Circus Cruelty Uncovered in 60 Seconds
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Circus Cruelty Uncovered in 60 Seconds

What kind of person would hit a poodle in the face, whip a kangaroo or electro-shock an elephant?

This 60-second video made by our friends at PETA Germany compiles shocking footage of animals being hurt in the name of entertainment, as trainers use violence to force animals to perform absurd and pointless tricks. It includes heartbreaking scenes of Anne, an elephant who was kept on a circus in Northamptonshire, being chained, beaten and stabbed with a pitchfork.

These hard-to-stomach images make it clearer than ever that the UK needs to ban the use of all wild animals in circuses as soon as possible. There’s simply no excuse for treating animals in this way.

Please take a moment to write to the government, asking that it enact a full ban on circuses that use wild animals, not just a partial ban that would protect some animals while condemning others to further abuse:

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  1. avatar Simon Postlewhite says:

    No need for animals in circuses anymore

    • avatar Paneels says:

      Please, suppress circuses exploiting animals and punish all their employees responsible for acts of cruelty towards all those innocent animals. Human behaviour is supposed to be good towards animals.

  2. avatar Linda Hibbett says:

    All animal cruelty must be stopped. There is no place for animals in circuses. This belongs in the Dark Ages.

  3. avatar carol hamilton says:

    I have hated circuses all my life after seeing horses in distress when I was a child. It is disgusting and upsetting to see animals treated in this way. Animals do not belong in circuses it is cruelty of the highest degree carried out by brutes who should be locked up. Any country that claims to be a civil society would outlaw them.

  4. avatar Cecilia Iredale says:

    People that do this should be put in prison

  5. avatar Patrick Iredale says:

    If I had my way, the sick people mistreating animas in your video would have the same done to them in public with placards explaining why displayed alongside.

  6. This disgusting treatment of beautiful, rare and sentient beings MUST STOP! I cannot believe that in this day and age we still have this ridiculous so called form of ‘entertainment’. Wake up.

  7. avatar Samantha Wilde says:

    Time to put a stop to this barbaric entertainment!!!!

  8. avatar Paul Ward says:

    This really has to stop. I am appalled, but frankly not shocked!

  9. avatar Sheilanne Twohig says:

    This must stop… Disgusting.

  10. this is shocking and so cruel

  11. Zirkus ist mehr, als ein grausames Spektakel, was nicht ins 21.Jahrhundert gehört. Jeder, der noch einen Zirkus mit Wildtieren (Tieren) besucht, macht sich mit schuldig an diesem Elend, was die armen hilflosen Mitgeschöpfe täglich ertragen müssen.
    Ich fordere unsere Regierung auf, endlich Wild Tiere in Zirkussen zu verbieten, denn Nachbarländer sind uns in diesem Punkt weit voraus und auch ohne Wild Tiere klingeln bei den Zirkus Unternehmen die Kassen.
    Ilse Aigner, die bekanntlich eine Befürworterin der Jagd ist, stellt hier wieder einmal eine Fehlbesetzung in diesem Ministerium dar. Ein bisschen Mut und Durchsetzungsvermögen würden ihr nicht schaden, dann blieben nicht so viele enttäuschte Wähler zurück.

  12. avatar roy rich says:

    All circusses which feature animals should be banned – until this happens, all these circusses should be boycotted and demonstrated against!

  13. avatar Carol Packer says:

    Circus’s are outdated and cruel. They are only fit for humans to perform in. When will people who make the laws listen and have compassion for those who cannot speak for themsleves – they should hear the silent scream !!!!

  14. avatar Muriel Gibson says:

    A friend took me to a circus in Holland several years ago.
    I was n ot keen to go, but the first half with clowns and acrobats knocked me off guard. I wept throughout the second half for the majestic tigers forced to perform by being prodded with an electric stick. Similarly the elephants.
    NEVER NEVER visit a circus where animals are used to “entertain”

  15. avatar Jane Natalie Goodwin says:

    This is so sad to watch and so disapointing, it really hurts to see these inocent creatures God made to share our world be trested in this cruel manner by a so called modern country called Germany with such high standards…It cant be tolerated…..It cant be accepted in any country….If you go you say at least you are paying towards the feed of an animal, that is being treated in this way…. I will boycot every circus which has animals in it, and I will not vote for any Government that does nothing to ban this backdated, uneccessary cruelty!!!!

  16. avatar Trees Rosenbrand says:

    Ik zal zelf NOOIT meer een circus bezoeken waar dieren in mee doen.
    Wat is dit walgelijk en misselijk makend alweer weerloze dieren die ten prooi vallen aan de mens.
    DIT MOET STOPPEN!!!!!!!!

  17. avatar Liz Hay says:

    I am writing this with tears in my eyes and feeling embarrassed to be a member of the so called superior Human race. Animals are not here to provide us with vacuous entertainment, let humans be in circuses if they want to but I am sure no elephant,tiger or any other creature would by choice want to perform tricks,live in cages and be transported all over the World just for our gratification. Stop this cruelty now!

  18. avatar Helena Rice says:

    Iwas angry, disgusted,tearfull felt there unbearable suffering i dont know how to express my anger at our fellow humans ,but they are not animals care for there own we are visitors here on this earth and when we are here we have to care and there is no care there we need to put them in the papers etc name them but we wont shame them as they believe this is ok when i see these acts of cruelty i am ashamed of my fellow humans but they are not one day they will die and when they do i hope that they will suffer as they made gods creatures post this on the web yours Helena Rice .

  19. Utterly disgusting. Would like to see how long these people would last in a ring with me any rules goes combat. Would make sure they felt the pain these poor animals feel.

  20. avatar Leonardo Blanco says:

    this is horrible, I want to cry.
    I dont know why this people is not in jail right now.
    they are criminals, but the worst criminals, because they destroy animal lifes.

  21. Absolutely shocking this should be stopped and the people who do this punished!!

  22. avatar Daryl Michael says:

    The people who carry out these acts are despicable and should be wiped of the face of the earth. Well done to the person who filmed these atrocities now PUNISHMENT is required for the perpetrators.

  23. avatar Jackieb says:

    The evil perpetrators need to be named and prosecuted. Each and every one of these sick people need to ask themselves “What if that was me on the receiving end?”.
    Absolute bastards!

  24. avatar Margo says:

    Utterly sickened!

  25. avatar Helena Rice says:

    Its the most terrible thing to do those poor,poor animals ,Today i am ashamed of not being able to do anything to these people God, will not forgive them or us today who e-mail this for all to see Helena.

  26. avatar Mark Barrass says:

    I want to meet the guy with the pitchfork, he will not survive intact!!!!!

  27. avatar Daryl Michael says:

    I commented earlier, this evil has made me so sick today, not only the physical pain but the fact these poor creatures live in fear. Those beautiful poodles are in my mind they all looked terrified. Completely sickened by so much evil in the world.

  28. avatar Steven Hanley says:

    A gang must go to this circus and beat the living daylights out of those evil bastards. They deserve to be put to an agonising death.

  29. avatar tom connors says:

    Keep telling everyone about these videos; we can really bring an end to this barbarism!


  31. the people on the videos should be made to endure the same fate as the defenceless animals and then prosecuted and if animal rights beat them up so be it i could not video it and do nothing

  32. avatar renate gerstendörfer says:

    no circus with animals anymore!!!!

  33. avatar 4mula1 says:

    this must stop, what is wrong with these people (shakes head). ps, reform march of & (

  34. what has been done about these sick people in the circuces where has the animal activists gone they did a great job rescuing animalsfrom torture and horrible laboratoriesboth institutions need the same thing doing to them

  35. avatar Karen Simpson says:

    Animals do not belong in circuses. They are not on this earth to entertain humans. Ban animals from circuses now. We can also do our part by boycotting all circuses that use animals.

  36. avatar Wowzers says:

    Do these poor pitiful zeroes ever learn!

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