48 Coffins for 48 Bulls
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48 Coffins for 48 Bulls

Bulls die bloody deaths in Pamplona every year. It’s bad enough that at the Spanish city’s annual San Fermín festival, terrified animals stumble and fall as they are hounded through the streets by unthinking tourists. But what many people don’t realise is that these bulls are being herded straight towards the bullring – and an agonising death.

In bullfights, bulls are stabbed repeatedly in the back and neck by groups of men on horseback. Sometimes the lances pierce the animals’ lungs, which will then fill up with blood. The matador then enters the scene and attempts to kill the weak, exhausted and bleeding victim with a sword – often missing, so that the severely injured bull is left paralysed but still conscious as he is chained and dragged out of the arena by his horns.


Today, protesters from all around the world gathered to oppose the callous cruelty. For the sombre demonstration, which was organised by PETA in conjunction with the Spanish group AnimaNaturalis, 48 activists, wearing little more than “bull horns”, stood in individual coffins, one for each of the animals who have been condemned to a painful, protracted death in the bullring.



Most Spaniards want nothing to do with bullfighting. In fact, the violent industry is only kept alive by massive subsidies and tourists who unwittingly prop it up. If you’re planning a visit to Spain, please make sure that you go nowhere near a bullring. You might also consider writing a letter to the local authorities or members of the tourist board, letting them know that you oppose this barbaric blood sport. Finally, the Spanish government is currently considering enshrining bullfighting as a national pastime. Please write to the Spanish Ambassador to the UK today, urging him to speak out against this regressive proposal:Take Action Now
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  1. avatar Paul Ward says:

    Please consider that even historic tradition must move with the modern age. Current generations will not tolerate this barbaric and outdated practice.

  2. Totally , sickeningly cruel, barbaric…We are living in the year 2013 not the 17 th Century . Come on we are all so much more aware that this is should have banned many years ago……No excuse for animal abuse.

  3. avatar Mandy Mccarthy says:

    This is like the dark ages.so sick.the whole world needs to respect all animals

  4. avatar Chrystine Vernon says:

    Stop this disgusting, inhuman practice NOW!!!!

  5. avatar Chrystine Vernon says:

    Stop this disgusting, inhuman practice NOW!!!

  6. avatar Gary Vernon says:

    This is a SICK and pathetic ” sport ” enjoyed by sick and pathetic people

  7. avatar jaya says:

    For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma

  8. avatar victor says:

    the world needs more legs than hands.

  9. […] Spaniards oppose this cruelty. This year, animal rights activists from PETA UK and Spain’s Anima Naturalis joined forces to demonstrate against the barbaric practice. […]

  10. avatar MICHAEL SHAPIRO says:


  11. avatar Licia Cuddeford says:

    Please listen at this wonderful audio-interview with a “converted” bullfighter:

  12. avatar Nigel Greaves says:

    There will always be those who lack any compassion for animals just like those who keep propping up bullfighting; the rest of us simply have to keep on fighting for the animals, unfortunately they are unable to stop their exploitation.

    Sometimes I feel ashamed to be called “human”.

  13. avatar Aart van Kruiselbergen says:

    This degrading spectacle should have been banned long ago. Spain has done very well out of the European Common Market. It is now time it behaved more like a civilized European country and should get rid of bullfighting.
    What is amazing and disgusting that in the U.K. there is an organisation actively promoting bullfighting and glorifying it. They are called Club Taurino de Londres. You can find their website easily on Google. Please email these depraved enthusiasts and tell them that bullfighting is illegal in this country and they should not promote it here.

  14. avatar Angel says:

    Ashamed Spaniard and proud PeTA member here,

    It is not only about the poor, inocent bulls; greyhounds are killed on a daily basis once they can’t compete anymore. And this is just the tip of the iceberd.

    As stated by this PeTA article, this shameful ‘tradition’ is supported by a politic system where corruption is rampant despite that joke of a TV spot -for Aquarius, no less- wanting you to think otherwise (politics are great, amazing, honest people; yeah sure, and Aquarius has to be the healthiest think you can drink.)

    And still, people in this country has little to zero prospect due to the ‘much beloved’ politic class.

    So, not with my tax euros. I would like to know about how I can give up my Spanish citizenship. Could anyone shed some light on.?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. avatar KATIA says:

    Very good idea…. Great work Thanks

  16. avatar Samanta says:

    Soy española y estoy muy triste por los toros que ya están sentenciados a muerte durante esta semana. Pero más triste me parece ver como muchos turistas van a los San Fermines a animar la fiesta e incluso correr delante de los toros. Alguno hay que incluso a hecho un documental sobre lo ”maravillosa” que es la fiesta. Si ya cuesta acabar con esta estúpida tradición con la gente del país el hecho de que muchos extranjeros vengan a animar la fiesta no ayuda mucho a su erradicación. Por favor! no vayan a los San Fermines ni a ninguna corrida de toros.

  17. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    stop cruelty
    be human

  18. avatar 4mula1 says:

    please also visit, youtube.com/ms4mula1 (no lie can live forever!).

  19. Animals are Family,who deserve Love,Respect and Care…

  20. avatar Alex says:

    For all those thinking about visiting Spain… visit it but choose a town or region that banned bullfights and mkae your voice heard by sending a message to the places you are not visiting because they tolerate and encourage this kind of atrocity.

  21. avatar jan mcmahon says:

    People who engage in bullfighting are morally corrupt. People who watch it need councilling

  22. […] the release of a stirring new song, “The Bullfighter Dies”, to coincide with the annual Running of the Bulls in […]

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