Jude Law's Seal Appeal
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Jude Law’s Seal Appeal

Star speaks up for seals“As an actor who will always consider Britain home, I was proud to learn that the European Union has banned seal-fur imports. In light of next week’s seal-products dispute hearing, I’m writing to urge the panel to uphold this ban, which is in line with the wishes of compassionate people all around the world, including the majority of European citizens.”

So wrote Jude Law to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as it decides whether to overturn the European Union’s ban on importing seal fur at a final hearing in Geneva this week.

The award-winning thespian penned the letter, on behalf of PETA, just days after the start of Canada’s annual seal slaughter, in which club-wielding sealers bash in the heads of thousands of baby animals in order to skin them and sell their soft pelts. The EU, along with all other major markets including Russia and the USA, has banned the import of seal-fur, recognising the cruelty inherent in the seal massacre.

As a result, killing seals is no longer commercially viable, and even the minority of Canadians who traditionally have supported the slaughter are turning against it. Yet rather than ending this violent industry once and for all, the Canadian government is challenging the EU ban as a last-ditch effort to revive the trade.

Jude is not alone in calling on Canada to see sense, and stop the seal slaughter. Native Canadian Pamela Anderson also sent a message to the WTO earlier this year, while huge numbers of people across the globe have been moved to write to the Canadian government about this issue.

We’ll keep you posted on the WTO’s hearing. And, at this crucial moment, you, too, can speak out against the killing of baby seals. Please send a message to Canadian ministers asking them to put a stop to this barbaric and redundant industry now.

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Image: Indian Nomad / CC BY 3.0

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  1. […] “I’m essay to titillate a row to defend this ban, that is in line with a wishes of merciful people all around a world, including a infancy of European citizens,” wrote Law in his minute to a WTO. […]

  2. avatar jill hobson says:

    Please uphold the ban on seal fur imports.

  3. All the best men are real animal advocates. Well done Jude!

  4. Stop the needless killing of seals for profit of so few. They are cornerstone species.

  5. avatar Dawn hollis says:

    This is a sick barbaric and cruel trade and must STOP NOW. Stop anymore seals being clubbed forever.

  6. avatar Susan Howe says:

    Please uphold the ban on seal product imports. It’s what the people want.

  7. Stop this discusting and cruel atrocity. Seals have done nothing 2 us leave them alone!!

  8. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Poor little mites, hope this works.

  9. avatar B. Bailey. says:

    Stop the needless killing of seals. Barbaric and very cruel.

  10. avatar Roz Anderson says:

    Please listen to the humane people in society, this is the way forward in all ways and it starts here with this, today.

  11. avatar lesley parker says:

    please stop this inhumane practise…..we don’t need fur… it belongs on the animals…..let them live….leave them alone

  12. avatar Malgorzata bojczuk says:

    Stop this horrendous cruelty!!! Now!!!

  13. avatar sandra paulden says:

    stop this needless slaughter please

  14. avatar SANDRA SHEPPARD says:

    Please stop this barbaric behaviour. You are only showing the world just what your true nature is.

  15. avatar Genevieve Landon says:

    Please STOP the horrific killings of seals

  16. Please STOP the horrific killings of the seals, this is a disgraceful act like many others on this earth

  17. Please stop this barbaric and sickening slaughter of these beautiful innocent animals, it is wrong to do this. Would you like to see your baby being clubbed to death, these beautiful animals also have feelings, just hear the crys of the mothers when they see their babies being murdered. Stop this now

  18. avatar Alessandra Botta says:

    Please stop the barbaric killing of Seals, the whole world is condemning you

  19. avatar Jen saint says:

    Please stop this – it’s cruel and totally unnecessary!

  20. avatar Branislav Dolejsi says:

    I hope you people realise that seals are important part of an ecosystem that has been disrupted by our pesky needs that can be satisfied by plants or inbred animals. These defenseless animals are daily being slaughtered for fun, just because they can’t strike back. Not only it’s brutal and absolutely inhumane, this shortens the food supply for other proud creatures such as polar bears that are now near extinction , ALSO thanks to human kind. Please, I’m not asking you to pray for them as it’s utterly useless, I’m asking you to stop acting like the worse living thing that nature ever created.

  21. avatar d. savage says:

    The cruelty must stop!

  22. avatar Carolina says:

    I express my support of the seal fur ban in the EU. Thank you very much

  23. avatar Colin smith says:

    No forward thinking, modern day, decent nation or government could condone such a cruel and sick practice in the 21st century. Open your mind and consider the animal welfare issues and not just profit

  24. Please uphold the seal fur ban!

  25. avatar Ben Redford says:

    This evil cruelty has to stop, Let these evil acts be a thing of the past, not the future. There is no need to kill seals for their fur, let alone ANY animal. And all for what? Sport? Money? I can earn money doing Things that are far less evil than killing defenceless and innocent animals, So if I can do that then so can these evil people. This cannot continue, So for the sake of all seals and all wildlife in general, this ban has to stay put

  26. avatar carol elkins says:

    Please stop the barbaric killing of the baby seals………..it is not necessary in this day and age. This sort of behaveor is out of the dark ages.

  27. avatar Veronica says:

    Please stop killing the seals, it is cruel and not nessacary at all. Seals are so lovely, why should they suffer at the cruel hands of men. No one needs to wear fur fur

  28. It warms my heart to see someone like Jude Law start this appeal, he has a voice which is what’s needed here! this awful barbaric ritual has to end! we must rise in numbers against it!! please everyone get involved!!!

  29. Please, there is no need to kill seals, or any other animals, show some compassion and appreciation for them, they are so beautiful. Let’s stop this human greediness and start instead to just love seals and all the other wonderful creatures called animals. Thank you for your kindness.

  30. What right has man to kill any animal for his own greed! These animals have been put on this earth for a reason and that reason is NOT for the benefit of persecution and muder by us human beings!!!
    When will we realise that we dont own this world! we share it!!

  31. avatar elodie says:

    Hope we win! Leave those beautiful animals alone!

  32. avatar Lara Phillips says:

    Please uphold the ban. These wonderful creatures are not for the purpose of fashion and should not be made to suffer in such horrific ways for our wardrobes!!!

  33. avatar Justyna says:

    Please uphold the seal fur ban

  34. avatar Leeanne Wright says:

    Please uphold this ban and leave these beautiful animals alone. Fur should be worn by animals ONLY!!!!

  35. avatar Mandy Haines says:




  37. avatar gill turner says:

    this barbaric killing must be stopped how could anyone think this is acceptable.these are beautiful creatures slaughtered for there skins.

  38. avatar Carmen Wyss says:

    its urgent to uphold the Seal Fur Ban!!!!! Stop slaughtering these innocent gentle creatures!!! there is absolutely NO need for that!!! its disgusting to wear fur and there is no need for it either!!! you can dress up smart and elegant in so many ways.

    let us all stand up for the seals!!!! EACH SEAL SLAUGHTERED IS ONE TO MANY!!!!! AND TOTALLY UNESASCERY!!!

  39. avatar francesca says:

    please please uphold the seal fur bun !!!!!
    Fur should be worn by animals only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. avatar Sherri Lynn says:

    I cannot stress strongly enough how much I want the practice of beating seal pups to death for their fur…or for any other reason…to STOP….RIGHT NOW!!!! No more delays on this matter please….it is 100% cruel….and we humans need to get beyond this level of consciousness where we think it’s ok to do things like this which are so cruel and abusive to others. Life on this beautiful PLANET EARTH NEEDS US HUMANS to show COMPASSION and LOVE for other beings and to RESPECT them and DO TO THEM as we would have others DO or BE TO US!!!!

  41. avatar Anne Nielsen says:

    This barbaric practice of killing seals for their fur is barbaric and completely disgusting! This has to stop NOW!!!

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  44. […] affiliates, including celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Joan Jett, Iggy Pop, Ke$ha, and Jude Law and Rhys Ifans, who wrote to the WTO on behalf of PETA and our affiliates urging it to do the right […]

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