Gordon Ramsay Shamed for Selling Vile Foie Gras From Tortured Birds - Again
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Gordon Ramsay Shamed for Selling Vile Foie Gras From Tortured Birds – Again

Disturbing footage released last night reveals horrific cruelty to animals on foie gras farms that supply celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In windowless sheds, row upon row of ducks are kept in tiny filthy cages with no space to move, covered in their own vomit, with painful broken wings and beaks, abscesses, eye injuries and bloody sores. Dying birds collapse panting from illness and exhaustion caused by the relentless ordeal of being force-fed grain through a tube several times a day. After weeks of this misery, the surviving birds are shoved into crates and sent to be slaughtered.

The harrowing investigation was carried out by our friends over at Viva ! , and documents the appalling conditions on five French farms belonging to the firm Ernest Soulard. After learning of the video footage, Gordon has reportedly suspended purchasing from the company – but to help end the nightmare for these birds, he needs to banish foie gras from all his restaurants permanently.

Viva investigation of Gordon Ramsay's supplierThis is not the first time that the crinkle-faced cook has been caught serving up the liver of tortured ducks and geese. In May this year, a PETA US investigation of Hudson Valley Foie Gras, which supplies his Manhattan restaurant, found similar scenes of cruelty, with ducks being violently force-fed through steel tubes. Experts have found that force-feeding in this way leads to oesophageal tears and splits, liver rupture and failure, heat stress and aspiration pneumonia.

Let’s hope that this time Gordon takes a leaf out of the book of principled chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Albert Roux, who have said that they would never, ever serve a product made by abusing animals in this way.  Even Morrissey has called the sweary Kitchen Nightmares star out on his use of a product which “is so cruelly produced that he’d be against it if he had an ethical bone in his body”.

The upsetting footage from Viva!’s investigation were sickeningly familiar to anyone who’s seen PETA’s video showing how geese are treated on a foie gras farm that supplies the department store Fortnum & Mason’s distributor, Georges Bruck .

If you agree that it’s a disgrace that British companies are still supporting the horrific foie gras industry, please take action here:

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  1. avatar Karin Koch says:

    Its a deep shame Gordon! !!

  2. avatar Karin Koch says:

    Shame on you Gordon!

  3. avatar Veronica May says:

    Gordon Ramsey should be ashamed of himself to be involved in something as cruel as this. People shold boycott any eateries or resturants of his. These poor Geese and Ducks suffer imensley and all for a sickly stupid bit of patty that we can well manage without. I thoroughly diislike Gordon Ramsey

  4. avatar Wendy Schinarakis says:

    I hate cruelty of any kind to animals and this is barbaric, Stop it now.

  5. Give it up Ramsey.,,,,,,,or you’re going to lose a Hell of alot of Customers. Cruelty beyond. Poor Geese……I couldn’t watch the Video because I’ve seen it all before. Why in God’s name do People eat this when they know it’s manufactured through extreme cruelty.

  6. avatar Samantha says:

    Sick and twisted humans why would anyone do this too an animal ! He should be ashamed that he supports this !

  7. avatar Veronica May says:

    Just watched the footage it is heart breaking to watch and should be banned at once with prosecution to any one who does this Shame to all involved STOP THIS AT ONCE GORDON RAMSEY and to the evil cruel killers. i loathe all of you

  8. avatar marilyn whitehouse says:

    This is absolutely disgusting, used to like him but not anymore, whoever does this to those poor birds should have the same treatment to them, and see how they like it.

  9. Does he not make enough money without animals suffering. I am disgusted!! He may believe that animals are for eating but he must also believe that any cruelty is okay as long as he gets what he wants. What a callous greedy man he is

  10. avatar Alexis Callan says:





  11. avatar Robert Wilkins says:

    no to animals suffering not even for RAMSEY hope this will go with the others and shame you.

  12. avatar Katrina williamson says:

    I can’t believe this!
    Cut it out Gordon!

  13. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Used to like the bloke, he can go to hell now..disgusting and shameful..

  14. avatar Marissa Keltie says:

    Please stop this barbaric cruelty- there is no need!

  15. avatar debra ridout says:

    trouble is, not only him but all the chefs, celebrity and other wise should stop immediataly

  16. avatar susan browne says:

    this is absolutely disgraceful and it just goes to show how these famous chefs dont care about animal welfare in any way, i will never again watch his cookery shows .

  17. avatar dawn ingram says:

    well gordon ramsey shoulb be utterley ashamed ther is no need for cruelty to any animal i am disgusted

  18. avatar Karen Harris says:

    It’s so barbaric, it must stop and stop now
    He abd everyone else involved should be ashamed, it’s so sad and heart breaking

  19. avatar John lilley says:

    Why oh why in this day and age do we still treat animals this way, that is absolutely barbaric.

  20. avatar margaret says:

    Gordon Ramsay is a foul mouthed slob anyway, so is he going to worry about these poor birds. I think not. Maybe when this is all seen they won’t be eating in his restaurants again. He needs to go skint. all animals need to be cared for. They don’t ask to be born. Poor things.

  21. avatar Dawn Neilson says:

    It’s bad enough that this happens in third world countries, but for it to be happening on our doorstep and by such a prominent person is sickening. shame on you Gordon Ramsey and shame on the people feeing these ducks.
    I suggest we boycott everything related to Gordon Ramsey, I certainly will.

  22. avatar Laura Brackenbury says:

    PETA tell us what we can do to help this barbaric torture stop! Can we write to
    George Eustice MP – Secretary of State for farming, food and marine environment? Surely something can be done other than writing to the boss of Fortnum and Mason who frankly won’t give a toss as long as his pocket is being lined. We have to go higher… would appreciate a reply if possible, I know you guys work really hard and may not have time!

    • avatar Anne says:

      Hi Laura. thanks for your message. Getting a sales ban on foie gras is a long and complicated procedure. We are working with lawyers and experts, and when the time is ready, will ask for support and public pressure to help achieve this. In the meantime, we have found that retailers that rely on consumers are much more susceptible to public pressure in a much shorter time. For example, just days after hearing from PETA UK supporters and viewing PETA UK’s graphic video exposé on foie gras, online grocer Ocado pulled foie gras from its stock. Harvey Nichols, Amazon UK, catering giant Brakes and many others also stopped selling foie gras after consumer pressure, so your messages really can make a difference. Hope that answers your question!

  23. avatar Alix Freeman says:

    Am horrified this man supports such cruelty. ..completely gone down in my estimation

  24. avatar rick says:

    I wont b buying anything to do with anymore, what a let down he is. He should be ashamed of himself.

  25. avatar Debz Jones says:

    SHAME ON YOU MR.!!!!

  26. avatar JC Lumsden says:

    Absolutely Disgusting !
    And yes, we have endless programmes on this and other atrocities – like the £60 Harrods covet cat coffee beans saga, and yet still these conglomerates continue to allow this !!!
    When will they stop ???!!!

  27. avatar Jane inglefield says:

    Gordon Ramsey this is despicable unnecessary torture and cruelty!! Be the bigger man and stop supporting this cruelty!!!

  28. avatar John Joseph Mallan says:

    Ramsay is a foul mouthed cretin who lacks refined etiquette, humility and humanity. He should be disgusted with his blatant disregard and lack of appreciation for the beauty and fragility of the natural World and his ignorance.

  29. avatar Carol Gardner says:

    Gordon ramsey once boasted that he sneaked meat into a vegetarians meal…what a deceitful despicable sneak of a thing he is …no morals whatsoever and tninks he has it all.. gordon ramssy you are an excuse for a man

  30. avatar Maureen Matthews says:

    Gordan Ramsey you are a despicable being, evil, cruel, what goes around comes around I hope you get your just desserts you are a disgrace, a greedy low life you dont care what suffering is caused as long as it makes you money, shame shame shame on you you vile scum.

  31. avatar nadia says:

    Do not go to their restaurants
    does not care about animal suffering only money $_$

  32. avatar Caroline George says:

    I feel sick and disgusted that Gordon Ramsey with all his money and fame has no principles or SHAME. This is barbaric and cruel beyond all comprehension. This has to be stopped. What a nasty, mean excuse of a man he really is. If he has a compassionate bone in his body maybe he will stop using it in his expensive restaurants. STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW – WE DON’T NEED IT OR WANT IT!

  33. avatar kelly sinclair says:

    money is’nt everything!

  34. avatar Ber Kavanagh says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself Mr Ramsay – for causing so much suffering to these creatures.

  35. avatar Donna says:

    Gordon Ramsey should be ashamed of himself, this is a barbaric, cruel act of torture. Shame on you Gordon Ramsey

  36. avatar maureen martin says:

    U are a disgrace. Stop now .

  37. avatar sherie haines says:

    I used to watch this guy !! I wont any more..i abhore this evil sick practice..

  38. avatar L Nicoll says:

    Please lets just end this cruelty to these poor geese once and for all. Imagine what this torture must feel like. Is foir gras really worth this inhumane treatment.

  39. avatar Chrystine Vernon says:

    Gorden, you have gone down in my estimation, I shall never buy another of your books or watch your TV shows again!!

  40. avatar Ewelina says:

    Mr.Ramsey shame on you !!!!! Please stop this cruelty now !!!!

  41. avatar Deb McCleary says:

    Absolutely horrifying what people will do to make a buck. Apparently nothing else matters to you.

  42. avatar Rachael says:

    This makes me sick. How can people think this is acceptable. For food? Disgusting people… Pay a fortune for a meal that is just pure torture on a plate and so cheaply produced? These people Should be ashamed.

  43. avatar Sam says:

    You Gorden need to stop this massive cruelty to these lovely birds it makes me feel physically sick that they go through so much pain for a dinner plate,
    Get priorities right

  44. avatar kerri white says:

    I am sickened by this, I am now sitting at my computer in tears as those animals are abused and suffering. NO ONE should be allowed to treat an animal this way. I would love to turn the tables on these farms, for just one week, Karma baby!!

  45. […] reared for foie gras spend their lives confined to tiny cages and subjected to barbaric force-feeding several times a day via a metal tube rammed violently down their throats in order to pump grain into their stomachs. […]

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