Four Kickass Successes in the Campaign Against Foie Gras
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Four Kickass Successes in the Campaign Against Foie Gras

We get really excited when we learn about people taking things into their own hands and speaking up for animals in their community. So we were delighted to hear recently from three supporters who have been successful in getting foie gras removed from local businesses! Ana was taken aback to discover that her local gastropub, The Star in London’s Highgate, was dishing up portions of cruelty – but when she wrote to the pub’s owners informing them about the suffering of ducks and geese who are force-fed for foie gras, they promptly saw the light and removed the offending item from the menu.

London pub opts for compassion thanks to PETA supporter


Barbara had a similar tale. She was shocked to learn that The Monastery in Manchester had plans to serve foie gras at a gala dinner later this year. However, when presented with the facts about this foul foodstuff and how birds have metal tubes shoved down their necks and are forced to eat the equivalent of 20 kilos of corn a day, the organisers of the dinner decided to do the Christian thing and amend the menu.

Last but not least, the Worcestershire Vegans and Veggies group successfully lobbied local restaurant Brown’s Wine Bar to remove vile foie gras from its Christmas menu by sending letters and e-mails and enlisting the help of PETA. The group’s grassroots campaign is a great example of how just speaking up can be enough to persuade businesses that compassion is the way forward.

Well done to all these activists for really making a difference for animals! You can do the same – if you encounter a company that still sells or serves foie gras, please follow the lead of the wonderful activists above and write a letter politely asking it to stop supporting torture. Get in touch if you’d like any help with how to word your message.

Our final cause for celebration is the announcement by The Walbrook, an exclusive private-members club, that it, too, is banishing foie gras from its menu. There’s no need for fine dining to involve the torture of geese – in fact, for most gourmands, the thought of a bird choking on a metal pipe is far from mouth-watering.

If only all businesses were as responsive to their customers’ concerns. Department store Fortnum & Mason, for example, continues to ignore the thousands of concerned shoppers and compassionate celebrities who have protested against its sale of foie gras. Add your voice to the movement by sending a quick message to the store’s Managing Director Ewan Venters here:

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  1. avatar maureen msrtin says:

    This is a barbaric practice. Stop selling foie gras !!!!

  2. avatar Sonja Elídóttir says:


  3. avatar sandra burns says:

    I am their all the way.

  4. avatar Elaine thonas says:

    I cant believe they have just mentioned foie gras in eastenders how bad of the bbc to put that in the script!!!

  5. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    stop cruelty.

  6. avatar yvonne tucker says:

    Do not continue to support this barbaric practice. If you sell foie gras, you are complicit in the cruelty of these animals. Money is not the most important thing.

  7. avatar BOYD HORE says:

    How could anybody in their right mind want to eat this crap knowing where and how it’s produced .

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