all in the same pot – it is as simple as that!

  16. avatar 4mula1 says:

    reasons why animal research must STOP!… visit, (no lie can live forever!).

  17. avatar Kathrine & Keith Walsh says:

    Many thanks to Peta, the East Riding Council and any others who were involved in bringing about the rejection of a Beagle Breeding Farm in Grimston.
    It is such good news.
    Any success in preventing animal cruelty is always encouraging.

  18. avatar Charlotte says:

    Incredibly delighted with this result especially as I have a beagle myself. They are such amazing creatures who do not deserve and are not put on this earth to be subject to such vile inhumane acts. Beagles are beautiful and loving companions who deserve a happy life like any animal. Carry on the good work peta :)

  19. avatar colin says:

    bravo pour cette victoire

  20. avatar Bodil Ribel says:

    A hugh THANK YOU … that was wonderful news :0D

  21. avatar Lizl Rigg says:

    Brilliant!!!! Thank you for the awesome work you do! We need to end animal testing completely!!!

  22. avatar Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Thanks to all the good peopel that made this possible.

  23. avatar sara says:

    great news tnx peta team

  24. avatar Laura says:

    So happy to hear this! On behalf of myself and my precious beagle Snoopy, we would like to say thank you to all the people out there that made this happen! X

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