10 Things You Never Knew About Pigs (With Photos)
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10 Things You Never Knew About Pigs (With Photos)

If you’ve ever seen Babe, it should come as no surprise to learn that pigs are interesting, intelligent and sensitive. They’re also some of the most intensively farmed animals in the world.

 Right now, an intensive pig “prison” that would keep 25,000 animals at a time under lock and key is being considered in Foston, Derbyshire. Please check out these 10 facts to learn why pigs deserve better than being turned into bacon:

1.Pigs are one of the smartest animals (ahead of dogs and toddlers!).

Meneer Zjeroen / cc by 2.0

2. Pigs snuggle close to one another and sleep nose to nose with their nearest and dearest.

Jo Anne McArthur / We Animals

3. Pigs spend hours playing, exploring and sunbathing when given the chance. They enjoy listening to music, playing football and getting rubbed.

3Jo Anne McArthur / We Animals

4. Pigs are extremely clean, and they are careful not to soil the area where they live.

4 USDAgov / cc by 2.0

5. Pigs don’t sweat, and pale pigs risk sunburn, so they roll in mud to keep themselves cool and protected.

Fluffy Piggie

6. Pigs can run a mile in seven minutes!

peter pearson / cc by 2.0

7. Newborn piglets learn their mothers’ voice and can even recognise their own name.

Oink Oink OinkMeneer Zjeroen /  cc by 2.0

8. Mother pigs sing to their young while nursing them.

Spencers Brook Farm /  cc by 2.0

9. Pigs have saved human lives. Pru pulled her owner out of a muddy bog, and Priscilla saved a young boy from drowning.

JohnGoode  /  cc by 2.0

10. An adult pig’s squeal can reach 110 to 115 decibels. Oink!

Pig and Gate

Please take a moment to stand up for pigs by writing to Derbyshire County Council about the proposed Foston factory farm. You can also do your bit for pigs and piglets by refusing to eat them! Order our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today for tips on how to swap rashers for veggie burgers.

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  1. Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam feedback?

    If so how do you protect against it, any plugin or anything you can
    advise? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

  2. avatar Shirley Holman says:

    Pigs, with their intelligence, capability of affection and overall sensitivity are the LEAST appropriate species for intensive factory farming! NO FACTORY FARMS FOR PIGS PLEASE!

  3. avatar Aparna Batra says:

    Please be humane, these are lovely animals, don’t they deserve some kindness and basic humanity….pls protect them against blatant abuse and cruelty….

  4. avatar Veronica May says:

    Please do not open up a pig Prison at the Farm, this would be very cruel. Just picture yourself if you were crammed in a confined space like that. Also the poor pigs would have no sort of life at all. They deserve better

  5. avatar Rebecca Woods says:

    For the record, we as a family are totally against your Pig Farm proposal. PLEASE do not do it……

  6. avatar Meg dickie says:

    8 corsehill park

  7. avatar Sophie O'Neill says:

    It is inhumane to allow such suffering towards these intelligent creatures. Why inflict such misery upon something so innocent. We are not Americans, lets do what we can to prevent this abominable existence.

  8. avatar june firth says:

    Dear Derby Council,
    Please reconsider your application for this oversized pig prison. Animals such as pigs should be given better conditions and space, rather than vast chambers waiting to die. It’s inhuman in this day and age. Pigs are intelligent enough to understand what is going on around them. If all you see when you look at a pig is bacon, then the wrong people ‘re making the decisions.

    June Firth

  9. avatar Alix Freeman says:

    Please God…do not do this..these animals deserve higher welfare …how in this day and age are we even considering this…

  10. avatar Rozelle Cunningham says:

    How can anyone think of these poor dear creatures as something edible…sick!!!!

  11. avatar Janet thomas says:

    Please do not let this pig farm happen,it’s is so cruel:(

  12. avatar L Nicoll says:

    Dear Derby Council, please do not open a pig factory farm. All animals deserve more freedom than this and must really suffer when they are confined like this. It is very cruel.

  13. avatar Bettina Rabenstein says:

    Dear Derby Council,
    please do not open that farm, it’s so cruel to put intelligent animals like pigs in little cages!

  14. avatar Linda Rennie says:

    Please do not Foston Pig Farm. All animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. This proposed farm is not in the interest of animal welfare to these wonderful maligned animals. Please think again about this proposal.

  15. avatar D Wilbourne says:

    Dear Derbyshire County Council,
    I am completely against the opening of the Foston Pig Factory Farm, it is inhumane & has no place in this country.

  16. avatar vasan ramasamy says:

    i just can’t imagine these sweet hearts are turn into bacon.
    pls god save them from this horrible human beings who has not known to use his sixth sence to think.

  17. avatar jan bone says:

    Dear Derby Council – please don’t do this – we are supposed to be improving conditions for our animals, and reducing factory farming. You know that we should be treating our animals – even if they are destined for your dinner plate – with more respect than this.

  18. To whom it may concern at Derby council.

    Before making that Cruel decision on a pig factory farm to be opened in your area
    take a moment to search your soul/heart did your parents really create a child with no feeling for anyone else with a face and heart.

    what gives you the right to allow another breathing being to be dealt such TERRIBLE living conditions, then when it could get no worse there slaughtered.

    Maybe you are a good person and will not allow this to happen, if you allow this to go ahead then always remember what goes round comes round and you are not hurting just one pig but many. dont wish bad luck on yourself . good luck piggies

  19. avatar victoria says:

    farmers please dont do this to animals i know you dont give a s*** bud the animals love their owner if you love them us much us they love you dont kill them please

  20. avatar victoria says:

    look at them listen at them dont you have a heart? maybe they smell but they are smart they are cute pigs will love to play with you if you just love theme and had theme like pet that would be better and nicer and you would had more friends and more love

  21. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Pigs are smarter than the people who exploit, harm and kill them.

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      More to the point, pigs are smarter than stupid vile insane mentally-ill less-than-human dingbats who kill animals for no reason while attacking people who kill animals for ANY reason!

  22. avatar victor says:

    Pigs are very inteligents.

  23. avatar Jane Francis says:

    No animal should be ill treated especially for financial profit . Pigs are wonderful creatures and we should stop and think what kind of treatment they are receiving before eating that next bacon sandwich !

  24. avatar Natasha Azulay says:

    Pigs are very cute and smart, they deserve so much better

  25. avatar Janette Hall says:

    Please, please, reconsider exactly what you will be doing to these sentient creatures.
    They are intelligent animals, would you think it okay to do the same to dogs? God forbid that they would ever be eaten….
    Have you told your children/grandchildren what cruelty you will be inflicting on them?
    Think again, and remember – ‘what goes around comes around’ !!!!!!!!

  26. avatar Claude Roulet! says:

    I love pigs and I wish I could have one. How can people eat such nice animals?-

  27. avatar Tulin says:

    It’s cruel and evil.this should not be allowed.why isn’t it stopped.

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