Helen Flanagan: Exotic Skins Belong in the Jungle!
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Helen Flanagan: Exotic Skins Belong in the Jungle!


Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan unveiled her sexy new PETA ad today in London’s Covent Garden in order to make an unforgettable statement against the cruelty of using exotic skins in fashion. The sultry image, shot by top celebrity photographer Trevor Leighton, reveals her versatility as an actor – because, although she made her name playing Manchester-born Rosie Webster, here she stars as a jungle-dwelling reptile!

Helen, who has just been crowned FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the UK, was keen to make the point that you don’t need to wear dead animal parts to turn heads. She watched PETA US’ hard-hitting exposé of what happens to snakes, alligators and other exotic animals killed for their skins, which shows animals who were nailed to trees, bludgeoned with hammers and skinned alive. And knew she had to speak out.

Helen Flanagan PETA Ad

“Spring is the perfect time to clean the cruelty from our closets”, Helen says. “I know when people see the footage of how animals killed for their skins suffer, they won’t want anything to do with the exotic-skins industry and will join me in leaving wildlife out of their wardrobes.”

Please follow Helen’s example by pledging to shed all exotic skins from your wardrobe and sharing the video with anyone who hasn’t yet heard about the intense cruelty of this industry.

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  1. avatar DOREEN STRATTON says:


  2. avatar Sandra Graham says:

    There is no need to strip these animals of their fur…. the fur fits the animals better than it ever did the humans who parade around wearing it… it needs to stop NOW!!!!!

  3. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    It’s so cruel and pointless, leave them alone.

  4. avatar lorraine says:

    isn’t this a little two faced here by Peta as Helen ate bugs, animals etc in the jungle. This is a vegan and vegetarian support group so why show someone who eat meat, bugs whatever here.

  5. avatar Veronica May says:

    This was heartbreaking watching this. There is no need for it whatsoever and it is so cruel. Leave the poor animals alone, please.The whole thing is pointless and causes suffering. We don’t need to wear anything to do with animal skin or fur

  6. avatar lorraine says:

    I will no longer support PETA in anyway shape or form until the celebs they have promoting the website are vegetarian or vegans as Helen is a meat eater and only her promotional shoot for this I was advised that the shoes she is wearing are made of leather and apparently according to a fan of hers she uses LV bags which are made of leather so until Peta can confirm that this isn’t the case then they have lost me and a lot of my friends support.

  7. avatar sarah sexton says:

    I don’t understand why Peta is using this woman for publicity, she eats meat and has said she has no problem with wearing skin of animals, apparently its only exotic animals that get her support, I support viva and animal aid, but will not support Peta any more, I just don’t get it, maybe Peta could tell us the thought processe behind this, apart from annoying life long supporters that is.

  8. avatar Mark love says:

    Helen Flanagan !! Really ? A meat eating , leather wearing , self publicity seeker. Thousands of PETA supporters and people who are not members but support the campaign against exotic skins will really find your collective decision, or inability to research your PR choices. Whilst I appreciate any PR is good PR. I really do think you should consider your thought process and decision making regarding non vegan sympathisers. I joined PETA tonight because I am Vegan and previously Vegetarian for 30 years now, I thoroughly support the cause as way as many other animal causes. Straight to the point, please sort it out.

  9. avatar tony lane says:

    it needs to be stopped right now. and punish the offenders in the only way that they understand, and that is to stop these creatures from ever breeding.

  10. avatar john gilchrist says:

    appalling cruelty in the name of fashion is absolutely unacceptable in any so-called civilised society. The fashion houses that sell such products made from the skins of these wonderful creatures with which WE share the planet should be hounded and exposed, with the same ruthlessness as their suppliers show towards the animals!! Greed, vanity and cruelty – an absolutely deadly combination, and the fashion houses share a great responsibility for the havoc being wreaked on these creatures. Enough is enough.

  11. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    oh god,
    please give some sense of humanity to animal killers.

  12. avatar anne kildae says:

    I really admire peta and the work it has done over the years, but I have never understood it’s infatuation with celebrities. Unless it’s someone like morissey or paul mccartney, using famous people who don’ t support peta’s mission 100% hurts their cause. Using someone like a kardashian is ridiculous.

  13. avatar nik says:

    Thank you PETA and Helen for continuing to bring attention to this important issue!

  14. avatar Mig Alves says:

    This is a SHOCKING wake up, and i must say that having this young lady on board should not piss off others – this sounds like a BIG wake up to her as well, cut her some slack people, the focus here is to get this out there in the world to wake people up, so let her help, thats what we are all here for, to support and share.
    The horrific pain and suffering these critters are going through :-( :-( is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. avatar Marilyn says:

    Good Lord ! My Heart Cries for these Poor Innocent Victims , that have been put here on Earth to Love and Care for :( . This has to Stop !! This is a Cruel Thought , but I fear the only way to Stop this Cruelty , is to Sweep all the Cruel and Torturous people Off of the Planet ! This is why I have no use for most people . I Love All Animals <3 <3 .

  16. avatar Sarah says:

    Do these celebrities wear leather which is as bad and are hey all vegetarian? Pointless otherwise and defeats the authenticity of PETA

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