Morrissey vs. Gordon Ramsay in Foie Gras Fracas
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Morrissey vs. Gordon Ramsay in Foie Gras Fracas

Gordon Ramsay Morrissey PETA

Morrissey has put his money where his mouth is to combat the cruelty of foie gras – by donating £10,000 to PETA for a hard-hitting ad campaign that slams Fortnum & Mason for selling the vile product.

PETA Fortnum and Mason foie gras ad

In an unexpected turn of events, we actually have Gordon Ramsay to thank for this generous donation – because the money comes from a settlement that Morrissey received from Channel 4 after a Smiths song was used without permission to advertise the chef’s Christmas Cookalong Live. Appalled that his music was being used to promote a man who cooks with foie gras, Morrissey sent his lawyers into action and received the payoff, which will now be used to expose the cruelty behind this “torture in a tin”.

Morrissey explained, with typical forthrightness: “Ramsay may very well stick his head in his microwave when he hears that the money I received from Channel 4 … is being donated to PETA to fight foie gras. Foie gras is so cruelly produced that he’d be against it if he had an ethical bone in his body”.

To create foie gras, pipes are shoved down birds’ throats, and huge amounts of grain and fat are pumped into their stomachs several times a day. Their livers become diseased as they swell to up to 10 times their normal size. It’s illegal to produce the pâté in the UK, and many top chefs, including Mark Hix and Albert Roux, won’t go near it because it’s so inhumane.

Tens of thousands of people have, like Morrissey, spoken out against department store Fortnum & Mason because it’s one of the few retailers that still sells foie gras. Will you take action on behalf of tortured ducks and geese, too?

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Gordon Ramsay Image: gordonramsaysubmissions / CC BY 2.0
Morrissey Image: Charlie Llewellin / CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. avatar lesley parker says:

    stop this disgusting practise now….. words fail me

  2. avatar Monika Maron says:

    Stop this heartbreaking cruelty!!’

  3. avatar Megan says:

    Everybody boycott this disgusting restaurant!

  4. avatar Bonita Alice says:

    There are many other foodies who don’t seem to get it and can’t seem to cook without ignoring the origins of certain ingredients.
    There is also at least 1 stall – near entrance opp. Monmouth Coffee shop – that sells foie gras.
    Lets challenge foodies to be clever and conscious at once. Can they do it?

  5. avatar Jenny says:

    Why are humans so cruel to animals. Stop this vile action. Unnecessary. The rich could spend their money on saving animals rather than destroying them for greed.

  6. avatar Dawn Faccilonga says:

    Stop this cruel practice now!

  7. avatar Fabricio says:

    stop this disgusting practise now please, Don’t you believe that the chef is the principal representative of food consierne?Then it would be nice to be the reference of the change, giving new options for delicious meals and making revolution in this way would end so much suffering, so many diseases, so much injustice, it would be nice to rewrite the History, WITH ONLY ONE DECISION. stoped with the animal cruelty please

  8. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Stop the madness!!!

  9. avatar Charlie says:

    I’m hungry!

  10. avatar Laura White says:

    Fantastic news!!! Keep fighting PETA!!!

  11. avatar Elaine says:

    You certainly do NOT have that foul mouthed butcher to thank for anything.
    He is to blame for mistreatment of animals, slaughter of animals. The use of the song without permission was obviously done deliberately…….as it’s the song of one of the world most famous vegetarians.

  12. avatar L Nicoll says:

    Stop this inhumane torture of animals. How can anyone do this.

  13. -Eating foie gras is not a sign of a prestige, provincial bastards, it is murder.You are eating torture, stress, and terror. Michelin stars:god give me strength.So 80’s, so passe, so boring. Show some signs of evolution please, ignorant idiots.-

  14. And we call ourselves the most evolved species on the planet. How dare we, no other species abuses another in the way we do. It’s about we changed our abusive practices.

    • avatar Kelly says:

      I don’t support the selling of foie gras in any way, but we are certainly not the only creatures to abuse others. There are plenty of murderous and bullying species out there

    • avatar Tim McDonald says:

      To Kelly,

      What other species torture and murder? Animals simply act within their nature. The lion does not raise, enslave, torture, and murder the wildebeest. The grizzly bear does not raise, enslave, torture, and murder the salmon. The systematic raising, enslavement, torture, and murder for pleasure belongs solely to homo sapiens sapiens.

    • avatar Rob S says:

      To Tim,
      The raising and enslaving bit no.
      I’m afraid the torture and murder bit is entirely prevalent within the natural world. You’ve obviously never had cats or watched them almost ritually torture small animals with no intention of actually consuming them. Doplhins regularly kill porpoises slowly for sport, Chimps regularly kill without eating the victim.
      Beside the important point raised here I know, but lets not play the pretend game.

    • avatar Callum Hall says:

      To Kelly

      If you want an example of torture in the animal kingdom then a video on the jewel wasp.

    • avatar Jan says:

      To Rob S,

      “…You’ve obviously never had cats or watched them almost ritually torture small animals with no intention of actually consuming them…”

      Well I have, and as a pond fish keeper and hobbyist bird-breeder whose stock has suffered in the past I can assure you that a good sting on the backside with plastic BB shots usually solves the problem and makes them forget – momentarily at least – about their hunting & victim torture instinct!

      And yes, I agree with Tim McDonald, the human is generally a cold, hateful and hypocritical species more intent on exploiting their “superiority” (of sorts) than of using it sensibly by seeking to protect rather than harm the “lesser” species which should be one of our first responsibilities and priorities. And some humans are worse than others – like egotistical hypocrite Gordon Ramsey, banging on about shark finning in China but then dismissively slapping meat around and wasting most of it on things like “Hell’s Kitchen”. Hold on there a minute Gordon you moron – an animal has given its life so you can do that just for effect and TV fame! Just how much more of a hypocrite can you be?

  15. avatar Ken says:

    What is wrong with people these days? This is absolutely unacceptable. These monsters need to be locked up and tortured like they have done to these poor ducks. This brings tears to my eyes. This needs to stop. This should be against the law. But with big government subsidizing companies like Monsanto, I sadly do not see it happening. :(

  16. avatar Ash says:

    Thank you! I never would have eaten this, but I also never knew how it was made. I didn’t know what it was, but now I will definitely pay more attention.

  17. avatar Jo Statham says:

    Have a look at Morrissey, girls! That’s what a real man looks like! As for the foul-mouthed, animal-cruelty-apathetic Ramsay? My contempt has no bounds!



  20. avatar Cindy Montville says:

    C’mon Gordon, you’re better than this. You don’t need to support cruelty to be successful. You’ve raised your own animals for slaughter right in your backyard, and they were spoiled rotten right to the last, and slaughtered humanely. Sop supporting this evil practice!!

  21. avatar joe alexander says:

    What can I Say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. avatar joe alexander says:

    it is simply Abuse Horrible!

  23. avatar Pete Brenton says:

    Ramsey did a channel 4 expose about shark fins in China 2? years ago He often appeared genuinely concerned and emotional about it. That he uses Foie- gras. seems hypocritical

  24. avatar Carol Gardner says:

    Well done morrisey you are the man….gordon ramsey hou are ghe wiml

  25. avatar Raphael says:

    WELL DONE morrisey, fois gras is vile and has toi be stopped why can’t the government just ban it even from beimng sold in the uk

  26. avatar Nick says:

    I have tried Foie Gras twice now, I admit I did know it was force fed duck however I did not fully understand the brutality of the process and, after seeing this, feel totally disgusted that I have ate it.

    Never again, poor animals.

  27. avatar L Nicoll says:

    This has to be one of the worst forms of animal abuse ever. Dont understand why it just cant be banned everywhere. I just feel revulsion for the people who carry out this terrible cruelty as well as those who sell it, buy it and eat it.

  28. avatar Hensh says:

    knowing how this substance was produced I simply made the decision (years ago)
    never to buy or eat it;
    The sight of the stuff makes me retch & gawd only knows what the cholesterol content must be,
    This aside I don’t suppose it’ll bother Gordon the Gofor greatly ‘cos as they say
    the only bad publicity is NO publicity!

  29. avatar Cheryl says:

    Cruel people, Its abuse how horrible!!!

  30. avatar Anthony Hampsheir says:

    Gordon Ramsey is a complete cock and I have never wathed anything with him in, cannot understand why he is popular, I would have to kill him if he talked to me like he does to his staff!

  31. avatar Jo says:

    I’m a ‘Foodie’. I’m also a Vegan. I’m not asking all ‘Foodies’ to be vegan, but it would be great if you showed compassion in your food choices and particularly avoided the most cruel products, including fois gras.

  32. avatar Charlotte Holm Larsen says:

    I LOVED Gordon Ramsay, his cooking and his swearing, untill one day, when I heard him coaching one of his “players” in Hells Kitchen on how to prepare foie gras!
    I was chockef, because I always thought of Ramsay to be both a clever and and a good man. Obviously he is neither, so I just stopped watching his shows. I don’t care for him anymore, and I wil continue not to care, untill he makes a public announcement that he i sorry for his insensitive ignorance, and that he, now he knowes what terrible crime this filthy “product” really is – i terribly sorry that he, by mistake, contributed to these poor animals further suffering.
    Foie gras makes no sence at all – and people who makes this sick shit skhould be behind bares.

  33. avatar Charlotte Holm Larsen says:

    And please excuse my mis-spelling (I’m not english, and the buttons on my phone are just to small… :0)

  34. avatar jeannette marriott says:

    Foie Gras is made by force feeding these poor animals ,until their livers swell up. fortnum & mason are the people that sell this sick product and should be ashamed of themselves. The People that buy it are just as bad, through their lack of compassion, they condem more animals to suffer the same fate, Day in and day out until they are killed.

  35. avatar Gejo Canovas says:

    I do not understand why some people find tasteful to torture or eat dead animals. This is just one more example of it. Would they enjoy seeing their pets being cooked and eaten? More respect for ALL animals!!

  36. avatar Nigel Greaves says:

    Nice to see that Mr Ramsey’s money has been used in the fight against foie gras! Ramsey appears to lack any compassion with animals so anything that backfires in his face brightens my day!

  37. avatar Malcolm Sinclair says:

    What repugnant abuse.

  38. well done Morrissey ramsey is vile I belong to peta and am a vegetarian and proud to be, I will certainly be leaving peta money in my will. with you all the way peta.

  39. avatar Adrian B. says:

    Don’t just have a go at the restaurants. Don’t watch his TV shows. Watch those ratings fall down.

  40. avatar Chloe says:

    This is horrific :(

  41. avatar Frankie Clark says:

    Morrissey, I love you.

    This is so cruel, and it needs to be stopped. Why it’s still going on is beyond me. :(

  42. That’s despecable, evil and plain cruel!

  43. avatar gail says:

    wasps and cats don’t know any better, we do. we are all stuck with the creature body we are born into but humans who want to eat meat can at least use the brains that nature gave us to try not to cause this suffering. how could anyone eat this knowing what we know? bless morrisey.

  44. avatar Ingrid says:

    This horrible product is sold without shame in any supermarket in Sweden!!

  45. […] last year, raising £8,300 for animals, using a £10,000 settlement he received from Channel 4 to help us campaign against cruel foie gras and posing with a cat on his head to raise awareness of animal […]

  46. avatar Robert Hywel Bennett Griffiths. says:

    Dear Reader,

    I am of the opinion that Pate de foie gras is ABHORRENT! Surely it is representative of one of the VILEST forms of CRUELTY perpetrated against poultry animals?

    I, myself, am PRETTY DISGUSTED about such abject cruelty.

    Surely those who sell Pate de foie gras are nearly as WICKEDLY EVIL as those who produce it?

    This DISGUSTINGLY VILE dish should NEVER EVER have been introduced to the market or to restaurants!

    It is up to all of us to campaign to the hilt in order to get rid of such a vile sanction on any menu.

    I feel as though those who sell Pate de foie gras are much worse than those who are CHILD MOLESTERS!

    Yours sincerely.

    R. H. B. Griffiths.

  47. avatar Raphael says:

    what do you mean?

  48. avatar Charlotte Holm Larsen says:

    Are you talking to me?

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