Ace! Andy Murray's New Hotel Will Be Foie Gras–Free
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Ace! Andy Murray’s New Hotel Will Be Foie Gras–Free

Andy Murray toplessIn between training sessions for this year’s Wimbledon tournament, tennis champ and Olympic gold medallist Andy Murray has been overseeing the opening of a brand-new luxury hotel in Scotland – a hotel that we have been assured will be 100 per cent foie gras–free.

The renowned head chef of Cromlix House Hotel, Albert Roux, sent us an e-mail confirming that the cruelly produced foodstuff will never be found in his kitchen. “I’m totally, totally in agreement of not serving foie gras due to the cruelty inflicted on the animals”, he wrote, echoing the sentiments of many other top chefs and foodies who would never serve or eat the vile substance, which is made by force-feeding ducks and geese until their livers swell to up to 10 times their natural size.

From Prince Charles to Pamela Anderson, enlightened people recognise that a foodstuff flavoured with “hepatic steatosis” (that’s liver disease to you and me) is best kept off the menu. Wyck Hill House Hotel in Gloucestershire, which holds a AA 2 Rosette Award, recently scored points by ditching foie gras after a persuasive e-mail from a PETA supporter – unlike Fortnum & Mason, which has become notorious for continuing to sell foie gras, despite vigorous opposition from thousands of consumers, celebrities and animal-welfare groups.

To say “thank you” to Andy, we’ve sent him a “Certified Foie Gras–Free” certificate so he can show off his compassionate stance. Wimbledon has also disqualified foie gras – at this rate, it looks like tennis might just be PETA’s favourite sport! So we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for Andy in this year’s championship, especially now that we know he’s already a champion for ducks and geese.

Please encourage Fortnum & Mason to hit a winning shot against cruelty by ending its sale of inhumane foie gras today:

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Image: johnwnguyen / CC BY 2.0

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  1. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    poor birds, people are so cruel.

  2. Foie gras is obnoxious that it is marketed by Fortnum and Mason gives you points for all the wrong reasons It is a cruel nasty foul method and should be banned everywhere

    Pandering to the cruellest of consumers does you a disservice

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  4. This is really a good decision or activities by Andy Murray.Though it is a business activities but the action to remove Foie Gras is really an positive impact for the environment.Hope this will continue in future.

  5. […] year, Andy’s hotel made another compassionate move for animals, by refusing to serve cruel foie gras – a pâté made from the diseased livers of force-fed ducks and geese – yet another reason to […]

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