Success for Seals – EU Ban on Importing Seal Fur Is Upheld!
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Success for Seals – EU Ban on Importing Seal Fur Is Upheld!

victory for Canada seals

Yesterday, in a move that genuinely put animal welfare first, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that the EU ban on the import of seal fur and other products because of “moral concerns” is legal.

The WTO was not impressed by Canada’s far-fetched claim that the commercial seal slaughter can somehow be humane, meaning that Canada’s desperate attempt to revive the archaic and cruel practice of bludgeoning baby seals to death may have finally died. This victory comes on the heels of pleas from tens of thousands of PETA supporters and letters to the panel from Jude Law on PETA’s behalf, as well as from Canadian Pamela Anderson.

Since there are now no remaining markets for seal fur, the WTO’s ruling may be the final nail in the sealing industry’s coffin. Instead of squandering millions more in taxpayer dollars appealing yet another international ruling against it, Canada should pursue a buyout, which would help seals and sealers.

Although it looks like the barbaric seal-fur trade’s days are numbered, both from a moral and an economic point of view, you can still help to hasten its demise by taking action:

Image: chapmankj75 / CC BY 2.0

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  1. avatar Marilyn Cocking says:

    Should not be killed i would never wear it or even buy it .

  2. avatar Veronica May says:

    I am delighted that the ban on import of Seal fur is upheld. It is vey cruel and inhumane to bludgeon baby seals to death and it upsets me very much when i have seen pictures of this in the newspapers Leave the baby Seals alone, they have a right to their life and seal fur looks better on them than on us

  3. avatar Steve Speirs says:

    It’s barbaric and cowardly and baby seals are so beautiful!

  4. avatar Sally dolby says:

    Anybody wearing this should be clubbed the same way….HEARTBRAKING

  5. At last someone is listening, it is heart breaking, all animals are for loving not killing.

  6. avatar Valerie Light says:

    cruel and unnecessary

  7. avatar Gabriele Hommel says:

    Stopt the gruel crime to animals!!!!

  8. does not necesseary to do this to animals

  9. avatar Jenny Bron says:

    Geweldig dat het verbod op de import van zeehondenbont wordt gehandhaafd.
    Deze vreselijke wreedheden op de zeehondjes heeft niets meer met humaniteit te maken ,maar is gewoon martelen tot de dood er opvolgt .Deze huilers hebben totaal geen kans tegen die beulen .Die mensen zouden zich diep moeten schamen .

  10. avatar Danny Bakker says:

    Stop cruelty to animals!

  11. avatar deborah phazey says:

    The murder of any animal for their fur/skin needs to stop. This world would be beautiful if people were not evil and driven by greed. All life is precious!!!

  12. avatar sue n. says:

    Stop treating animals cruely and then winging because these people start treating humans the same way .

  13. avatar rita uljee says:

    very hard to understand that there are people willing to kill or buy but this puts an end to it,thanks for that.

  14. avatar babettte gierig says:

    stop this unbeliable cruelty!!!

  15. avatar Frank Brookes says:

    My God , absolutely disgusting , makes me feel ashamed to be human !!!

  16. avatar J. David Scott says:

    Nothing less than barbaric.

  17. avatar Phyllis White says:

    Stop this inhumane treatment!

  18. avatar kathleen lavelle says:

    I have lived in Canada for 65 years and have NEVER met a person who is in favor of the seal hunt. This is wonderful news !

  19. avatar Kathrine & Keith Walsh says:

    It is such good news concerning the cessation of the barbaric slaughter of seals. Thanks to Peta and all involved in bringing about this long needed ban on the inhumane killing of seals.

    I am still surprised that Canada would want to be be involved in this slaughter. It did not give them a good image around the world. It is a country that I would not have expected to be involved in this cruel killing of these beautiful animals.

    • Canada has lost respect around the world! The inhumanity to all animals must be prevalent as they don’t give a flip for the suffering seals, mostly babies! We have made our last trip to Canada! With countless numbers of letters from caring people, their arrogance is unforgivable!

  20. avatar Jeanne Bradbury says:

    We should be ashamed of ourselves as a species to not have totally wiped out seal hunting long ago!!!!

  21. avatar Jeanne Bradbury says:

    We should be ashamed of ourselves as a species to not have obliterated seal hunting long ago!!!!

  22. avatar Jacqueline McKay says:

    How can the Canadian government say that butchering baby seals to death is humane? This is inhumane, cowardly and barbaric. They are not ours to torture and kill. They should be left in peace to live their lives as we are allowed to.

    Stop the seal hunt once and for all!!

  23. avatar Elise Margulis says:

    Stop the barbaric seal hunt!! It’s sadistic and unnecessary. Find a way to make a living without slaughtering innocent animals!!

  24. avatar Tracey knowlton says:

    Stop unnecessary cruelty to living beings!

  25. avatar colin says:

    quelle barbarie inadmissible a notre epoque

  26. avatar Daved Wachsman says:

    I have been wearing man-made material clothing, etc for most of my life. There is no reason why anyone should wear animal skins and by-products unless it is totally unavoidable which in many cases it is. The animals skins were designed and made for the animal that wears it. It is theirs and we have no right to take what was given to them exclusively. Mankind needs to act civilized and morally responsible for the plight of the BELOVED animals.

  27. avatar V Jackson says:

    Please stop this barbaric practice !

  28. avatar cintia says:

    Stop Cruelty!!!!!!!!


  30. avatar Irene says:

    Stop cruelty to animals!!

  31. avatar Rita Casolari says:

    Stop cruelty to animals!

  32. avatar Eline P says:

    stop animalcruelty!

  33. avatar Diana Covington says:

    In the 21st century, we are far beyond the cave-man era, yet animals are still slaughtered cruelly and for no necessary reason at all. If we are ever to evolve to a level of humanity that we can feel good about, we must stop the murder and torture of the innocent, and what is more innocent that an animal!

  34. avatar suzie tucker says:

    please help them

  35. avatar christine says:

    in a daily bases these animals suffer so im glad of people that work all over the world to help our animals be safe and humainly cared for . this treatment is torture .

  36. avatar Tracy Christmas says:

    Stop this barbaric practice!

  37. avatar Linda Finch says:

    269 for life

  38. avatar Laura McClary says:

    Disgusting, cruel and hideous people to do this to an innocent creature.

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