#LoveSpainHateBullfighting – The Hand-In
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#LoveSpainHateBullfighting – The Hand-In

Tens of thousands of you have taken action. Tens of thousands of you have said a resounding “No” to bullfighting and sent messages to the Spanish embassy demanding that the cruel sport not be granted legal protection.

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Now we’ve made sure that your voices will be heard by delivering your messages to the Spanish authorities in person. Teaming up with the Humane Society International, the League Against Cruel Sports and the World Society for the Protection of Animals, last week we gathered outside the Spanish embassy in London with a crowd of volunteers wearing bull masks, including Spanish model Elen Rivas, and presented the ambassador with the names of the 67,078 people who signed the #LoveSpainHateBullfighting letter.

Small Ellen Rivas

And today we were in Madrid, to give a letter to the Spanish Congress of Deputies, signed by more than 100 animal welfare organisations from 29 countries.

Spanish petition

The letter opposes a proposed new law that would enshrine bullfighting as a national cultural pastime and allow public funds to be spent on it. This legislation, is about to be debated by the Spanish parliament, is backward, inhumane and totally out of tune with the values of modern Spain. As Barcelona-born Elen says, “Glorifying the deliberate slaughter of animals should not be tolerated in a civilised society”.

In the bullring, terrified animals are stabbed repeatedly with spears, spikes and daggers and eventually die in agony as a jeering crowd looks on. A recent Ipsos MORI poll of Spanish citizens showed that more than three-quarters do not wish their taxes to be used for this purpose, and the majority of Spaniards don’t attend bullfights. In fact, the unpopular bullfighting industry is largely propped up by EU subsidies.

The movement against bullfighting is global, with compassionate people inside and outside Spain alike voicing their opposition to the barbaric spectacle. Thanks to the phenomenal response by diverse animal-protection groups and the thousands of caring people who have united to rally against this absurd proposed law, Spanish authorities can hardly fail to get the message – bullfighting needs to be banned, not protected!

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  1. avatar Aliss says:

    This is both inhumane and unacceptable. It needs to stop now!

  2. avatar Georgina hope says:

    This is a disgusting ‘sport’ / ‘ tradition’ and should have been banned years ago

  3. What price animals have to pay to entertain a species that do not deserve a place on this earth

  4. avatar David Keller says:

    I’d like to see the proponents of this proposal tortured & murdered like the bulls. Then rot in hell!

  5. avatar David Keller says:

    Cruel people doing cruel acts.

  6. avatar carol currall says:

    I would NEVER visit Spain or any other country where such inhumane and barbaric acts tske place.

    • avatar Sofía Pérez says:

      I understand you perfectly, but I’m from Spain and I can tell you that most of Spain isn’t proud about bullfighting. I can’t believed is not banned yet.

  7. avatar Kathleen Costello says:

    This blood sport is an absolute discrase ,
    Those people that allow this to continue
    Should hang there heads in shame, these
    Beautiful animal suffer in thinkable pain
    Please do the right thing here ban this

  8. avatar Vanessa says:

    This is in humane, and an unacceptable practice! Please abolish this.

  9. avatar friederike ploechl says:

    stop this cruelty immediatly. its shame for your country and I will not come and visit your country!
    friederike ploechl

  10. avatar Vanessa says:

    This is completely disgusting and unacceptable, it is an in humane sport. Please abolish this atrocity.

  11. avatar lola says:

    It needs to stop now!

  12. avatar julia parsley says:

    This has stop period your nothing murders and id personally would love to stab everyone who has watched or participated in this act n see how you like it..you sick asses. Your a disgrace to mankind hurting these beautiful animals…

  13. avatar Sharla says:

    We do not have ‘the running of the humans’, nor would we allow it! So why are they still allowing this dispicable , cruel, terrifying event with the bulls to happen!

  14. avatar Gretchen says:

    I will not ever go to Spain until they stop this barbaric state sponsored cruelty.

  15. avatar rose osantowski says:

    stabbing any animal is barbaric. I can’t respect anyone who lets kids watch poor animals die a painful death. there are no words to describe such terrible things.

  16. avatar Rhonda Taylor says:

    The blood-lust that is bullfighting is no longer relevant, how can it be rationalised or justified as a sporting tradition – it is totally vile & disgusting!!

  17. avatar Cooke says:

    Please do not enshrine bull fighting as a national image of Spain. It’s in humane and needs to stop.

  18. avatar Tricia says:

    I’m sure a lot of people in Spain that have both hearts and brains are terribly embarrassed at this. Evolve please!

  19. avatar lingling chen says:

    Stop bullfighting!

  20. avatar Natcha says:

    That’s not some kind of sport it just stupid activity of some bastard people.

  21. avatar Marlen Arciniega says:

    This sport must stop….animal cruelty is unacceptable. …

  22. avatar Sandra says:

    Disgusting tradition that makes me NOT want to visit Spain and rather boycott it

  23. avatar Grace Ann Danisi says:

    Shame on the Spanish who still support bloody medieval traditions and the tourists that pay to enjoy the show of murder.

  24. avatar Annika Ulstrup says:

    Bullfights must stop, that’s barbaric. I Love you! Spain as country but tell anyone not to visit Spain until the bullfights stops. How CSN our EU-money go to support this????

  25. avatar VM says:

    Inhuman and unacceptable, but there is a worst game with these poor animals in Spain :

  26. avatar Adrian says:

    I refuse to re-visit Spain until bullfighting has officially ended.

  27. avatar Sejal Jayesh says:

    Animals are not ours to hurt them in anyway,if we cannot protect them we have no right to abuse them.Bull fights does not represent culture, it should be stopped.

  28. avatar graziella says:


  29. avatar alberto says:

    Spettacolo inaccettabile e disgustoso

  30. avatar Enrique Corcho says:

    I am Spanish, and I am totally against this “tradition” in Spain we are more than half of the population, especially young people who want this barbarism over, it hurts my soul when I see you hurt an animal, sometimes I realize that this happens a few hundred meters from my home

    soy español, y estoy totalmente en contra de esta “tradición” en españa somos mas de la mitad de la población, sobre todo jovenes los que queremos que esta barbarie termine, me duele el alma cuando veo que se le hace daño a un animal, a veces soy consciente de que esto ocurre a pocos cientos de metros de mi hogar

  31. avatar katja says:

    spain will be so much more beautiful without this cruel act.
    beautiful music or dance showes can happen in fromer bull rings.
    my vision… and i know many spaniards cant stand bull fighting.
    animals are on the planet with us not for us. all animals have the same right to a good life and natural death as humans do.

  32. avatar leah says:

    I’ve never understood how something can be called ‘Sport’ when it’s a cruel and painful death of a defenceless animal. Why would you find joy in killing something to start with never mind this kind of thing?.
    I always thought there must be something wrong in a persons wiring to want to do anything like this .Some Humans seem to think they have a right to do it !!. WE DON’T and should be ashamed.

  33. avatar Caroline Price says:

    Please do not continue with this cruel spectacle…I hesitate to call it a sport. How can it be right to charge people admission to watch the ritual torture and killing of an animal. We are no longer in the dark ages when people knew no better, we are in the 21st century and it is time that this horrendous act is outlawed for good.

  34. avatar Lara Phillips says:

    How can this be acceptable as entertainment!!!! It’s barbaric and beyond cruel and needs to end!!!!

  35. […] der letzten Woche haben  PETA UK und andere Tierschutzverbände wie die WSPA und die Humane Society gemeinsam vor der spanischen […]

  36. […] sieben Tagen haben PETA UK und weitere Tierschutzverbände wie die WSPA und die Humane Society gemeinsam vor der spanischen […]

  37. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    i hate spain.

  38. avatar JULIA HARVEY says:

    PLEASE! PLEASE! ….This has got to ‘STOP’ …Put yourself where The Animal is…How would you feel….Animals are sooooo Trusting and Sincere unlike Humans!

    I PRAY ever night for Animals everywhere and ask God to HELP me to HELP them!

  39. avatar Chris Stone says:

    Why do some humans have to be so cruel to animals,what in the hell have they done to deserve that????
    Why do animals always have to be used to “entertain” humans in the first and being tortured and end up dying?????
    This so called “tradition” has to stop now!!!!!

  40. I feel I have to share my story. I was in Madrid, Spain years ago. My friend insisted I go to a bull fight. At that time I had no idea what I was getting into. I sat down in a coliseum . The bull came out and I was mortified at the scene after that. I was not taking this picture well at all. Everyone was cheering and I was horrified. I could not believe what I was witnessing. Then the bull turned an rammed the Matador. I stood up and cheered as loud as I could in a silent coliseum. Of course I was asked to leave and I politely exit the coliseum. It is a hideous entertainment especially for me and the BULL.

  41. I am spanish and I fight every day against it…,but the bullfighting lobby is very powerful thanks to the public money they have been receiving from years..even now…and from the EU…we need the help fom the international community…polititians have their own interest! Pls help us to put an end to this…send an email to your nearest spanish consulate or embassy and cc info@latorturanoescultura.com

    To make matters even worse, they call it “Culture” so they will receive more public funds and prmotion! It is a disgrace and a shame….Many thanks for your help!

  42. avatar P Eden says:

    Went to Spain years ago and sorry to say I went to see a bullfight. Never again as long as I live. I would not go to Spain again ever all the time theirs is entertainment with bull fighting and running the streets with bulls it is barbaric and its about time the government stopped it.

  43. avatar BOYD HORE says:

    BULLFIGHTING is a cowardly act , perpetrated by gutless fools , for the enjoyment of morons .

  44. avatar Luke Klein says:

    Bullfighting is an evil, barbaric disgrace.

  45. avatar vicki says:

    ban this barbaric sport for good,i thought humans were supposed to be intelligant

  46. avatar Reetta says:

    So many pretty things that I could remember Spain of, but instead I remember bullfights, and this cruel, sickening celebration where a live bull was set on fire and people were cheering and laughing, clapping hands while the agonized, terrified animal ran and jumped, with no way out of the flames that were burning it. Afterwards the people would eat its scorched flesh in belief it would protect them from disease or whatever ancinent beliefs. I thought this is what it must be in Hell,when I was watching that video.
    What about this Spanish tradition by hunters, who torture their hunting dogs to death, if they fail to hunt?
    Is Spanish race cruel…It seems to me!
    Cruel and barbaric and I will never wish to go to Spain.

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