Morrissey: Be a Thorn in the Side of Fortnum & Mason
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Morrissey: Be a Thorn in the Side of Fortnum & Mason

On Morrissey’s birthday this Wednesday, he was the one giving a present – to geese, that is. The legendary rocker posted a stirring message on his website, slamming the torture of birds for the production of foie gras. When it comes to this cruel product, he won’t rest until he knows it’s over.Morrissey

The ex-Smiths singer, who is now as famous for his compassion for animals as he is for his thoughtful lyrics, congratulated Prince Charles for banishing foie gras from his functions but let rip at Fortnum & Mason for continuing to profit from a product that is made by violently force-feeding geese with metal pipes until their livers swell to up to 10 times their normal size. “Foie gras production is illegal in the UK, yet the ever-so-correct Fortnum and Mason have found suppliers in France who will keep their shelves stocked …”, he writes.

Morrissey is certainly not alone in abhorring foie gras. Sir Roger Moore, Chrissie Hynde, Pamela Anderson and Brigitte Bardot have all gotten on board with the campaign asking Fortnum & Mason to ditch the horrific substance.

Here’s the call to action he sent to his fans:

Morrissey's message

Thank you, Morrissey, for helping to spread the message about vile foie gras!

Join him in saying, “Viva Compassion!” Please keep reminding Fortnum & Mason on Twitter and Facebook that selling foie gras is unacceptable. And if you haven’t already, it takes just a few minutes to send a message to the company online – take action at this link:

Image: Charlie LLewellin / CC BY SA-2.0

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  1. avatar Judy Sams says:

    So cruel.. well done morrissey.

  2. avatar Eloise Walduck says:

    Great and about time this was stopped it is absolutely disgusting

  3. avatar Kay says:

    It is vile and disgusting! It is time this was stopped.

  4. avatar sharon fidler says:

    Please stop using foie gras,it must taste of utter cruelty.please open your hearts and think of the birds that have such horrible vile lives .

  5. avatar June Firth says:

    brilliant when famous people join in a good cause, Foie ras is totally unecessary,

  6. avatar carole green says:

    i watched a video of this disgusting act,those poor creatures dont deserve that,it should be banned world wide,

  7. avatar Debz Jones says:

    Well done Morrissey!!!. Yep time this was STOPPED!!!, it’s absolutely horrendous!!!!, a truly VILE and EVIL practice!!!!.

  8. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Stop the bloody madness!

  9. avatar Meg dickie says:


  10. avatar Sheila Fairhurst says:

    All this cruelty in the world makes me ashamed to be part of the Human Race!

  11. avatar Antonia Peacock says:

    This is a disgusting practice. How can people not care about these poor birds and the way they suffer. Shame on them.

  12. Don,t eat it, then the sale of this barbaric so called “food” will lead to the decline and finally the end of torture to these beautiful birds.

  13. avatar karan beal says:

    When is this going to stop?Animals have feelings to,and they feel pain just the same as we do,but they can’t tell us.

  14. avatar Janet Yallop says:

    This must stop. So cruel.

  15. well done the sooner we can stop this cruel nasty way of makeing money the sooner the better the poor geese have feeling to thay feel pain just like me and you LETS STOP THIS NOW.

  16. avatar Marlene Beck says:


  17. avatar Sam AL-shaibany says:


  18. avatar Nina says:

    I pray this greed of yours costs you dearly Fotnum and Mason

  19. avatar Nina says:

    I hope this greed of yours costs you dearly Fortnum & Mason!

  20. avatar Corinne chapman says:

    Force feeding geese is a total disgrace !!!!!!! Please stop !

  21. avatar tula jones says:

    Thank you Morrissey. You are a truly good and intelligent person. Hopefully one day this shop will finish pandering to rich thick toffs who are too stupid and unfeeling to know that this vile stuff not only is sickening to most decent people but is harming their own bodies as well.

  22. avatar Patricia Lynch says:

    Thank you Morrisey! Great job.

  23. avatar Anne Greenhalgh says:

    Anything that involves doing something unnatural to animals & birds for us to eat their produce is obscene & disgusting. All creatures that end up on our tables should have a natural and happy life!

  24. Wholeheartedly support this.

  25. avatar Jacqueline Way says:

    Food production must be humane. Suppliers and distributers etc., are equally responsible. Animals suffer pain and fear like humans. Thanks for your altruistic action to lead the cause. Millions are behind you! Jacqui.

  26. avatar Joan says:

    Ban it ! All said .

  27. avatar Moira says:

    Well done morrisey…’s a disgusting and cruel thing to do and it needs to be banned completely

  28. avatar Alison says:

    Thank you Morrissey for speaking out to help animals. I’ve written to the store to implore them to cease selling this abhorrent product. Unfortunately here in Spain it’s still very popular (like fur and bullfighting of course), so there’s much work to be done. And thank you PETA for initiating all these wonderful campaigns.

    • avatar fiona says:

      bless you for caring… if you live in spain can you gather a group of about ten people who care about animals and form your own animal rights group and then campaign together( start with a little vegetarian/vegan food and a time of sharing.. this can be fun!) … before long ten can become twenty– but first of all YOU need people around you to support you in what you are doing or you will give up! Remember, one step at a time.. but make them REAL steps!! God bless you for caring… lets all have a small but sure action plan of what we can do to help, x x :)

  29. avatar Matt says:

    Well done Morrissey, what a decent chap, using his fame for good. Nice music too.

  30. avatar julia says:

    Stop it now- it must not continue! How long will it take before Foie Gra ends. The petitions, and campaigning go on and on, but never any positive outcomes!

  31. avatar rachel says:

    Your my hero Morrissey !! , thanks so much for using your fame for the benefit of all the beautiful creatures on the planet !

    This cruelty and suffering of animals must stop NOW!!! xx.

  32. avatar nic hale says:

    PLEASE stop this cruelty!

  33. avatar fiona says:

    This is wonderful! Foi gras is an evil practice. Please can you make a video available showing its cruelty and also you speaking against it so that we can forward it and nshare it with as many people nas possible ? If its already available, please give the link.. thankyou and thankyou for all you are doing aswell! God bless, Fiona x :)

  34. avatar Jonny Krause says:

    Such a hideously cruel thing to do to a bird – it is difficult to believe that anyone would think Foie Gras is a good thing to eat.

  35. avatar Jill Deane says:

    Cruelty at any level cannot be tolerated, this is cruelty at the highest level, enjoyed by people who class themselves at the highest level. Hopefully Princess Kate and Camilla will see the error of their ways !

  36. avatar fiona says:

    Hello Morissey again… I am so happy that you are standing against theis wickedness but Ive just been onto your site to send the letters and found that you havent made it very easy…is there anyway that you can have everything already done, including an email adress to click onto- so that people can then share this with others and then all they need to do is click and send and theat way you can get many more letters of complaint sent to them.. I’m not very computer savvy myself but Ive send hundreds of links on for people to sign and share if its easy for people to do… please can you consult someone and make this a little easier for joe public as it will be much more effective….. thankyou again for all youre doing… I believe through your efforts that this WILL end!! AMEN!! God bless you for this! x x :)

  37. avatar fiona says:

    ps- commentsw above include twitter- just clicking on it didnt work so can you make it fool proof for us eejits ?? !! :)

  38. avatar tony lane says:

    we have to start showing that we have some affinity with all life on this planet and not just sell to the elite at the expense of the many.

  39. avatar Janine says:

    This is what these campaigns need the famous showing their support.
    Well done Morrissey and also Prince Charles for banning the foie gras at anymore of his functions.
    This is hideous cruelty that is inflicted on the birds, I don’t know how those people can do it and sleep at night.
    Fortnum & Mason need to wake up and end the supply in the UK nobody wants this vile product.

  40. avatar bob chandley says:

    Right on, tell them how we feel!No need for this

  41. avatar Antonio says:

    Dear Sirs

    I have read comments about animals that need to live a natural and happy life before landing on out tables and I am against them landing up on our tables unless they land there to greet us and not our stomachs but what you are doing now is inhumane and it makes me ashamed to belong to the human race.
    Spread love and love will follow you but greed will destroy us in the end.

  42. avatar Howard Malcolm says:

    Congratulations to Prince Charles but why does his daughter in law oppose his request and demand that Foie Gras is on her menu?

    Thanks Morrissey we must stamp this out.

    • avatar Jackie says:

      If Kate keeps quaffing Foie Gras it won’t do her reputation any good nor her looks for that matter! It’s fattening and disgusting! How can she eat it knowing that it is made by making animals suffer? The truth is she doesn’t care. How can you not care? Not very feminine is it? Can you imagine having that horrible meaty stuff on your breath? Better carry breath mints Kate. Beware, you are what you eat!

  43. avatar Nicola says:

    I just wish people would stop buying it. If no one brought it they would not sell it. I have never tried it but the taste cannot justify the pain and suffering surely? I live in Belgium and it is everywhere. I boycotted my company’s Christmas party when I saw it was on the menu.

  44. avatar Valentina says:

    Well done

  45. avatar Rogerio Saad Vaz says:

    As a Scientist, Professor (Biomedical Sciences) I do not understand why such living beings deserve such a CRUEL treatment(s)….Why??? Should we blame (only) french gastronomy?? COMPASSION = EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS

  46. avatar malcolm says:

    One of the vilest forms’ of torture..pure evil!!

  47. avatar Jackie says:

    All that needless suffering! Who in their right mind would buy and eat Foie Gras?Anyone with self respect for themselves would not eat this, It really is just so bad for you, I think people who eat it are ugly and greedy! Driven by thier greedy bellys rather than thier consience and mind. Do people think it makes them posh? Well it doesn’t! People with real sense and money don’t buy Foie Gras and why would they? Do people want to live healthy, prosperous lives and spend thier money wisely or be fat, greedy and waste their money on something so unsustainable and pointless. Foie Gras is a waste of money. It is bad for you. Most importantly it causes birds to suffer.

  48. avatar Sharon says:

    have been a vegetarian for 8 years now, much healthier and I don’t have any dead animal in my stomach to go to bed on. This disgusting inhumane torture must be stopped.
    Keep up the good work!

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