Dutch Parliament Votes Against EU Bullfighting Subsidies
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Dutch Parliament Votes Against EU Bullfighting Subsidies

BULL ARENAYesterday, the Dutch Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution against European Union subsidies which prop up the Spanish bullfighting industry. This excellent move will send a strong and timely signal to the Spanish Parliament, which is currently considering a ludicrous legislative proposal to promote and support bullfighting as a national past-time.

A report issued earlier this year estimated that Spanish bullfighting receives €130 million annually from EU tax payers via subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy. That means that people all over Europe, who would never willingly have anything to do with this cruel blood sport, are indirectly supporting it with their taxes.  With yesterday’s resolution, which was initiated by the Dutch Party for Animals with the help of CAS International, Dutch politicians have taken an admirably firm stance against public funding for this inhumane form of “entertainment” – we salute them for their compassion!

This development comes at a key moment in the campaign against bullfighting. The Spanish Parliament is considering introducing a new law that would protect bullfighting as cultural heritage, leading to more public funding for the dying bullfighting industry and the promotion of bullfighting to young children. It could also threaten the hard-won regional bullfighting ban in Catalonia.

All over the world, people have been rallying to oppose this legislation. Today in Pamplona, PETA supporters stripped off to draw attention to how bulls are tormented and murdered after the annual  “Running of the Bulls” event. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been writing to Spanish embassies in their country, with the message that deliberately inflicting pain and suffering on a sentient animal for entertainment is not “culture”.

There will be a hearing in the Spanish Parliament on 10 and 11 July, so if you haven’t sent a message to Spain’s ambassador to the UK yet, please take a moment to do so today, and let him know that bullfighting should be banned, not protected or propped up with public money.

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  1. avatar jaya says:

    For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma

  2. stierkampf muss aufhoeren , es ist grausam und nicht noetig

  3. avatar miranda groen says:

    About bloody time

  4. avatar Marilyn Miller says:

    Animal cruely is immoral shameful & criminal. Please help END SPECIESISM.

  5. avatar Colleen Sheahan says:

    Please stop the brutal torture and killing of bulls in the bullfights. There is no merit in torturing a relatively defenseless animal who really has no chance to win or save it’s own life based on the criteria of the bullfight. It is the act of bullies and sadists and cowards. No one thinks this is brave or valorous, how could they when the bull has no chance? It is not a fair fight, and the capital you gain from it is blood money, money gained from the suffering of innocent animals. Most of the civilized world looks on at such a “sport” in horror. The world is watching you, Spain, please show the same compassion and sophistication as the majority of Catalonia have done. Remove this barbaric tradition from your otherwise great culture and nation.

  6. avatar martha dela cruz says:

    stop this evil cruelty! Just stop it

  7. avatar Jessica Jacobson says:

    There is no way in this day and age that bullfighting can be considered acceptable. It is barbaric and hardly sportsmanlike.
    The bull is trapped in an enclosure, goaded, teased, and tortured. This is sick. There is no other word for this kind of activity and it is on par with dog and cock fighting.
    Stop it!

  8. avatar Roman Garcia says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have been visiting Spain all my life and one thing has always been apparent of the Spanish people. They are cruel to animals in general. And the worst thing is to play with them for sport and entertainment. It is barbaric and I would stand in front of any bully fighter who disrespects animals. When you take a life, take is with thanks, gratitude and respect and only take what you need. And let every being have a beautiful free life before it passes…..

    Kind regards, Roman

  9. avatar Eveline van den Bossche says:

    Please stop billfighting. It is animal abuse and so wrong. Please have a heart and end this form of animal cruelty

  10. avatar Magda Garcia Allen says:


  11. avatar Chantelle says:

    Please ban the horrific practice of bullfighting. It is cruel, abusive and torturous. Humans and non-human animals share an equal right to be here and live in peace with one another and humans must show respect to other forms of life and put an end to abusive practices such as bullfighting/running of the bulls. Please ban bullfighting.

  12. avatar Sheila Wilson says:

    This is the 21st Century and our attitudes have changed towards the care of and respect for animals’ lives. Bullfighting belongs to the primitive past. It is cruel and inhumane to the extreme. Now is the time ban this ungodly and bloodthirsty practice in your country.

  13. avatar pam jacobs says:

    Bullfighting is absolutley disgusting! It is so wrong to make animals suffer and go through the pain and confusion that these poor creatures have to endure

  14. End the horrific cruelty. It’s not “culture”, it’s ignorance and cruelty. Ban bullfightinig forevermore!

  15. avatar Elizabeth Alger says:

    I have travelled in many parts of the world, but never in Spain – precisely because of this revolting ‘sport’. I have many friends who refuse to visit Spain for the same reason. Bull-fighting gives Spain the reputation of an unethical, cruel, barbaric country, still lost in the Dark Ages. It must be stopped!

  16. avatar Jean Chagnon says:



  17. avatar Diana Harris says:

    This is a despicable act, is that how you define “tradition” = cruelty to animals. Shameful!

  18. avatar Gloria Seaman says:

    End this useless cruelty…Spain needs to show that it is evolving and not staying in the dark ages…bull fighting is a mideval practice and feeds on cruelty and blood entertaining people how can that be accepted not to say supported with tax money??? “The greatness of a
    nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi

  19. avatar michael ward says:

    It is time NOW for this barbarism to end. Spain you are doing your country no favours. End it NOW and earn the admiration of the world. Come on lets make the world a better place..it’s in our hands to do so.

  20. avatar Lauren says:

    I know so many people who do not visit Spain solely because of their prolonged abuse of bulls in this outdated disgusting ….
    It’s not a sport, neither entertainment just a despicable act of medieval cruelty.

  21. avatar An says:

    I’m so proud to be Dutch. And of course I signed the petition. Because there is nothing cultural about killing bulls. They better start an new event, without killing any animal or with living animals. I will never visit Spain because of the bull fights.

  22. avatar Andrew Sharples says:

    The Spanish are mindless, cowardly murdering bastards and it’s simply beyond me how these delinquents think or even sleep at night.
    You are all a disgrace to what we call the HUMAN race, get with the program, wake up and smell the coffee, alternatively die a slow and painful death starting now.

  23. avatar anne watkins says:

    this is barbaric and has no place in a civilised world ,stop it now ,and end the cruelty involved to poor defenceless animals ,shame on the people that find this entertaining

  24. avatar Lisa Haydon says:

    Its cruel and barbaric and needs to stop!

  25. avatar Andrew Sharples says:

    Everyone boycott Spain, see how long it lasts when the money runs out!

    Oh hang on the money already has run out you sick bastards

  26. avatar Victor Ribeiro says:


  27. avatar Margaret Jones says:

    This a cruel and barbaric, I am surprised in a so called civilsed country that Spain still continues.

  28. avatar G Wellington says:

    This barbaric practise should be stopped immediately.

  29. avatar anne smith says:

    Spain will go up in everyone else’s estimation as a truly progressive country by banning this barbaric practise. Please stop!!!!!

  30. avatar clive terry says:

    i object that my money goes to this barbaric practise that should have been oulawed years ago

  31. avatar S Dodd says:

    Culture is the most over-used word in human language; it is used to justify the use of innocent sentient beings for, enslavement, barbaric hunting practices, entertainment and sport. There is nothing cultural in making other species suffer degrading treatments and horrific deaths at the hands of humans. Spain, you should know better by now. Give it up.

  32. avatar Vanessa Evans says:

    Where is your empathy.
    I will NEVER visit Spain whilst this despicable practise continues

  33. avatar Katrina says:

    To Whom It Concerns:

    While I do see the beauty in many traditions, the tradition of bullfighting is archaic and cruel. Spain has some wonderful art, architecture, literature and other forms of culture. I would like to propose that Spain’s government focus on showcasing those aspects of the country’s tradition– the aspects that respect lives, instead of barbarically torturing them.

    Thank you.


  34. avatar Raphael says:

    this is great news and true if you make a living being suffer or animal you get punished for your sins and these vile people who support bullfighting will get karma. vile monsters

  35. […] In the bullring, terrified animals are stabbed repeatedly with spears, spikes and daggers and eventually die in agony as a jeering crowd looks on. A recent Ipsos MORI poll of Spanish citizens showed that more than three-quarters do not wish their taxes to be used for this purpose, and the majority of Spaniards don’t attend bullfights. In fact, the unpopular bullfighting industry is largely propped up by EU subsidies. […]

  36. […] bullfights are relegated to the history books. We’re also campaigning against the massive EU subsidies that prop up the bullfighting industry, and we’re working hard to persuade other travel companies to stop promoting cruel animal […]

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