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Going Vegan? We’re Here to Help!

PETA Go Vegan TEvery way you look at it, going vegan makes sense. For animals, for your health, for the environment, for your conscience and even for your wallet!

Our 30-day pledge is the ideal way to try going vegan for yourself. Pledgers receive regular advice and support to help with the transition to a plant-based diet, including a free vegan starter kit. After a month, most people feel great and never want to go back to consuming animal products!

Here at PETA, we’ve all been through the same journey and know that it can take a little while to adjust to a new way of eating, shopping and thinking about your food. This blog post is a place where you can share your experiences, swap tips and ask for advice.

Please use the comment space below to tell us how you’re finding your first month of going vegan. If you have questions, we’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can!

We’d love to hear from more seasoned vegans, too. So whether you’ve been “clean” (of animal products, that is) for 30 days, 30 weeks or 30 years, please share your insights!

Finally, as you embark on this exciting journey to a more compassionate lifestyle, remember: you’re not alone! Every day, thousands of people – including celebs such as Leona Lewis, Thom Yorke, Benjamin Zephaniah and Morrissey – are making the same choice to leave animals out of their diets.

And as we vegans grow in number, our voice becomes more powerful. A cruelty-free lifestyle has never been easier – from high-street fashion to sandwiches in supermarkets, you don’t have to go out of your way to find fantastic vegan options. Got a tip of your own? Tell us about it below!

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  1. avatar Sawlon Rijal says:

    I am a vegetarian since 9 months. But what is the problem drinking milk, ghee etc??

    • avatar Dan says:

      Hi Sawlon,
      The dairy industry is cruel to animals. Treated as milk-producing machines, dairy cows are genetically manipulated and regularly dosed with antibiotics and hormones. The strain of continual pregnancy exhausts cows and often leaves them lame. When they are worn out and can no longer produce such high volumes of milk, they are sent to the abattoir and killed.

      Find our more:

  2. avatar Anne Rutter says:

    I have been a vegetarian for many years and after watching a DVD by Gary Yourofsky “Go Vegan” I am now a committed Vegan. If Sawlon Rijal need convincing about the cruel way cows are treated I would recommend he get’s a copy of the disc. You will find him on the web.

  3. avatar Anne Rutter says:

    You asked how I feel having changed from a Vegetarian to a Vegan diet. The first thing that springs to mind is – good -that I am no longer consuming dairy products that cause so much suffering to cows and have to say I am enjoying the Soya milk.
    I have bought several Vegan Cook books and am enjoying the Alpro products.
    I have not found it difficult at all as I really have got a mind set which I feel is essential. Health wise I feel better for cutting dairy out of my diet….no more indigestion!

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