Live-Animal Trauma Training Needs to End
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Live-Animal Trauma Training Needs to End

Did you know that the British Army “trains” personnel by making them shoot, stab and break the bones of live pigs? These barbaric exercises go on despite the fact that humane alternatives exist, and they appear to violate EU law.

We’ve just appealed to European Commission Director-General for Environment Karl Falkenberg urging him to launch an investigation into deadly medical trauma training on animals that is being conducted by the militaries of Denmark, Norway, Poland and the UK.

JMcArthur-0932Directive 2010/63/EU states that animals must not be used when non-animal options are available. As we point out, 22 out of the 28 NATO nations currently use exclusively non-animal trauma training models such as lifelike human-patient simulators, mannequins and hospital rounds. It’s perfectly possible to maintain a first-class modern military without abusing and mutilating animals in the process: in fact, these high-tech methods are better preparation for saving lives on the battlefield.

In November 2012, we revealed that British soldiers were taking part in these appalling exercises, despite the fact that it’s illegal to treat animals this way in the UK. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been sending recruits to Denmark to take part in drills in which live pigs are lined up at a firing range and shot with high-velocity bullets. Some of the animals sustain organ injuries and multiple bone fractures – any who survive are later killed.

Veterans Oliver Stone and Gideon Raff have both spoken out against these cruel training methods, and now we’re asking EU officials to do the same and order the four countries who still employ them to desist.

Animals don’t start wars, and there’s no excuse for torturing them in these archaic “war games”. Please take action by sending your own letter to the MoD here:

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

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  1. avatar Kate says:

    It makes no sense whatsoever to use live, breathing, feeling animals just like ourselves in such procedures when there are so many other options. I think it is frightening that people fighting for our country would do such things and there is no way round the fact that this is simply sick, sadistic murder.

  2. […] lebenden Tieren ausbilden. Diese vier Staaten sind Dänemark, Norwegen, Polen und Großbritannien. Deshalb hat unsere Schwesterorganisation PETA UK jetzt den zuständigen Generaldirektor für Umwelt der EU-Kommission, Karl Falkenberg, kontaktiert […]

  3. For God’s sake please stop this horrific system, mutilating and abuse animals. They suffer too, they feel the pain too. Please show some compassion, please, please, please.

  4. avatar june firth says:

    There is simply no justification for this treatment…especially from a nation like USA which polices the rest of the world and tells them how to live! No matter what excuses the military have there is no need!

  5. This is horrific come on there is no need for this pain and suffering , what give the military the right do do this to innocent animals .ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!

  6. avatar Eileen Henderson says:

    This is barbaric and must stop. It is quite clear that injuries from high powered assault rifles are devastating to the human body and are mostly fatal. Practicing on pigs will not save human lives: it is only practicing therefor it is immoral.

  7. avatar Aileen Dunne says:

    Animals have no voice and cannot fight for themselves it is up to us to fight for them, they are after all God’s Creatures. What gives any person the right to torture these poor defenceless animals. It has to stop now. Test on rapists, murderers, child molesters since they won’t be any loss to society.

  8. avatar victoria leomant says:

    Just because human beings are arrogant idiots who find ever increasing and barbaric savage methods to exterminate one another does not give us the right to inflict our unintelligent ideas onto the other sentient peaceful beings who inhabit this beautiful world; i say inhabit because to use the word ‘share’ is a joke

  9. avatar Janet Walker says:

    This is just sadistic cruelty and we must take action to stop it NOW. this kind of torture just makes me sick to my stomach.

  10. avatar Clodagh Lennon says:

    This is horrendous. Humans cause wars not animals.

  11. avatar Emma Robinson says:

    It’s disgraceful that live pigs are being used in such awful ways. Surely we know what weapons do to people by now. There have been enough war’s in the world for us to witness the injuries that are caused. Please stop using these innocent animals in this disgusting manner.

  12. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    People are evil and ignorant, and totally uneducated.

  13. avatar jeanette says:

    I am sickened and appalled by such a cruel practice!

  14. There are evil, unfeeling people in the world but thank God there are even more decent caring and humane people. It is not only the uneducated that are cruel, there are many very well educated people that are the heads of companies like Shell and those who own these large factory farms. Counterbalancing those people are wonderful folk like Dr Brian May, Joanna Lumley and the people in PETA and other such organisations as well as all the relatively poor and poorly educated people who work tirelessly in animal shelters and animal charity shops. Not all humans are bad anymore than all animals are sweet and cuddly. It is that sort of gross overstatement that makes animal activists look like a load of babbling loonys coming out with the same old cliches.
    We need to have a balanced view of things and put our arguments coherently or we will just be dismissed ‘as over the top’ nutters as we have been in the past.

  15. avatar Helen shaw says:

    This is disgusting and barbaric and needs to stop IMMEDIATLEY !!

  16. when are governments going to stop providing money to use animals there is only so much that they can help humans with also the same experiments keep being repeated year after year , we know what kills and is harmful to us so why?

  17. avatar angus schipp says:

    This is wrong animals are non humans persons please stop this pointless killing.

  18. avatar Stella Osborne says:

    Please, please consider what you are doing!!! This is horrible. It’s an animal Holocaust.

  19. avatar Grant Haddaway says:

    Flaunting EU animal welfare law in order to provide sub-optimal training to troops is not good for soldiers, UK security, the public’s confidence in the military or the animals being tortured and killed.
    Please reconsider this flawed policy and switch to non-lethal training protocols.
    Thank you.

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