Enough Is Enough: Latest Figures Reveal Millions of Animals Tortured in UK Experiments
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Enough Is Enough: Latest Figures Reveal Millions of Animals Tortured in UK Experiments

It’s with a heavy heart that we bring you news of the Home Office’s latest figures on animal testing in the UK: 4.11 million animals were the victims of experiments in this country in 2012. That’s 4.11 million animals who led lives of quiet misery, locked up in laboratories, terrified and alone.

This number represents an 8 per cent rise in tests on animals compared to 2011 – a step in the wrong direction. Animal abusers are increasing the industrial-scale breeding of genetically modified animals, many of whom are deliberately bred to have painful defects, and performing more tests than ever on mice, sheep, goats, guinea pigs and primates.

Every day, animals in laboratories are blinded, burned, shocked, infected, poisoned and surgically mutilated. It is cruel and unethical to treat animals as though they were test tubes with tails instead of living, feeling beings. What’s more, it’s bad science.

Vivisection PETA Beagle

Way back in 2002, the House of Lords Select Committee on Animals in Scientific Procedures announced what we’ve always known: that animals are “highly imperfect models” for the study of human disease and that it would be “for the benefit of science, and ultimately of human health, if better methods of research and testing could be developed”.

We’re not even allowed to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors in the name of science because of a shady “secrecy clause” that denies the British public the right to know what horrors are being inflicted on animals through the use of the taxpayers’ money.

There is a different and better way. Humane and effective testing methods exist, which can help humans without harming animals. Forward-thinking researchers are already using progressive techniques – such as in vitro (test tube) toxicity screening, “skin” grown in laboratories – to test the impacts of potential drugs. Many more high-tech non-animal testing methods are waiting to be developed.

It’s high time for the Home Office to put a stop to inexcusable experiments on animals – a scientific breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for.

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

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  1. avatar Raphael says:

    stop this hell now it’s vile, not needed and an absoloute disgrace that they use taxpayers money to fund one of the worst most evil acts the world could see

  2. avatar Lara Phillips says:

    Humans are evil!! Why do we think its ok to inflict pain and misery!!!

  3. avatar Shweta Rana says:

    Please stop this atrocity asap !!!!

  4. avatar Shweta Rana says:

    Please stop this atrocity asap !!!

  5. avatar Patrycja says:

    Please stop the cruelty, STOP testing on animals!

  6. avatar Ian Yarrow says:

    Do these tests on convicted terrorists, rapist, paedophiles, murderers etc, not on decent animals!

  7. avatar Marion Marin says:

    His name was ‘Louis’
    Remember his name
    Remember his picture
    Remember his heartrending story

  8. avatar janine says:

    Use murderers or child molesters….they deserve it.

  9. avatar carolynn wentworth says:

    No one should ever be allowed to hurt any animal !!!!!!!!

  10. avatar Malgorzata bojczuk says:

    Horiffic!! Pls stop this!!!!!

  11. why do we still test on animals,its a known fact that they do not react the same way to drugs as humans do, so why can some companies make products and have no need to animal test while there area still so many that do.

  12. avatar Lyn Hibbett says:

    It’s way past time for this to be stopped. Those poor helpless animals

  13. avatar Penny Walters says:

    Breaks my heart & I don’t know how the people who conduct these experiments can actually do it. I agree with other comment son here about experimenting on murderers, paedos, rapists etc

  14. avatar Lorraine says:

    …draconian and un-necessary suffering to these poor creatures….use Ian Brady instead!

  15. avatar Ann Jeeves says:

    It is about time the government stepped up and stopped this cruel and bizarre business which has not a lot to do with human medicine, The cruel and wicked people wno do this should experiment on themselves, instead of taking advantage of poor animals who cannot fight back, this world has enough cruel people in it without committing this cruelty so called legally. 2013 ? – we have been going backwards for years now in so many ways !

  16. avatar Mikayel says:

    The more animals get tortured, the closer human is to annihilation.

  17. avatar kelly sinclair says:


  18. avatar EuropeLovesLife says:

    About VIVISECTION topic, get a look to ‘STOP VIVISECTION’, 2013 official european initiative.
    It requests to the European Parliament the abolition of animal experimentation and the obligation to use alternative methods all over Europe.
    This remarkable initiative needs to collect 1 million signs of european citizens by November, 1st.
    Informations and signs on http://www.stopvivisection.eu
    Time is running out, share this link as more as possible to give a chance to this challenge.

  19. avatar linda bromley says:

    this has to stop, we cannot keep torturing animals in this way, i have been petitioning for this to stop for 40 years and its still going on, how much more pain do you want to inflict ?????

  20. avatar Kate Nye says:

    This is bad science. It is also immoral and extremely cruel. People who believe that drugs need to be tested on animals before they can be given to humans should remember that thalidomide was tested on animals! As I said BAD SCIENCE!

  21. avatar EuropeLovesLife says:

    If you are european citizens you can sign on stopvivisection.eu
    Stop Vivisection is not a petition, it is a people initiative officially registered and if it reaches 1 million signs it could make the difference at the European Parliament.
    Take a minute to visit the web site.

  22. avatar julia michell says:

    stop it, there are non animal method available, no one has the right to abuse animals

  23. avatar L Nicoll says:

    No one has the right to breed animals just so they can use them for cruel experiments.

  24. avatar Josephine Warnock says:

    No one has got the right to use animals in this way. Its cruel and unnecessary. There are lots of other methods that can be used. Those animals are Gods creatures and should be treated with respect.

  25. avatar Hetty says:

    Very sad indeed, don’t see it getting any better with a tories led regime, they even want to kill badgers etc…

  26. avatar Julie Blsck says:

    Stop it simple as that , we are supposed to be the most advanced animal on earth perhaps we should start behaving like its,

  27. avatar Judy Yacoub says:

    The present government’s record on animal welfare is shameful. I have written to my MP before and his party’s response (he apparently did not have one of his own) was evasive, misleading and unacceptable. Stop this barbarism now.

  28. avatar Diane Davis says:

    Testing should be done on convicted murderers, paedophiles, rapists and people who are cruel to animals.

    How the people who do this for a living sleep at night is beyond my comprehension.

  29. avatar Jan Parkinson says:

    Stop this now this is 2013 there is no need for it stop stop stop

  30. avatar Clare Silvester says:

    Animals should not be treated in this way and we have no right to do this to them. I can’t believe in this day and age that experimenting on animals still carries on when science has evolved to the extent it has and there are surely other options. People who experiment on animals or abuse animals are the vilest people on the planet and something needs to be done about it.

  31. avatar Linda Perkins says:

    No one as the right to experiment on dumb animals, time to unite and stop this abuse.

  32. avatar Ben & Judy Rose says:

    Animal cruelty is always abhorrent, even if it’s cloaked in ‘medical research’ -speak. It is totally unnecessary and just goes to prove (once again) man’s inhumanity to living creatures.

  33. avatar Kim Lillington says:

    How can this still be happening, surely modern technology can produce better results than this cruelty :(

  34. avatar edi says:

    This should stop now


  36. avatar EuropeLovesLife says:

    Each european citizen can say NO to vivisection by signing on http://www.stopvivisection.eu, 1 million of signs are needed by November 1st.
    It is not a petition, it is a official european initiative.

  37. avatar john says:

    you all complain but im sure you all take the essential life saving medicines and surgical that the doctors and researchers have created using animals. Ultimately until there is a better way of doing it, it will continue to happen because the world, quite rightly, puts more value on human lives than chimps or mice

  38. avatar vicki ginoli says:

    Animal testing is barbaric and should be abolished – if these so-called scientists want answers to things – that, by the way, they can get by using other forms of of data like computers, etc – why don’t they poke and prod each other – the big strong men and women that find it so easy to tortore another living creature who can not help themselves – should find it easy to put themselves “under the microscope”, by doing every thing they do the the animals to themselves – of course, in the name of science!!!



  39. avatar Aslı Tekbaş says:

    I beg you, stop no longer ………..

  40. avatar jeannette marriott says:

    These cruel experiments have to stop. No animal should be suffering in this day and age, when their are other ways of testing. Goverments have to start being open about what is happening in labs. More so all labs have to stop repeating the same experiments over and over again. Animals do not have the same reactions to drugs etc as humans!!!

  41. why cant we stop trade with china hit them in the pockets where it hurts and have secret visits on these labs and get celebs to back us up closing all these prisons of hell for our animals its on my mind all the time somebody should go and rescue them and experiment on these people

  42. […] shows that Europe is moving forward and making progress in the struggle against cruelty. However, millions more animals are still suffering in laboratory cages, where they are treated like living test tubes by experimenters. Stop […]

  43. avatar A.van Son Baljer says:

    Is het in deze tijd nog nodig om vivisectie te doen op dieren?
    Het moet toch anders kunnen. Er zijn toch wel andere manieren te bedenken. Kom op nou. We maken reizen naar de maan en binnenkort naar mars. Het is niet meer van deze tijd. Stop de vivisectie nu!

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