The Lord Mayors Who Parade Compassion
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The Lord Mayors Who Parade Compassion

A few weeks ago, we reported the excellent news that the mayor of Wrexham, David Bithell, had ditched his ceremonial robes after a compassionate PETA supporter pointed out that they contained real fur.

That set us off to wondering how many other mayors around the country were still using robes with real fur, perhaps without even realising. So we decided to write to each and every one of England’s lord mayors to find out – and, of course, to request that they go fur-free!

Sixteen mayors wrote back with a positive response. The mayors of Plymouth and York both told us that they are going to refurbish their robes and replace real fur with a humane, synthetic-fur trim, a great move that sets a positive example. The mayors of Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Stoke-on-Trent and Warwick all confirmed to us that their robes are also fur-free.

It’s an impressive list – but there is still a question mark over too many councils, who have failed to establish a clear policy against fur or have yet to turn their back on an outrageously cruel industry which gasses, drowns and electrocutes animals before stealing and selling their skins.

Given that, according to a recent survey, 95 per cent of Brits are opposed to wearing real fur and fur farming has been illegal in this country for more than 10 years, it’s outrageous for any of our public figures to be clothing themselves in skins ripped from animals’ backs. Compassionate is the way forward!

If your lord mayor is not included on the list above, please consider writing him or her a quick message requesting that any ceremonial robes containing real fur are replaced with humane faux fur, and let us know how you get on.

Image: Lee J Haywood / CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. avatar Dot Pleydell says:

    Only animals need the fur coat

  2. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    good start, lets hope the rest follow, poor animals.

  3. The fur trade is an evil cruel barbaric trade and those who buy and wear their skins are uncaring vain human beings

  4. avatar Sabrah Wilson says:

    Good start! Fur is worn by beautiful animals but ugly people.

  5. avatar Jason Morgan says:

    The fur trade is an evil barbaric practice that has no place in the 21st century, which ever political party bans this will get my vote !!

  6. avatar Lily marshall says:

    Leave The fur where it belongs on the ANIMAL.

  7. avatar Vanessa Evans says:

    Fake fur is so good there really is NO excuse

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      Fake fur is infinitely worse than real fur: if you don’t wear fur, you shouldn’t wear ANYTHING that resembles fur!

  8. avatar edi says:

    Don’t allow fur trading please

  9. avatar Angie says:

    Fur trading is Barbaric. We need to Move humanity towards civilization and learning compassion. It is becoming obvious the way we treat our animals elevates or darkens humanity.

  10. avatar Michele says:

    Such a heartwarming article. Good for them they are setting a great example. I agree with the last paragraph 100%. No animal should be wearing the fur on it’s back except for that animal. We have our own skin to live in. I’m impatiently waiting for the day where fur is finally cut out of everyone’s “fashion wear” and everyone knows its wrong, inhumane and outrageous to wear fur.

  11. avatar Lindsay Southcombe says:

    I was Mayor of Truro last year and the ermine was removed from our robes in the eighties by a mayor called Andrew Treseder, sadly no longer with us. He had the fur removed and declined to present the cup to the Four Burrows Hunt who used to assemble in Truro at the start of the hunting season – they haven’t since! We were also one of the first councils to ban circuses with animals on our land (again in the eighties) – after a councillor saw the conditions in which the animals were houses ‘backstage’.

  12. avatar Jon says:

    I’ve asked Oxford, lets see if they get back to me. Being the city with possibly the worst animal testing going on, I don’t hold out much hope (…

  13. What about the wearing bearskin hats of the Grenadier, Welsh, Irish, Scots and Coldstream Guards.
    Is pressure still be applied to speed up finding the replacement materials for these?

  14. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    i love animals.

  15. avatar silvana says:

    i hope that this awful person called queen think in the same way and put on fire the bears hat that wear her guard !!

  16. Please abolish fur industry now. It is for pure vein not necessity to kill animals for fur in 21st century. Please have hearts and intelligence.

  17. avatar Lyndsey Powell says:

    Imagine yourself being a farmed animal for fur, then tell us you think this is a practise that should be glamorised…

  18. avatar trudi raven says:

    Wrexham, David Bithell, had ditched his ceremonial robes after a compassionate PETA supporter pointed out that they contained real fur.
    I hope you will do the same

  19. avatar Debz Jones says:


  20. avatar sonia says:

    Stop with paint on animals

  21. […] George’s fur-free robes will put him in the same company with many of Britain’s Lord Mayors and other dignitaries who have updated their traditional robes to include humane faux fur. […]

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