Harvey Nichols' Major Fashion Faux Pas
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Harvey Nichols’ Major Fashion Faux Pas

UPDATE: Fashion director, Paula Reed, has now resigned.
After receiving confirmation in a meeting with Harvey Nichols that Reed was singlehandedly responsible for breaking the department store’s strict decade-long policy against selling fur, we hope her resignation will pave the way for the reinstatement of the store’s previous, well-respected policy. Please continue to take action, and we will update you here with any more news.


Harvey Nichols goes back on its word by selling real fur againFor almost a decade, Harvey Nichols has been one of the good guys – ever since pressure from PETA and compassionate consumers persuaded the company to banish fur from all its UK outlets in 2004. But now with the arrival of its new fashion director, Paula Reed, the department store has taken a huge step backwards by resuming its sale of fur items.

Harvey Nichols’s autumn-winter collection features items trimmed with the skins of foxes, rabbits and raccoons – animals who most likely spent their short lives pacing up and down in too-small cages and slowly going insane before being gassed or anally electrocuted for the fur trade.

It’s common knowledge that the International Fur Trade Federation’s “Origin Assured” fur scheme is a farce. It claims to source fur only from countries with “high-welfare” standards – but investigations have repeatedly shown that fur farms in these countries are in fact guilty of the most shocking cruelty. Here’s an upsetting example from Finland:

We can’t understand why Harvey Nichols has decided to renege on its fur-free policy, especially when 95 per cent of Britons have said they would never wear real fur and designers ranging from Calvin Klein to Stella McCartney refuse to use the inhumane product. In 2013 alone, celebrities such as Alexandra Burke, Dionne Bromfield, Gemma Collins, Rylan Clark and Imelda May, have teamed up with PETA to express their disgust at fur. It’s clear to anyone with an iota of compassion that draping oneself in dead animal skins will never be in fashion.

The fur industry has been resorting to ever-more desperate measures to combat against its growing irrelevance. These include making spurious environmental claims and attempting to bribe up-and-coming designers in an effort to get them to use fur – for example, by giving away free animal skins to students. We were recently contacted by one fashion student who was deeply distressed that her university fashion show was being sponsored by a fur company, leaving students who care about animals in a difficult position.

Fortunately, given the groundswell of support from compassionate people in this country and beyond who have no desire to clothe themselves in a product of cruelty, these underhand tactics are unlikely to succeed, especially if we have the courage to speak out.

By choosing to sell fur again, Harvey Nichols has demonstrated that it’s truly out of touch with public sentiment – and with your help, we’ll make sure that its directors know it. Please spare a moment for the foxes, rabbits and racoons used for fur by writing to Paula Reed and asking her to reinstate the company’s fur-free policy.

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Harvey Nichols Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 / nikoretro

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  1. avatar Andy Wood says:

    Please stop selling fur. The barbarity involved is inhumane. My friends and I will boycott Harvey Nichols until the stores stop selling fur.

  2. avatar James McBurnie says:

    Please put a stop to any fur being sold in Harvey Nichols or anywhere else, and can someone please have a word with that actress who skinned a rabbit for the film and then said PETA can get screwed, I think she needs to understand what cruelty to animals means, and animal torture, I would imagine she might not fancy being skinned!!!

    • avatar Tara Densley says:

      Disgusted that Harvey Nichols are selling ‘products’ with real fur again. Shame on them, and double shame on Paula Reed.

  3. avatar jo beale says:

    We’re not living in the dark ages now. With so many alternatives, there is no need to wear fur anymore. :(

  4. avatar vicki cook says:

    Please stop this madness they are animals they didn’t ask to have their skin stripped off them. Where is your compassion?

  5. avatar wendy postma says:

    Fur = cruelty. There is no need to sell or wear fur any more. There are so many very good fake fur products on the market. Please stop selling fur and show you care.

  6. avatar Karla Campbell says:

    Have some morals!

  7. avatar M Maquade says:

    M. Maquade

    These poor animals are skinned alive, for someone to wear there fur.

  8. wld like to see Harvy Nicks making a good example

  9. avatar Libby Burrows says:

    I’m utterly disgusted that a respected store would allow such horrific cruelty to be carried out in their name. Shame on Harvey Nichols; there is blood on their hands.

  10. avatar ria says:

    stop selling fur its wrong and very old fashioned!!! animals are not put on this planet to provide is with their fur, its disgusting and purely a rich persons greed and ignorance!!!

  11. avatar ka says:

    Selling fur is wrong. If the animal was killed for food then the remaining skin used as clothing (like was done many years ago before clothing shops were available) then fine, but its wrong to kill kill for the fur when there are many more alternatives available

  12. avatar Rebecca Keir says:

    This makes me so upset- actually upset is no word to even nearly describe how this makes me feel. The poor animals- i wish harve nickols and everywhere else that sells fur would stop selling it and just watch these videos.

  13. avatar vera dyke says:

    Has Harvey Nichols got even one iota of compassion for the animals he using and abusing all in the name of profit?

  14. avatar amanda cambridge says:

    Evil evil paula reed!! As well as this dispicable cruelty ppl shud watch on you tube the chinese “fur trade”!!!!! I’d put it in writing that whoever watches it cries!!! Animals stunned just “immobalized” still feeling pain! Then skinned ALIVE!! Fuckin fur trade I hope the cunts burn in hell! Answer 2 god they will!!!

  15. avatar Duglas Ellison says:

    If everyone boycott’s F and M I’m sure they will get the message!!

  16. So sad and searingly stupid. Someone please park a mobile video van outside their doors and play the PETA vid nonstop until they lose enough customers to get the message.

  17. avatar Noela Tziarkas says:

    Amanda Cambridge I totally agree, even though I would not say the same words.
    Anyone who could work at such a place like a fur farm, is evil. To see such animal suffering and not do anything about it, is despicable in so many ways. There is absolutely NO REASON to wear fur in this day and age of central heating and other quality man made products. The Chinese fur trade also, is horrendous, animals skinned alive!!! What kind of humanity are we, if we don’t do anything about this.

  18. […] – obwohl seit neun Jahren eigentlich ein striktes Pelz-Verbot beim Londoner Unternehmen gilt. PETA UK protestierte prompt bei der Geschäftsführung und über 50.00 PETA-Unterstützer machten ihrem […]

  19. avatar Kriss Dos Santos says:

    Please I beg you to end selling fur. This is cruelty to any animals, we do not need fur no more it is now good fabric look-like fur to wear and fashion enough! We need to stop this madness, it’s horrible, barbaric and there is no need for it, I beg God to punish every single person who commits this horrendous act to be punished. How can they sleep?

  20. avatar Gary Horrocks says:

    This is so deeply upsetting, I cannot believe that people find this acceptable…I can’t watch the youtube videos I know what they will contain.

  21. avatar C RAW says:

    I can not believe this trade is still going on!
    Its totally barbaric the amount of cruelty the animal has to endure which a human has put it through. Shame on the trade, the workers and the senseless people who wear it. They are sick.
    I will use my voice to speak up and make people aware of this terrible unnecessary trade.
    The video has sickened me through to my soul and can’t just myself sit and let this continue. Urgh….!!!!!!!

  22. avatar stuart little says:

    I went to the protest that happens every Saturday outside Harvey Nichols yesterday because they are still selling fur! They have a new Fashion Director now. Anita Barr. She was previously fashion director at Allsaints. Whist she was the Fashion Director at Allsaints she stopped the sale of Angora due to Peta’s campaign. Please Peta, keep up the pressure on Harvey Nichols and I think Anita Barr might actually do the right thing. If you’re able to attend a Saturday protest 12:00-16:00 then please to add your voice for the voiceless. Compassion is the fashion. No more Fur!

  23. avatar Adele Hughes says:

    How can anyone in this day n age still think it’s ok to sell or wear fur!!! Imagine how sore it feels when you just get a wee cut or graze then try to imagine the sheer unbelievable pain of what it would feel like to have someone slowly strip the skin from your whole body while you were still awake then get left to slowly die in utter agony! That’s what’s happening to these poor animals, may anyone who thinks this is ok rot in hell after dying a slow painfull death.!!

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