Enough Is Enough: Latest Figures Reveal Millions of Animals Tortured in UK Experiments
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Enough Is Enough: Latest Figures Reveal Millions of Animals Tortured in UK Experiments

It’s with a heavy heart that we bring you news of the Home Office’s latest figures on animal testing in the UK: 4.11 million animals were the victims of experiments in this country in 2012. That’s 4.11 million animals who led lives of quiet misery, locked up in laboratories, terrified and alone.

This number represents an 8 per cent rise in tests on animals compared to 2011 – a step in the wrong direction. Animal abusers are increasing the industrial-scale breeding of genetically modified animals, many of whom are deliberately bred to have painful defects, and performing more tests than ever on mice, sheep, goats, guinea pigs and primates.

Every day, animals in laboratories are blinded, burned, shocked, infected, poisoned and surgically mutilated. It is cruel and unethical to treat animals as though they were test tubes with tails instead of living, feeling beings. What’s more, it’s bad science.

Vivisection PETA Beagle

Way back in 2002, the House of Lords Select Committee on Animals in Scientific Procedures announced what we’ve always known: that animals are “highly imperfect models” for the study of human disease and that it would be “for the benefit of science, and ultimately of human health, if better methods of research and testing could be developed”.

We’re not even allowed to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors in the name of science because of a shady “secrecy clause” that denies the British public the right to know what horrors are being inflicted on animals through the use of the taxpayers’ money.

There is a different and better way. Humane and effective testing methods exist, which can help humans without harming animals. Forward-thinking researchers are already using progressive techniques – such as in vitro (test tube) toxicity screening, “skin” grown in laboratories – to test the impacts of potential drugs. Many more high-tech non-animal testing methods are waiting to be developed.

It’s high time for the Home Office to put a stop to inexcusable experiments on animals – a scientific breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for.

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

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  1. avatar Monika Maron says:

    Please stop this hell!

  2. avatar natalie says:

    STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. avatar anna pasicznyk says:

    Its cruel and should be stopped

  4. avatar stephanie chipp says:

    stop testing on animals!! they cant say no for themselves but you can see by thwre eyes they want to say no!! if people were desperate for no makeup , medications etc let people get tested themselves!!!!!! ITS CRUELTY TO ANIMALS

  5. avatar kelly says:

    please stop. we dont need to put these animals through this horrendous pain and suffering! :-(

  6. avatar rebecca finn says:

    I cannot find the petition!

  7. avatar JAN HUGHES says:

    Unnecessary experiments on animals is CRUEL and should be immediately stopped! They feel pain just as we do……it’s heartbreaking to think this still goes on in so called civilised societies!!

  8. avatar Henry says:

    This is really upsetting to hear, one day people will realise just how cruel people can be.

  9. Animals have souls too! please develop your conscience…..

  10. avatar Sue Heeley says:

    Animals have no voice, no choice. They do not have our intelligence, but they do experience agony, and terror. I am ashamed to live in a country that tortures defenceless animals behind locked doors, in secrecy, and on a huge scale. Child killers who start young by torturing animals make the news headlines because what they do is wrong, and shocking. Yet scientists who torture animals in labs are condoned for their research and good work. It weighs very heavily on my conscience, and always has done over the decades of my lifetime. I hope to see an end to it before I die.

  11. avatar moira reid says:

    this is dispicable, they dont deserve this, theres plenty of scum in our prisons do it to them, animals are loyal, and loving they look to us for love friendship and care, what kind of heartless humans are they to do this. please stop this now.

  12. Just heartbreaking! Who made us God? :(

  13. avatar Rachel says:

    This is absolutely disgusting!!! If only there was a way of helping those poor animals. I would take them all in a heartbeat if I could :(

  14. avatar Kirstie Francis says:

    Do animals not feel pain??? They don’t get to yell help, or it hurts or please stop! Or even why do this to me!! It is cruel and needs to stop!

  15. there must be other ways surely, than cruelty to animals, its sooo awful to put them through pain and discomfort.. stop this now , and yes as another person has said , develop your conscience..

  16. avatar Chrissie McCall says:

    It’s barbaric, unnecessary and totally unacceptable. There is no excuse

  17. avatar Martine Macmillan says:

    Animals have just as much right to live free of pain and fear as humans have, moreover we do not have ‘dominion’ over them to do as we please with them. Stop this now! Someone, can’t remember who unfortunately. said that the mark of a civilised society is shown in the way it treats its animals….

  18. avatar Rose81 says:

    People could help a lot only with getting rid of all the products which are tested on animals, then companies would not have the courage to continue this bastard cruelty any more. I have done that, it does not take long time and is a really good feeling. Come on people, support innocent animals with buying only cruelty-free cosmetics, detergents, medicines, and all kind of supplements!! There are many many of choices now and just improving!

  19. avatar L arnold says:

    Disgusting has to be stopped!!

  20. avatar Katherine Hart says:

    Around the world we prosecute people who hurt animals and yet we allow this cruel and barbaric testing to carry on in the name of science…it’s time for us to acknowledge the cruelty involved and the suffering that this animals endure daily and make it STOP.

  21. avatar Tina Burke says:

    What gives humans the right to do this to animals, there must be other ways, please stop…

  22. avatar Claire says:

    Please stop this cruelty, who the hell do these humans think they are putting these beautiful defenceless animals through so much pain and suffering?? :,( It makes me feel physically sick. Leave them alone!! The people who condone this will go straight to hell, there is no place on earth for these acts!!

  23. avatar Mr. Daren Lloyd says:

    This should never happen …. I despise all experiments , other than those for Cancer research and similar things that are absolutely necessary . In an ideal world courts would impose the tests as a condition to avoid execution for paedophiles and child molesters :( … what a sad world we live in today !

  24. avatar julia says:

    just cos they cant that t tell you verbally that they are suffering DONT MEAN THEY ARE NOT grrrrrrrrrrrrrr makes me so angry and sad that humans think they got the god given right to hurt these poor animals…

  25. avatar Marilyn Erb says:

    Torturing a living being is wrong, for whatever reason. Live & let live, in peace. This is the world I fear I will not see in my lifetime, but it will never stop me trying.

  26. avatar Anne Leith says:


  27. avatar Malvina Slade says:

    This is surely must stop, this is cruel and barbaric where is our humanity

  28. avatar Linda Ågren says:

    This is qruelty!!! Stop it now!!!

  29. Vivisection is greed There are so many alternatives available in this day & age. Vivisection should be abolished & against the law globally.I will never be silent I will fight on every day to help as much as i can to end this horror.

  30. avatar Natasha K says:

    There is absolutely no justification for these animal torture/death camps to exist which needlessly inflict so much untold pain and suffering on countless sentient beings, whilst there are so many humane alternative testing methods that can be used.

  31. avatar Ann Abraham says:

    Please stop this its so cruel no need to make poor gods creatures suffer hiw could you thus has to stop now now now

  32. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    It’s out dated, there are far more modern techniques to help others, so there fore, this just makes it cruelty for some ones pleasure..stop the madness, this shouldn’t be like this in this day and age.

  33. avatar Suzi B says:

    In this day and age this is barbaric and a horrendous and cruel fate for these poor innocent animals. Something must be done to stop this :(

  34. this is so wrong why do people do this to them ,please,please,stop this cruel .you got to help ,get it stop, animal feel plan like we do, they need love lots of love this please help them now

  35. avatar tina fieldhouse says:

    please stop this crueler ,this so wrong what they are doing to this animal.they need love not pain ,what wrong with this world,so much animal crueler going so wrong,please help them by getting stop now.

  36. This should not still be happening! Animals should have rights by law as they are living creatures too. So sad to see this. Shame on you all for continuing with these horrific acts!!!

  37. avatar Sam says:

    This day and age, this should not be happening!!!!!

  38. avatar Lily marshall says:

    This has to stop right now, no animal experiments can be justified.

  39. avatar Muriel Gibson says:

    In another life the experimenters could be the ones in the cages. I hope this might deter them.

  40. this is barbaric and futile, STOP this now, no more, enough animals have suffered needlessly, how much longer must this go on, its laziness and apathy. get off you butts and HELP STOP THIS.

  41. avatar Vanessa Evans says:

    This makes me sick . Not in my name

  42. avatar tina says:


  43. avatar elodie says:

    This has to stop once and for all!!!!!

  44. avatar Susan Tubb says:

    Please stop experiments on animals, they do not deserve to suffer.
    Use the prisoners that are in for life.

  45. avatar victor says:


  46. avatar Fiona McLean says:

    Stop playing GOD with other species, it’s bad enough we abuse our own, Animal Testing is totally unnecessary – results on animals are not the same as on humans so is just cruelty in a legalised form, abuse of living creatures is wrong and the attempts at justification of this are pathetic.

  47. avatar Lorraine Wilmot says:

    This needs to stop…NOW!
    The human race has no right to make the other species which also dwell upon this Earth, do his bidding. These experiments show how evil the human race has become!

  48. avatar JAN HALES says:


  49. avatar linda Baller says:

    please do get this horrible torture STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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