Siouxsie Sioux Slams Fortnum & Mason's Vile Foie Gras
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Siouxsie Sioux Slams Fortnum & Mason’s Vile Foie Gras

The “first lady of punk” wants Fortnum & Mason to “get with the times”.

First lady of punk teams up with PETA to help animalsSiouxsie Sioux is the latest person to join the fast-growing list of notables who are letting Fortnum & Mason’s Ewan Venters have it over the shop’s continued sales of vile foie gras. She has written a letter to Venters explaining the horrors of foie gras production, which is banned in the UK, and how it has no place in a store that prides itself on its British tradition.

Best known as the vocalist for the punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sioux explained that “[m]usic, fashion and taste evolve. Other iconic British shops such has Selfridges and Harvey Nichols have listened to their customers and now realise that selling foie gras is a faux pas. So please Mr Venters, get with the times and take this vile product off your shelves”.

Embattled Fortnum & Mason CEO Ewan Venters is getting it from all sides these days over his refusal to remove cruelly obtained foie gras from the store’s shelves. Undercover video footage reveals the cruelty of foie gras production, including how the force-fed geese have knives plunged into their throats during slaughter without prior stunning, in violation of the law. Veterinarians and avian experts, animal-protection groups, dozens of celebrities, personalities and politicians and tens of thousands of compassionate people have contacted the company. Will you join them?

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  1. avatar jack gough says:

    Please stop this awful trade ..

  2. avatar Abbie Colgan says:

    Horrific act of cruelty.

  3. avatar Gejo Canovas says:

    I always admired this woman! Good for her!! We should all do a huge protest out side F&M!!! Boicot F&M!!

  4. avatar Catherine LASVENES says:

    Please ! Please !
    I am French and I hate “foie gras” !

    Don’t eat “foie gras” because it’s a torture for animals !
    If you don’t buy this cruauty, France my country must stop this awful trade !

    I count on you. Thank you.
    ps : sorry because my English is a little bad but my heart is true.

  5. avatar DAVID says:

    Interesting INTELLIGENT, STRONG people have compassion for animals.

  6. avatar Steven Hanley says:

    Foie gras production is cruel evil and barbaric.
    The scumbag French bastards involved deserve to die in agony.
    Fortnum and Masons CEO is a piece of shit for selling the muck.

  7. avatar Jeannet Bertelink says:

    How cruel people can be…to animals

  8. avatar Sian Walters says:

    Need to target Caprice Holdings next, Owner of restaurants incl. The Ivy, Scotts, J Sheekey & Le Caprice. All have foie gras on menu!

  9. avatar Duglas Ellison says:

    How can anyone who understands how fois gras is produced eat it?
    Does it exist because of peoples ignorance or simply cruelty?

  10. avatar Rita Linard says:

    I no longer shop in Fortnums or dine in any restaurant that sells Foie Gras. Outrageous it is still in production.

  11. avatar GINA SPILLANE says:

    Foie Gras is another thing produced for the fat and selfish rich to gorge on, there should be an outright ban on it’s production, if we treated our pets like this we would be in serious trouble and rightly so, there is no place for it in a civilised world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. […] by tens of thousands of PETA supporters, including celebrities such as Sir Roger Moore and Siouxsie Sioux, the shop refuses to stop profiting from […]

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