Minister Promises That Full Wild Animal Circus Ban Will Go Ahead
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Minister Promises That Full Wild Animal Circus Ban Will Go Ahead

Good news: we’re one step closer to the full ban on wild animals in circuses that we’ve all been waiting for!

On Tuesday, DEFRA Minister Lord de Mauley confirmed that the government will go ahead with plans to keep all wild animals out of circuses and rightly dismissed an absurd select committee recommendation to water down the ban so that it would apply only to elephants and big cats. “The Government cannot agree to this recommendation”, this week’s report stated explicitly – meaning that camels, zebras, reindeer and other animals will also be spared abuse and exploitation by circus owners.

Stock Camel

Wild animals used by circuses often spend their entire lives being carted around from one performance to another, in an environment where their most basic welfare needs cannot be met. They never have the opportunity to exercise their natural instincts or to lead a normal life. Barbaric behind-the-scenes training methods can include beatings, electrocution and punishment. This kind of abuse shouldn’t happen for any reason – but especially not for “entertainment”.

Compassionate people have helped to make sure it won’t happen anymore in England and Wales. Over the past three months, more than 15,000 PETA supporters wrote to the Minister, urging him to make the right decision for animals. To our enormous relief, he listened.

The ban is set to come in at the end of 2015. Given the government’s track record of dragging its heels on this key issue, animals in circuses – and the people who care about them – won’t rest completely easy until the day that it actually enters into force. Until then, we’ll remain vigilant, to make sure that no further delays threaten to prolong the suffering of wild animals who are currently being forced to perform.

If you’d like to help make sure that the ban goes ahead as planned, please contact your MP and ask her or him to question Minister de Mauley about the timeframe for bringing the ban into effect.

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  1. avatar Wowzers says:

    HUMAN-free circuses, anyone?

  2. animals are not toys like stuffed animals. they feel pain , sadness etc.

  3. avatar Louise Clayton says:

    Animals are to be free not caged.

  4. avatar Jeff Warshaw says:

    No more circus animals!

  5. avatar patricia bekas says:

    Stop all live circus animal acts all over our world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar Coreen Kerr says:

    ALL circus’s should be banned no one needs ‘that’ kind of entertainment.

  7. avatar Tanya hassett says:

    Animals should have rights too they have a brain & a heart they feel things like trauma from being made to do things like perform … & it’s completly in natraul
    That should be reason enough !!
    But then when these caged animals attack someone because they want to be free they then get put down
    Not to mention you can’t just put them back in the wild it cost money to re train them how to survive & greedy
    Inhumanly people would rather just keep them in a cage
    Till they die there it’s disgusting

  8. Its about time to stop this ,ALL circus’s should be banned no one needs ‘that’ kind of entertainment.

  9. avatar Hollie Gardner says:

    It disgusts me that people are so ill-informed about animals that not everyone realises the pain and suffering they go through every single day of their lives when having to be circus animals. Wild animals should not be kept in cages and then made to perform every night for the ‘amusement’ of individuals that are just as disgusting as the people that train the animals! Animals can feel every emotion that we do – especially sadness, fear, pain and suffering. How can people not understand that animals need to have their OWN rights and that people should not be able to condemn them into a life of pain and misery simply to get money from people that don’t know about what goes on behind the closed doors of circuses. Animals should NEVER be taken from their own natural habitat and put into things like circuses and it be assumed that they can adjust to the massive changes that are forced upon them. Animals in circuses should be banned; there is nothing humane or funny about the entrapment of animals that perform on the premise of being beaten horrifically if they do not complete the stunts that they have been told to do. Circuses are disgusting to their animals and it needs to stop.

  10. avatar Chrystine Vernon says:

    Entertainment should not cause suffering for animals.

  11. avatar Liga Rusmane says:

    what about Ireland? There are 2-3 circuses throughout the year performing with camels /horses etc?

  12. avatar fataneh says:

    ALL circus’s should be banned no one needs ‘that’ kind of entertainment.

  13. avatar BEV says:


  14. avatar Hannah Thorpe says:

    Have people heard of a circus called KNIE?Touring Switzerland, Swedish company, elephants walking on hindquarters and exotic animal training. Undermining our humanity. Need to be investigated Peta.

  15. avatar Elizabeth Donald says:

    I think this is great news. I may be naive – please forgive this if so – but could we thank de Mauley for this? As well as ask our MPs to ask him about the timeframe?

  16. avatar Deborah Lindlow says:

    Stop abusing all animals and Please leave them in their homes where they belong! There should be no more circuses, seaworlds ,zoos,etc.. It’s cruel and sad to see them locked up in a
    prison of loneliness and depression… no one wants to see that !!!

  17. avatar Karen Simpson says:

    When are humans going to learn that animals are not put on this earth to entertain us. Animals should be free, not caged. Ban animals from circuses.

  18. avatar Miriam says:

    Animals have feelings too.

  19. avatar Reila says:

    Have you noticed one implacable thing in life: MORE WORTHLESS A HUMAN – MORE HE/SHE USES ANIMALS, NOT HIS/HER BRAINS, to raize money, especially to prove his/her importance… It is a circle they will stay in, born next time in some other body, for example being themselves an animal…

  20. avatar Wendy Kelba says:

    This is just so wrong.

  21. avatar sylvie tellier says:

    Have pity for them !

  22. avatar Lainey Wellmen says:

    Ban animals from circuses

  23. Please think about all the Animals being abused raised in abismal and medieval conditions all around the world for mans greed. So many animals are suffering agonising long horrendous deaths because of so called “Man Kind” I would call it “Man WICKED”


  25. avatar Natalia says:

    it must be stop! i hate circuses , i still remember how cows lags were bleeding while she was on show ,,cow in ski, cresy , i dont know what kind of kids enjoying to watch this, i was crying ,,,,and other circuses ,,on wheel,, we were watching in a cages animals in russia – 20 , elephant ,,and cage was open, because it would be very expansive to fix glass and keep temperature,, elephant was alredy dead,, ,,,, he didnt visit next fckn city , they accrosed all fckng russia and stayed for 3 days or 5 in each city

  26. avatar kate tomlinson says:

    Stop animals in circuses this is very cruel

    People circuses are far more popular move with the times

  27. avatar Sylvia Zade-Routier says:

    NO MORE Animals in Circuses! It’s evil, cruel and shows human stupidity.
    BAN Animal Circuses forever!

  28. avatar Gabe Kopca says:

    People can talk all they want about bullying, racism, sexism, and every other “cism” that is so popular out there, but unless they open up to the fact that all of them are openly and freely applied to others who can not speak, or defend themselves, gladly sponsoring and taking pleasure in the practice of the very things they deem unjust, unacceptable, immoral, unethical and utterly criminal and barbaric, their understanding of such issues is myopic and still wrapped and bound in darkness and utter ignorance.

  29. avatar María Teresa Ortega Piga says:


  30. avatar Heike says:

    STOP THIS CRUELTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. avatar gisela faria says:

    STOP THIS CRUELTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. avatar Shyamali Wijetunge says:

    Stop cruelty to all animals. Animals CANNOT be used to make money. STOP this shameful act as soon as possible.

  33. avatar Maritza Garcia says:

    “As custodians of the planet it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love and compassion. That These animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding. Please hel to stop this madness”

  34. avatar PATRICIA says:

    This is great news!! Now we need to focus on the marine parks around the
    globe that host circus like performances of dolphins and orcas that are
    held against their will, and forced to entertain for food. They live in horrible
    conditions and die at a young age. Please watch “The Cove” and “Blackfish”

  35. avatar Anne Grice says:

    Ban all wild life from circuses now, not next year, but now. No later time than now is accepted and PETA must continue to push for now! Thank you. Humans are such sickening despicable beings when it comes to animal cruelty.

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