England's Badgers Need You!
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England’s Badgers Need You!

Badgers across England are currently being threatened: a planned cull will begin soon unless we can convince the government to stop the slaughter. This cull is an extremely misguided plan to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB). The evidence that a mass slaughter of badgers would reduce levels of bovine TB is spurious at best.

Yesterday, thousands of people marched through central London to show their support for badgers and object to the cull.

PETA Team Badger London March 1 Badger1 Badger2

There is some hope for badgers. PETA is campaigning against the cull as part of Team Badger. Most of you have already signed our e-petition opposing the cull, but now we need your help again.

An Opposition Day debate about the government’s plans for the badger cull has been scheduled for Wednesday, 5 June 2013. You can help by writing to your MP and urging him or her to oppose the badger cull.

You can find your MP’s contact details here.

We want as many MPs as possible to come out against the cull and exert greater pressure on the government. The countdown to the cull is nearly over, and we need all the support and last-minute action that we can muster.

Here are some talking points to consider:

  • In large areas of the country, more than 70 per cent of the badger population will be killed. Many of those targeted will be healthy.
  • The method of free shooting could cause many thousands of badgers to suffer.
  • Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
  • No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle by killing wildlife.


Please voice your objection to the badger cull to your MP today and encourage him or her to oppose the government’s misguided plan!

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  1. avatar Tracy Ryan says:

    I don’t agree with the proposed cull as:
    The method of free shooting could cause many thousands of badgers to suffer.
    Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
    No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle by killing wildlife.

  2. avatar Matthew Raines says:

    Stop this now

  3. avatar Niamh Ryan says:

    I oppose the badger cull, please oppose the Government’s plan

  4. avatar Emma Whiston says:

    I do not understand why it is necessary to slaughter thousand of Badgers. It sickens my that the first choice of action was to vaccinate the badgers, it has been several months since the first announcement of the badger cull, so in that time you could have made sure that all the badgers had been vaccinated. Vaccinating the badgers saves both the live of the badger and the cattle. But I must stress that if the demand for produces from cattle was at a lower demand this would not be an issue. you are killing an innocent animal to feed the selfish and glutenous needs of so many people, and I think not only an end to the killing of badgers is a must but also the farming of cows, pigs, sheep and another other animal should come to an end TODAY!

    • avatar Dan says:

      Thanks for the comment Emma! Please send it to your MP and let us know what they say!

  5. I want the culling of badgers stopped your be killing some of our wildlife plus the method of free shooting the badgers they will suffer its cruel.

  6. avatar Bertie says:

    I’m really shocked and confused that only ‘several hundred’ turned up rather than the promised ‘several hundred thousand’. It seems bizarre to me that the huge majority of the UK population just don’t see this as an issue. Even the BVA seem to be supporting the cull http://www.bva.co.uk/news/3431.aspx

  7. avatar Shawn says:

    Badgering to stop the badgering of the badgers!

  8. avatar Claire Mclauchlan says:

    This is barbaric and unnecessary as vaccination can be used. This government allows all sorts of additives and harmful chemicals to be added to our food and after the recent horse meat scandal. Farmers seem to have a law all of their own. It’s up to the British government to ensure animals are being kept and slaughtered in humane conditions. Farmers are responsible for the condition of their livestock keeping them in clean conditions and vaccinations provided etc not destroying the British wildlife around them. Where do you draw the line?! Do we want to make wild animals extinct. Cull is not the answer. Vaccination is!

  9. avatar Susan lord says:

    I am opposed to the cull of badgers. Just because they are animals, it is deemed
    they have no rights, they do. They would
    Never do this to people.

  10. avatar Sophia says:

    Please stop the cruel and unnecessary badger cull

  11. Corporate policy is to kill and its corporate policy that is ruling this country lock stock and barrel

    The farmers mostly are corporate owned the government panders to them for sure

    the badgers we must stick up for them nobody else will

  12. avatar janine says:

    This is a disgusting thing to be happening in our countryside, totally unnecessary. Will it cut the percentage of transmitted TB – of course it won’t. The only thing that it will achieve is the suffering to defenceless animals and a bit of practise for the slaughterers.

  13. avatar Sarah says:

    The Professor that did the statistical analysis of whether or not a cull would reduce TB said that yes it would by a small percentage in the epicentre however it would increase in the farms on the outskirts, therefore the overall result would be a negative one – and thus not worthwhile. However he was surprised by the fact that the Govt and Farmer’s Union did not seem to read the whole report and only focused on one small area of it. So if the professor that produced the report thinks it is a bad idea – why the hell is it going ahead BASED on his work?? Someone has not read it properly!!! OR has someone made a mistake and is trying to save face? This whole situation is ridiculous. It has to stop. TB is passed to badgers by cows and vica versa – reduce the number of cows. Also TB has taken hold in the UK again due to foreign human nationals – (Australia won’t let you settle there without a chest xray for TB) are we to cull the foreigners to cut TB? Me thinks not. Badgers are so rare and so wonderful they need protecting.

  14. avatar Charmaine Scammell says:

    This unnecessary badger cull is outrageous and must be stopped. A simple vaccination would stop bovine TB, so this is just a ridiculous slaughter of our wildlife and these beautiful creatures. STOP THE BADGER CULL. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers yet we seem to be slaughtering our wildlife …….. disgusting!!!

  15. avatar linda Baller says:

    please dont cull these lovely badgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its isnt going to solve the problem. all these badgers are innoicent!!!!!!! please do all you can to put a FULL STOP TO IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. avatar Janet Walker says:

    This cull must be stopped its absolutely disgraceful.

  17. avatar Eric BC says:

    NO to killing badgers!!! NO to killing animals…

    No animal is evil, only humans are capable of that!

  18. avatar Veronica May says:

    Please do not destroy our wildlife animals. There is too much killing of our animals. Vaccinate the badgers instead. I do not agree with the planned cull. Please please do not go ahead with this. I symphise with the farmers but I am not convinced a cull would help

  19. avatar Carol Gardner says:

    Culling our wildlife is not acceptable every animal deserves a chance to live and no human has the right to take this away. Please stop this cull now

  20. avatar Nina says:

    This is not the way….. Yet again poor innocent animals are being slaughtered to simply fulfil the needs of greedy, selfish people. We are mean’t to be a nation of animal lovers yet we are allowing the planned cull to go ahead. Please stop this from happening and vaccinte the badgers!

  21. avatar pat morris says:

    cattle have been coughing for years,you don’t see or hear a badger cough,we’re interfering with nature,a human is not put down when it has t.b.vacinate the cattle.

  22. avatar Sam AL-shaibany says:

    i am not british can i still do this you know send a letter to the MP and if so what should i write in the letter please i need your help on wririting the letter as my english is not very good

  23. avatar Tracey Mendham says:

    Badgers are beautiful please vaccinate the badgers, the cull wouldn’t sort out the problem anyway and we are sipposed to be a nation of animal lovers let the badgers be please

  24. avatar Carly Goodman says:

    Just emailed my local MP, I’ve never written a letter like this before, I hope it works and I hope they read it in time. I am absolutely horrified and sicken that the money we pay in taxes could be used for such an inhumane practise.
    I don’t understand why people think they can do what they like to animals – they have as much right to live their lives freely on this planet as we do, they are only trying to survive.

  25. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    The proposed badger cull is ignorant, arrogant and malevolent. Badgers were in England before people were.

    Prime Minister David Cameron and his animal killing cohorts are evil incarnate.

    Cull the Tories. Badgers have more earthly value that Cameron and the vile Owen Paterson.

    This badger cull will destroy England’s reputation as an animal loving nation.

  26. avatar linda bromley says:

    stop the cull! its a needless pointless and cruel action, all thats needed is an injection on cattle .

  27. avatar julie evans says:

    Hey, let’s kill badgers so we can carry on killing cattle for our own selfish need and greed. What a great idea, way to go, mankind. Why not just make every species other than ourselves extinct?

  28. avatar Vanessa miriasi says:

    I disagree with the badger cull surely it is the farmers responsibility to vaccinate their heard! You would not shoot your family if they carried TB! Their is no proof this will work it’s just needless murder justified buy greed!

  29. avatar jannette says:

    please let these lovely animals live they have as much right to live as much as we do if not morex

  30. avatar lesley murray says:

    I don’t agree with the proposed cull as:
    The method of free shooting could cause many thousands of badgers to suffer.
    Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
    No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle by killing wildlife.

  31. avatar Amber Myers says:

    I find this proposal completely Inhumane, cruel and damaging to our beloved English countryside. I can’t believe it is even being considered. I am proud to be British, proud if our values, proud that the majority of us love all creatures and proud of tge fact we will make a stand against those who oppose what we belueve in. If this bill is pushed through, I will be ashamed of what my country has allowed, I will lose all faith and hope in our government.
    There isn’t even any solid proof or evidence that this cull will make any significant difference to the TB outbreaks. Leave our poor badgers in peace. They have equal right to us to live on these lands. It is up to nature to decide thier fate, not us. Those who condone this should stop trying to play god and wonder how they would feel about thier families being shot before them. The terror they would feel, the complete and utter panic they would be put through. They are innocents of this world. PLEASE, PLEASE protect our English heritage – DO NOT destroy it.

  32. I oppose the badger cull, please oppose the Government’s plan, Farmers just have too start being less greedy, we got to think about the well fare of all animal . no to cullen

  33. avatar Michelle Helps says:

    I strongly oppose the badger cull. It has been proven that this barbaric practice does not tackle TB in cattle.

  34. Please do not cull the badgers. They have a right to live. The RSPCA are continuing to vaccinate them, so please allow them to do this. They were here before we were and have a right to live. Leave it in God’s caring hands.

  35. avatar Lesley MOORE says:

    Please do not do this to the badgers,they too have a right to live.It seems its all about farmers I have yet to meet a poor farmer.We have to fight for these beautiful animals because they can’t.

  36. avatar Jackie Adams says:

    not proven badgers infect cattle, cattle could infect badgers,treat TB, THATS THE PROBLEM.

  37. avatar Averley Walters says:

    This is crazy !! Man’s meddling will do more harm only to be shown in years to come then “We are sorry we made a mistake” will be too little & too late .. shame on this goverment myself & my whole family will not vote for this party ever again ! Leave nature be !!!

  38. avatar lorna carleton says:

    Leave the poor Badgers alone!This is fast becoming a cruel Country.Where will it end…..What next for our wild life? Our green and pleasant land seem’s to have lost what it once had.

  39. I completely oppose this badger cull and want to thank all the people that made it to the march, pity I couldn’t be there

  40. avatar Jacqueline Way says:

    It will be impossible to get an accurate shot every time, therefore badgers will be wounded and die an agonising death. Badger vaccination, I understand does not require EU sanction and research shows the financial costs to be similar. More people are avoiding consumption of meat on ethical grounds. Please cull using vaccination to badgers.

  41. avatar Clare says:

    I think it is disgusting, what right do we have to take the lives of thousands of innocent creatures!! barbaric act that they should be very very ashamed of, i certainly am.

  42. avatar Julie says:

    I oppose the badger cull. I’m fed up with hearing we’ve got a problem with some of our wildlife. Foxes, badgers ect Let just kill them. What a glorious chapter to British history how many times have we been down this road. Why is killing the first thing that’s turned to when humans have this sort of problem. It all comes down to money. It’s cheaper to let someone go round with a gun than it is to vaccinate. I am So ashamed to call myself British are we not supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. Or is that just when it’s convenient. It’s a pity that we are re-active instead of pro-active we should have seen this problem arising and done something about it before it became a problem. STOP THIS CULL.

  43. avatar Mitch says:

    I don’t agree with the proposed cull as:Any fool can see this is not the answer.it will only make things worse
    The method of free shooting could cause many thousands of badgers to suffer.
    Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
    No country has successfully tackled TB in cattle by killing wildlife.

  44. avatar Felicity says:

    Why does everyone keep saying its a cull? Its mass murder of beautiful, innocent animals. We should appreciate our animals and cherish them not go out and kill them all. Badgers are supposed to be protected, how is this going to affect our other animals, our foxes, hares, rabbits, mice and voles?
    The lack of no respect for life sickens me and i will never vote conservative again as long as i live.

  45. avatar Nikolay Moltchanoph says:

    There is plenty of dead rocks in Universe! Let’s stop turn the Earth into another one! Live, and let other live!

  46. avatar Angela Harris says:

    Everyone is speaking up well for the badgers. I agree with everything being said in the badgers favour – come on government think of something better!

  47. avatar dave says:

    You should include a citation if referring to “independent scientific studies” or get quotes from a range of vets and epidemiologists. Repeatedly stating that the cull is “misguided” without these such claims are arrogant and reinforcing the confirmation bias of your readership.

  48. avatar monica says:

    Many animals went extinct and endanger due to humans faults like hunting . shooting etc.

    It’s sad to see what human species can do , we humans control almost everything especially other animals life. i do against of badger killing , the true is i am against on any living animal killing which associates with human selfishness.

    I do not want any animals to disappear and suffer for my own species. Humans population is increasing while many animals is endanger and extincted.

    No human got the permission from god to kill and make his creatures to suffer and to the extinction. Many beautiful animals went to extinct and many animals are in danger or near extinction.

    Please stop , No badger and any other animals deserves to die for our selfishness. Look around what humans is doing to this world, many humans ruining this world and our mother nature.

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