CLOSED: Win a Copy of 'Glass Walls' Signed by Pamela Anderson!
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CLOSED: Win a Copy of ‘Glass Walls’ Signed by Pamela Anderson!

PamAn eye-opening DVD narrated by Sir Paul McCartney and signed by the fair hand of Pamela Anderson could be yours! Two autographed copies of “Glass Walls” are up for grabs.

Glamorous animal rights activist Pamela signed the DVDs during a recent trip to the UK, where she spoke to the illustrious Cambridge Union about her long history of working with PETA on behalf of animals. The crowd of brainboxes also got their own screening of “Glass Walls”, an exposé of the way animals raised for food are treated which eloquently illustrates the saying “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”.

The competition has now closed, but you can watch “Glass Walls” right now online and if you’ve already seen it, please share it and help more people wake up to the reality of what is happening to animals in the meat, dairy and egg industries every single day.dvds

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  1. avatar Pete A says:

    Bill Maher – a strong supporter of the animal rights movement on all levels for many years.

  2. avatar sofia natsis says:

    Ian Somerhalder for all that he does for animals and the environment. He’s foundation is all over the world. He uses his fame to spread the word about animal cruelty and environmental issues and also to raise money for all these causes. He meets with the president of the United states to discuss all these issues. He’s influential in all the right, good decent ways. That’s who I look up too.

  3. avatar ray says:

    morrissey naturally

  4. avatar Stuart Bayley says:

    Bridgette Bardot

  5. avatar Clare Perquin says:

    Ian Somerhalder, founder of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (AKA Damon from The Vampire Diaries).

  6. avatar S Edwards says:

    All of them :)

  7. avatar Sara says:

    Lea Michele- she is so passionate about animal rights, and I love how she supports PETA and other associations.

  8. avatar nora says:

    Paul Watson!!!

  9. avatar Stephanie Bell says:

    Brian May and Chris Packham! :D

  10. avatar Paul Cragg says:

    There is no competition here at all!!
    Joy Adamson, she kind of started it all and other people followed, she has been around since the making of Born Free which changed her life. Joy gave up her possible massive career in acting as the making of the film changed her and gave her a mission much more precious to her than fame and stardom. Joy has worked tirelessly for decades to protect animals and has been the inspiration to generations of people whom have followed her example. Joy is a vey humble and gracious person whom has managed to reach the hearts of millions in her quest to give the animals a voice, and what a wonderful job she has done and continues to do. No competition, Joy Adamson is number 1.

  11. Lek Chailert who runs Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She takes used and abused elephants and gives them a better life.

  12. avatar H C Devon says:

    Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia. For last 20yrs Jill and her team have worked so hard in China and Vietnam to rescue moon bears and brown bears from bear bile farms, and has succeeded in changing China’s legislation regards bile farming. Animals Asia also rescue other animals in China & Vietnam, such as dogs, cats etc.

  13. avatar R WARD says:

    Brian May; for his tireless campaign to save Englands badgers from the cruel unscientific badger cull. Also his fight for animal rights across the board.

  14. avatar Y Street says:

    Maureen Rolls -Founder of SWEP (South West Equine Protection).
    She is one of the worlds wonderful people, tirelessly starting a charity to help our neglected native moorland ponies.She has given up her life to help these ponies and there isn’t any animal she doesn’t show immense compassion for, ANY time of the day or night-I know!
    She’s not a ‘spring chicken’ & deserves acknowledgement for dedicating her (& her husbands!) life to helping all animals.
    Wonderful person-not a celebrity!

  15. Keith Mann is my hero. As a brave spokesperson he has tirelessly risked his safety and freedom for the sake of animals rights. His involvement with AR has been endless and includes work with Hunt Sabs, SHAC, SARC and ALF. He has fought every corner from hunting to the liberation of animals used for research. His book, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, about his experience with activism is inspiring and passionate which proves Keith to be a true hero for animal rights. His methods may be at times controversial but his passion and commitment is undeniable.

  16. avatar Elsa A. says:

    Where other just stand and watch….he does the action!!!!

  17. avatar Lisa Beales says:

    Hayden Panetierre became my hero in 2007 when she tried to stop the dolphin killing in Japan. Since then she has been a part of numerous animal rights campaigns and is using her fame to benefit those who can’t speak up for themselves. I think that she is a great role model and animal activist.

  18. avatar Sheri Hubball says:

    Without a doubt, Paul Watson. His MANY years of selfless dedication to saving our oceans & all that reside in them makes him my biggest hero. “If the oceans die, we die” ~ Paul Watson.

  19. avatar Sheri Hubball says:

    Without a doubt, Paul Watson! For his MANY years of selfless dedication in the fight to save our oceans & all that reside in them. “If our oceans die, we die” ~ Paul Watson.

  20. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Mahatma Gandhi, the most influential pacifist and social justice advocate in history is my most inspiring vegetarian. He converted to vegetarianism for moral, spiritual and animal welfare reasons. Here’s a quote of his “the basis of my vegetarianism is not physical, but moral. If anybody said that I should die if I did not take beef-tea or mutton, even under medical advice, I would prefer death. That is the basis of my vegetarianism.”

    He said that in an address to the London Vegetarian Society on November 20. 1931.

  21. avatar iain maciver says:

    brian may and Virginia mckenna

  22. avatar Christine Johnson says:

    Paul Ogrady he is brilliant with animals and really feels for them

  23. avatar Solange says:

    Leona Lewis. She has been a vegetarian since she was 12 and is a supporter of the World Society for the Protection of Animals and is a patron of Brentwood’s Hopefield Animal Sanctuary. She is also the new brand activist for The Body Shop.

  24. avatar claire woods says:

    Linda McCartney, as her food is great. Also Brian May as when he talks he makes a lot of sense.

  25. avatar Laura Pritchard says:

    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie – as well as helping children round the world the glam couple also help animals!

  26. avatar Gary Cook says:

    I would say Pamela Anderson!

  27. avatar Brady Metcalf says:

    Pamela Anderson has raised awareness of PETA more than anyone else in recent history….could we get Sir Paul to sign too…just askin

  28. avatar Gal mahoney says:

    Pamela Anderson is definately my peta Celebrity no 1

  29. avatar Janey Smythe says:

    Jill Robinson, she has saved hundreds of bears from cruel bear bile farming and has changed attitudes in China & Vietnam about traditional medicines which use animal parts and fluids.

  30. avatar barbara says:

    Rhea Hutin president of “30 Millions d’Amis ” a French Association

  31. avatar Genevieve says:

    Linda McCartney- her legacy to animals lives on and is so accessible to everyone of all ages. Her meat free food takes place alongside meat products within every supermarket, giving everyone the opportunity to eat cruelty free. A very special woman x

  32. avatar carol dawes says:

    Paul watson. he is the all time hero of our failing attempts to stop certain nations from decemating our planet.

  33. avatar Saba says:

    Paul McCartney
    As I came to know about PETA through his official website.

  34. avatar jade says:

    p!nk is my PETA icon, raising awareness for dairy cows,bull fighting in her music video and animal cruelty in her interviews

  35. avatar Simon says:

    I think it’s fantastic that so many people care about animals. There are far too many to mention and I feel it is wrong of me to single out any individual. All of their hard work and dedication to give hope, new life and end the suffering of animals globally is truly an inspiration to us all and long may it continue. The high profile individuals give a loud voice to the voiceless, raise awareness and give much needed support but we must not forget the not-so high profile individuals and groups who work tirelessly and with compassion to make the world a better place for every living thing. I wish I could single out one person but I can’t. Everyone deserves credit and acknowledgement and without any one of them the world would be a darker place.

  36. avatar Lisa birks says:

    I don’t think I could pick just one! It gives me hope to see so many trying to improve animal welfare in so many ways! Some using there status, other out in the field and every individual who makes there own small mark in the fight against cruelty. Thank goodness for compassionate, dedicated individuals!! X

  37. avatar Daryl Michael says:

    Ricky Gervais

  38. avatar Jill Ashton says:

    Jane Goodall. Amazing women who works to save primates

  39. avatar Beth Norfolk says:

    My Mum. For as long as I can remember, she has instilled in me that kindness and compassion is not only for people, it is essential we extend those values to animals too. Our home has always been full of rescue pets, of many breeds and kinds, and we both volunteer with animal charities. We foster dogs, and will do anything to see that an animal is happy & healthy

  40. avatar Kayleigh Butler says:

    To be honest I don’t really have a ‘hero’. Every single person, famous or not, that makes a change in the way that they live to protect the welfare of even a single animal is a hero in their own right. So many people choose to turn a blind eye to the horrors that come with many animal products, I’m just glad to know that there are some of us that do care!!

  41. avatar Eleanor Powell says:

    Billy Connolly for sticking up for the badgers!

  42. avatar Kunai Shah says:

    Leona Lewis.

  43. avatar Diana Semionova says:

    Linda McCartney :)

  44. avatar belynda says:

    Everyone is a hero who goes out there to protect the welfare of the animals, animals are such beautiful creatures whatever shape of form they take, they are not ours to do as we please with

  45. avatar JOHN T MEAD says:

    Paul O Grady as I think when he worked for the RSPCA and the work they did and even ended up owning one of the dogs by the end of the first series and spends alot of time working with them!

  46. avatar Susan Willshee says:

    Linda McCartney because even so many years after she passed away, her legacy of eating veggie meals remains stronger than ever

  47. avatar ROS IRWIN says:

    Linda McCartney – she was my inspiration to turn vegetarian and I belive that even all this time after her death her legacy still lives on

  48. avatar Hayley Todd says:

    Tippi Hedren because she founded a wildlife habitat in 1983 called Shambala Preserve which is home to over 70 animals, including African lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, leopards, servals, mountain lions and bobcats. The preserve took in Michael Jackson’s tigers after his death as well as a lion owned by Anton LaVey when he was told by San Francisco city officials that he couldn’t keep a full-grown lion as a pet. Hedren lives on the Shambala site and conducts monthly tours of the preserve for the public. She also played an important part in helping to convince U.S. lawmakers to pass The Captive Wildlife Safety Act in 2003, which limits the private ownership of big cats across the country. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) awarded Hedren with a Lifetime Achievement award.

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