Simon Cowell Says, 'Don't Leave Your Dog in Your Car'
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Simon Cowell Says, ‘Don’t Leave Your Dog in Your Car’

Simon Cowell’s known for being a harsh judge on TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. But beneath his tough exterior lies a real softie – the entertainment guru has joined PETA to speak out for animals on a number of occasions. In this straight-talking ad, he has some advice that’s impossible to argue with: never, ever leave a dog inside a hot car.

Each year, thousands of dogs die of heatstroke inside parked cars. Their guardians may not realise that even just a few minutes of being locked inside a hot vehicle can be deadly for pooches. On a 26-degree day, the inside of a parked car can reach 71 degrees in minutes. Leaving a window partially open is not enough to cool the car down for your dog.

And here’s what to do if you ever come across a dog suffering inside a hot car:

  • Write down the car’s colour, make and license plate number and try to locate the owner.
  • Call the police immediately. Don’t hesitate to dial 999 if the dog is in distress.
  • Stay on the scene until the situation has been resolved.
  • If you can’t find the owner, the authorities are unresponsive or too slow, or the dog’s life appears to be in imminent danger, find a witness (or two) who will back up your assessment and then take steps to remove the distressed animal from the car.
  • Wait for the authorities to arrive.

Our companion animals rely on us to care for them and keep them safe, so don’t let yours down this summer – remember that hot cars are a death trap for dogs.

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  1. avatar Joe L says:

    Good of Simon to do some awareness work. I hope he gave that girl on Britain’s Got Talent a good lecturing on eggs!

    In all seriousness – we wouldn’t lock up a person in a car for hours on end in the heat without water and sufficient ventilation, so it saddens me when people do it with their pets.

  2. Good old Simon. I like people that are compassionate to animals and you have just gone up in my list. Big thanks.

  3. avatar Barbara Edwards says:

    Straight talking; you are clear and precise. There is a lot more you can say about natural behaviour of dogs because many people think it’s their dog (or cat) and therefore they can do what they like to it (because they own it, no-one else can interfere).
    Your summary was excellent. Leave you dog at home in the warm where it is safe.
    I am thrilled that you gave them a solution. Often these Do not do suggestions …..s do not give a solution and there are some dim people out there that need it.

  4. avatar Julia says:

    Simon did a very good and useful work for all the dog owners, as very often we leave our dogs in our cars, forgetting that they can have a heatstroke or even die in a car without fresh air. i agree, that it`s better to to leave a dog at a warm and cool place!

  5. […] inside a hot parked car. And if you see a dog trapped in a car, please be an angel for animals and do whatever it takes to set him or her free – read about the recommended steps you should take […]

  6. avatar Brian Crabtree says:

    All good advice and comments, I suggest having a reaction pin/center punch in your tool kit or wherever or a proper escape hammer , for shattering toughened glass , in case you or others have a car accident or if some one ! is overcome with heat stroke and cannot open widow or door.

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