Cruel Fashion: When You Buy, You Become Part of It
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Cruel Fashion: When You Buy, You Become Part of It

Every year, millions of animals – including bears, alligators and zebras – are violently killed for their skins and body parts. It’s an ugly truth that people who purchase jackets, handbags or shoes made from exotic skins might try to push to the back of their minds. Our provocative new series of ads, though, will force them to make the connection between their consumer choices and the ugly bloodshed that lies behind them.


These images were designed for PETA by top design company Lowe Singapore. They’re upsetting – deliberately. Would-be fashionistas who sport snakeskin shoes or a fur-trimmed hat need to take a long, hard look at their consciences, because as long as they are giving their money to an industry that tears the skins from animals’ backs, they might as well be holding the clubs and knives themselves.


Here are the unfashionable facts: animals killed for fur are electrocuted, poisoned, gassed or have their necks broken. Snakes have hoses rammed into their mouths and are pumped full of water so that poachers can more easily cut off their tightened skin while they’re still alive. Hunters club alligators until they stop moving, but some of them remain alive and fully able to feel pain as their skin is ripped off.


This cruelty is 100 per cent unnecessary. There’s no excuse for it. Please, if your wardrobe harbours any guilty secrets, make a fresh start and pledge to go cruelty-free by shedding exotic skins. You’ll feel better for it, and it’s the first step towards ending this barbaric, bloody industry and saving animals from painful, gruesome deaths in the name of human vanity.

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  1. avatar Mariette Eriksson says:

    Only idiots buy horror

    • avatar bht147 says:

      This is a brilliant advertising campaign! If people were openly asked to sponsor animal cruelty, they wouldn’t do it.

  2. avatar diana baugh says:

    I am ashamed to be a member of the human race. It is sick and barbaric that we still kill the same way as our cavemen ancestors who did this for need and not for greed. The people who murder and torture these animals do it for the vanity of ugly people and for monetary gain. There is no need whatsoever to do this unless your mind is still in caveman mode. Would these people take mothers and children and strip their skin off for vanity, I think not, but that will all the skins left when all the animals are dead. There are so many faux leather and fur and animal prints out there to satisfy their wants. I am sickened at this evil.

  3. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Why are people so damn cruel!!!!

  4. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Why are people so damn cruel!?!?!?, what’s the matter with these people?!?!?


  6. avatar Kay Davies says:

    This is so cruel evil and barbaric . Whoever wants these poor animals for fur or whatever should be shot . The fur and skin belongs on the animal . Not on people who think they look great in it . Evil people . The fake fur is just as good . So why kill these poor animals for theirs . The people who make money out of it are just as evil for doing it .

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      Don’t forget that no fur means no FAKE fur! (Who needs such a crazy inhumane joke, anyway!)

  7. avatar jayne says:

    why are these things still going on it must stop

  8. avatar Sharon Brock says:

    This is horrendous

  9. avatar Deanna says:

    While there’s money to be had the human race will never stop being cruel.What can be done to stop it?

  10. avatar sumiet. patole says:

    its really ridiculous..
    i cant believe this horrible site..
    totally inhuman…

  11. It breaks my heart to see images like these. I really don’t understand why people demand real fur when faux fur is just as warm and no cruelty involved.
    Its just horrendous and needs to be stopped, after all we are meant to living in a civilised world not the dark ages!!!

  12. That was very helpful – thanks.we are take more helpful for animal.

  13. avatar Amanda says:

    @ Wowzers while it could be argued that fake fur promotes the fur industry because it tells people that it is still fashionable, and thus promotes real fur for those who can afford it, fake fur is still better than real fur. Would you say that faux silk is wrong because silk is wrong? I imagine not. While it has its downfalls, it is inherently less cruel.

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      If you don’t wear fur, you shouldn’t wear ANYTHING that resembles fur! What next, faux cotton!

  14. avatar Claire Gill says:

    This is disgusting! How can people do this to animals that are so helpless against human cruelty! It makes me sick! People are so cruel! Thank you PETA for raising so much awareness!

  15. avatar sandra graham says:

    Words fail me, call these humans? with the pain and horror they inflict upon these beautifull animals.. Something needs to be done.. and needs to be done NOW!…

  16. avatar maureen msrtin says:

    This cruelity must b stop. U can look good without wearing skin or fir !!

  17. avatar Becky holland says:

    This must be stopped immediately it is not on, the people who do it should have the skin ripped from their back!

  18. avatar Mandy Mccarthy says:

    These people greedy cruel hope karma strikes all who have hurt killed most humans are good.but always the bad are waiting

  19. avatar janine says:

    It all boils down to greed, and for that animals are made to suffer. I always think of the film ‘War of the Worlds’ (Tom Cruise) when the aliens are collecting people for their bodily resources. Basically this is what we are doing to the animal kingdom. I wish we could do the same to some members of the human race.

  20. avatar Sd.Parker says:

    Disgraceful cruel People, since when is there a need for a human to wear fur we are in the 21 century not in the dark ages anymore. lets hope that all you greedy cruel disgusting so called human have karma strike on you.

  21. avatar L Nicoll says:

    Is no animal safe from man? Why are so many so cruel? Cant they imagine the terror of the poor animals and why, because there are some very greedy, ruthless and unscrupulous people in this world. They have no heart, no feelings of empathy the people who are capable of this. They are inhuman.

  22. avatar jessica says:

    Hay mucha variedaf d plantas q nos provee Dios. para vestirnos . dejen vivir en paz a los animales.

  23. avatar Pauli Fourie says:

    This is insane and inhumane! Cruelty at its worse! Disgusting!

  24. avatar victor says:


  25. avatar bernice rafferty says:

    i have watched a video from china, it was sickening to watch how can their government allow such barbaric cruelty, animals being skinned alive , when is it going to stop. we all cry out when we see child cruelty which is correct but cruelty such as this is masked by comments of ” well china doesnt recognise animal cruelty” so make it worldwide .there is no excuse.

  26. avatar vicki ginoli says:

    There is a special place in HELL for these people who cause so much pain on these animals who can not help themselves. KARMA’S a BITCH – and every ounce of pain you cause another living creature YOU will feel 10 fold – so get ready you big and bad poachers – your afterlife will be HOPEFULLY very painful!!!!

    • avatar doreen says:

      You have to believe in GOD to get punished! so perhaps their god is the devil. Let us hope what they do to the animals they will get done to them.

  27. avatar P.Lever says:

    this is just sick that people can do that to defenceless animals is sick its about time its stopped and the people should be arrested for the cruel sick way they treat these poor creatures

  28. You are soooooo Crule what would happen if you where one of them animals getting hurt well someday you will get hurt by carma hopefully you will understand how Crule it is we will take action !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a awfull day

  29. avatar elena sollai says:

    We have to stop all this cruelty

  30. avatar Matt says:

    Makes me feel genuinely ill. I don’t understand how this is “fashion” in any sense whatsoever.

  31. avatar Niki donoghue says:

    I am lost for words, what is wrong with people, thought we were becoming more compassionate as a human race, sadly these pictures beg to differ, the sad fact is we live in such a shallow society where only appearances seem to matter, in the name of ‘fashion’! The one legacy I wish to teach my daughter as she grows up is to have absolute respect for all life and every creature, humans seem to think that their lives are far superior to animals, I love animals because of their innocent souls and it is so upsetting to see animals suffer, they feel pain, fear, the same emotions as humans and every time these stupid people buy fur or other animal skins we are encouraging these dreadful actiona

  32. avatar MATHIEU Christine says:

    Stop it

  33. avatar silvia says:

    worst! who’s buying are the ‘great’ examples like singers celebrities, actress, women in law. this ladies pay, and no shame to became on public using a fur. we not on ’80! but all in fashion came & go, we have to show to this ‘ladies’ that is very sadly cruel, but how? that ‘ladies’ think that are important. sorry, not for me. they are monsters with fur animals..
    the animals suffered to this shits be sexy? i’m felling disgusting by’em! that women are not more important than a cleanner of bathroom!!

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