Cuddly Sheep and Cows Bring Live-Export Message to Australia
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Cuddly Sheep and Cows Bring Live-Export Message to Australia

They say an image is worth a thousand words, which is why our friends over at PETA Australia came up with a striking Banksy-inspired visual to drive home the fate of animals in the live-export industry:

AUS Boat

AUS Close-Up

The photos are kind of cute – that is, until you remember that they represent the thousands of real sheep and cows who are crammed onto ships and endure a terrifying journey that can last for days or even weeks before eventually arriving at their destination: a slaughterhouse in the Middle East where they will be killed, often cruelly and without prior stunning.

Sheep are gentle, sensitive animals and can pick up on different expressions on human faces, as well as recognising the faces of up to 50 other sheep. Although they tend to live in herds, each sheep is unique and has an individual personality, just as we do.

Many sheep raised by the Australian wool industry end their lives in the live-export industry. But this horrific practice has also recently resumed in England and Ireland. Please take action for animals who are forced to undertake this grim “voyage of despair”, which ends in certain death:

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  1. avatar elizabeth carter says:

    Stop this barbaric trade

  2. avatar Monica Smith says:

    This should never be allowed to happen it is so cruel

  3. avatar Lynda Grove says:

    What possible good reason could there be to send animals alive overseas?
    And what fate, if still alive, awaits them?
    I doubt if a slaughterhouse in the Middle East would be a humane place to be.
    I think this is disgusting and should never ever have been allowed.
    Now it must stop. Never mind the money.

  4. avatar mark carter says:

    Please end this terrible cruelty

  5. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    I hate so many humans, leave the animals alone!!

  6. avatar MRS SANDRA LETSCHE says:

    This must stop asap.

  7. To whom it may concern

    Please reconsider this cruel and unnecessary practice. We are all living creatures, we demean ourselves more when we hurt those without a voice. But we know and we want to express our heartfelt protest

  8. avatar Hazel Turner says:

    I cannot believe how inhuman we can be. Stop the cruelty now please.

  9. avatar sue barker says:

    why cant people respect animals

  10. avatar Lynda Clark says:

    Shocking, no need for this to happen, put a stop to this barbaric cruelty!!

  11. avatar ria says:

    this ia just horrible, so we can fly to the moon but still apparently cant transport live animals humainly, this worlds totally backwards!!! VILE and needa to stop

  12. avatar Cecilia Iredale says:

    STOP Cruelty. STOP sending live Animals overseas. This cannot be done humanely. What is the point of having Animal Welfare and allowing this to continue? It has been proven time and time again that animals transported live suffer huge amounts both physically and mentally.

    If Britain really is the Nation of animal lovers it claims to be, we must bring in new laws to stop this barbaric practice.

  13. avatar Patrick Iredale says:

    Live transportations of animals must be stopped if we are to remain a Nation of animal lovers. All the time this horrific practice continues, animals are subjected to hours of misery, pain and fear. Those that survive are often badly treated and with less respect than we show an insect.

    Britain must introduce laws to outlaw these wicked journeys of horror.


    Patrick Iredale

  14. avatar Lynn Pottage says:

    We should not be transporting live animals abroad, they suffer far too much xx

  15. avatar deborah semple says:

    Its a disgrace poor animals xx

  16. avatar Janet Walker says:

    Live transports need to be stopped immediately there is No need to transport live animals only to be subjected to awful cruelty at the end of their journey.
    The Laws Have to be changed for the sake of these Poor Animals who deserve much better.

  17. avatar sine kennedy says:

    please put a stop to this barbaric treatment of animals. Obviously cheaper to transport carcasses. Other than halal slaughter there is no reason for live transport.

  18. avatar Emma Young says:

    Live export must stop!

  19. avatar Jacqueline Byrne says:

    There is no rationale for this inhumane practice, STOP IT IMMEDIATELY !!

  20. avatar Laura says:

    How do we stop this barbaric trade. In this day and age if animals have to be transported why not kill them as close to home as possible them put in refrigeration lorrys!!!! There is just no need for this!!!!!!!

  21. avatar Roy Wild says:

    Stop eating them and it will stop!!!

  22. avatar Robyna says:

    What a crock of “PETA” created diatribe.
    Certain death?
    Yep, our death certain too, that is called nature.
    Voyage of despair- been on one of the Live Ex boats lately? NO, me neither, but many friends work on the boats as stockmen, my friends last trip, nNO animals died out of the entire ship.
    In the paddock sheep still die of natural causes.

    Look at the improvements which have been made.

  23. The truth is this is about money, it’s cheaper to put these poor animals on lorries alive than to slaughter them here and transport them in freezer lorries. I agree stop eating them, but unfortunately people will continue to eat meat, so at least do the most humane thing.

  24. avatar eve martin says:

    Help them please so cruel and so

  25. avatar cathryn brooks says:

    Stop this now! It is not necessary to do this. These people obviously do not care about animals and even consider that they have feelings and suffer pain and distress.

  26. Live export is horrific and uncivilised,plus their is no need for this cruelty.

  27. avatar Tracey Dodd says:

    This is barbarically insane and it should be stopped. End of its cruel and there is no need for this.

  28. Um ser humano que não consegue sentir compaixão da dor e do sofrimento dos demais animais não merece, de maneira alguma, ser chamado de ser HUMANO.

  29. avatar Sainath Rai. says:

    Please Stop.,

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