Jade Dernbach: Ink, Not Mink
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Jade Dernbach: Ink, Not Mink

Tattooed heartthrob Jade Dernbach may not fit the typical image of an English cricketer, but with his new ad for PETA, he’s decisively bowled cruelty out. The South African–born fast bowler, who plays for Surrey, is the latest star of our “Ink, Not Mink” campaign, which highlights the barbarity of the fur trade.

To say that locking minks in tiny cages, anally electrocuting them and ripping the skin from their backs while they’re still alive (and sometimes conscious) is just not cricket is the understatement of the century.

Ink, Not Mink

Jade explains why he chose to take part in the campaign: “some people are naive to the use of animal fur so it’s important to raise awareness”. Luckily there are many stylish alternatives to real fur on the market, making it easy to combine fashion and compassion.

In going fur-free, Jade is joining other kind-hearted inked-up stars such as Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, Steve-O and Waka Flocka Flame. You can speak out against fur, too – please, send a message to department store Harvey Nichols, which has recently started to sell real fur again: http://petauk.org/harveynichols.

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  1. avatar Stephanie. Angell says:

    Skinning animals for their fur is not only cruel bit.its totally unnecessary. Have a brain and a heart and use alternatives

  2. avatar Crystal says:

    Stop torturing minks!

  3. avatar Ziggi says:

    I’d rather get inked any day! Shared x

  4. avatar maria guerra says:

    We have our own skin. No one wants it taken to make someone elses coat.

  5. avatar Josie says:

    I’m comfortable in my own skin…..stop taking the fur off sensitive, defenceless animals and save a life!

  6. avatar Kate says:

    Amazing that someone in the public eye is making a great statement. Would you or any of your team mates be willing to support putting a stop to the slaughter of dolphins in taiji, Japan??

  7. avatar Jenni says:

    Just to be clear – are the inks used totally vegan as I understood some are derived from bone char or shellac?

  8. avatar Wayne Lazac says:

    We have millions ways to keep us warm, but these animals only have furs.

  9. avatar Wowzers says:

    In light of peta’s ties to the Animal Liberation Front, the next celebrity to appear in an “Ink, Not Mink” ad should be Gary Yourofsky.

  10. avatar Me says:

    Tattoo ink isn’t usually animal friendly, generally is made of cow parts.

    Tattoo artists generally practice on animals skins as well.


    • avatar Dan says:

      Vegan tattoo ink is really common these days.

      It also has no consequence on Jade lending his voice and looks to speaking up for animals killed for fur.

  11. […] are rejecting this cruelty outright. Danny follows in the footsteps of fellow athlete, cricketer Jade Dernbach, who also recently stripped off for a PETA ad, while top designers such as Ralph Lauren, Stella […]

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