The UK's Top Five Vegan-Friendly Cinemas
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The UK’s Top Five Vegan-Friendly Cinemas

Cornerhouse with credit

Even in the age of Internet downloads and widescreen TVs, nothing beats a trip to the cinema to lose yourself in the magic of the movies. And thankfully for compassionate filmgoers everywhere, long gone are the days of only having stale popcorn and processed hot dogs to munch on. Today’s cinemas, recognising that patrons enjoy healthy meals and snacks during films, are offering a wide variety of creative, delicious meat-free treats. If there were an Oscar for compassionate catering, then our Top Five Vegan-Friendly Cinemas would all be worthy nominees:

Deep down in Lake District National Park, vegetarian cuisine is served with a Mediterranean twist. Choose either the slow-roasted stuffed onion, full of nuts and served on a potato with red-pepper sauce, or the pepperonata cassoulet, a braised sweet pepper, haricot bean and tomato cassoulet with bulgur wheat or rice. How deliciously “vegiterranean”!


In the Middle Ages, Robin Hood made sure that nobody went hungry in Nottingham. The Broadway has continued this tradition by serving hearty portions of fresh vegetarian food prepared daily to delight today’s merry men and women.

Home to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, The Filmhouse ensures that there are plenty of vegetarian options to satisfy the tastes of international guests. You may take our knives, but you’ll never take our chickpea-and-coconut curry.



Be sure to stroke the resident moggy who wanders around this cosy gas-lit auditorium, built during World War I. Take a moment to admire the ornate balcony while you tuck into vegan chocolate, ginger tiffins and flapjacks with golden syrup in front of your favourite rom-com.



While its musicians and football teams are known around the world, Manchester gives us something else to shout about, too: Cornerhouse. The Moroccan vegetable-and-hummus rolls and the mighty falafel burger will make every film-going veggie “mad for it”.


With all the delicious cruelty-free options available at theatres – as well as restaurants and shops – across the country, going vegan is as easy as ever. Download our vegetarian/vegan starter kit now and see for yourself.

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  1. avatar David says:

    The Falafel burger listed at The Cornerhouse Manchester here is not vegan. We only found out after waiting for an hour for our order and when it arrived the waitress put it down and said ‘How vegan are you’? I asked why and was told it had a little milk in it, but it should be OK as long as I am not very vegan. It went downhill from there! Too be fair to the Cornerhouse they did respond really well when we complained, promised to talk to the staff about vegan requirements and put a memo out. They also offered us a full meal including cocktails free, which we gladly ate and enjoyed! They do a good vegan pizza.

  2. avatar Kevin says:

    Well done Guys for taking the lead, would be good to see some here in the South, surprised not to see Brighton on here.

  3. avatar RUTH says:

    Where ever people gather and attend there will be food provided, i hope there will be more and more vegan choices available in my home town of Leicester!

  4. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    must go there.

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