CLOSED: Win Fabulous Cruelty-Free Hair Products From biOrganics
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CLOSED: Win Fabulous Cruelty-Free Hair Products From biOrganics

In case you missed it, we’ve just seen a momentous step forward for the campaign against animal testing in Europe, with the new EU ban on cosmetics testing coming into force.

To celebrate, we have seven sets of luxurious cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner to give away, courtesy of biOrganics, an ethical company that makes compassion towards animals a priority. biOrganics quite rightly believes that no animal should suffer for the sake of beauty, and it refused to test on animals long before not testing became a legal requirement. What’s more, its professional (and completely vegan) products will leave you with beautiful, healthy and totally show-off-able hair!

The competition has now closed, but thank you for all your great comments!

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  1. Being beautiful inside and out is the answer. I’ve recently adopted a vegan lifestyle. My hair and my skin look and feel so much healthier. I have more energy and feel good about not contributing in any way to animal cruelty. I have been using Beauty Without Cruelty products for some time and i highly recommend their aloe vera soap. You can buy these products from Oxfam where you will also help a very worthwhile charity. Lush Karma range of toiletries are lovely too…amazing smell!

  2. avatar Carla Rodbard says:

    I have suffered with acne since I was pre-teens, and now at 25 I still have to be careful about which make up and skin care products I use. I used to find it all a hassle and would be lazy about looking after my skin, even after years of bullying and expensive medication. But in the last couple of years, and even more so since going vegetarian and avoiding anything that is from animal testing companies, I really enjoy having a routine. I currently love cleanser, moisturiser and shampoo from Lush, as well as Superdrug own-brand cleansers and Neal’s Yard Remedies moisturiser and hand cream – NYR are organic, they took a while to find but a lot of their products are vegan friendly too.

  3. avatar Nicky R says:

    look for products and foods with as few ingredients as possible. I use extra virgin coconut oil as a body scrub (with sugar) or moisturiser, or hair treatment. I also use Trilogy rosehip oil as a moisturiser (an added bonus is the tomato seed oil in it which gives a tiny hint of colour) I also use borage oil to moisturise and in food as borage flowers are supposed to ‘induce euphoria’ :-) I have been a vegetarian for 21 years and I eat lots of organic veg and a small amount of organic fruit. People always think I’m younger than my age because I have few wrinkles and look healthy. My best tip is – vote with your feet! Don’t stand for cruelty!

  4. avatar Angela Jacobs says:

    I have been using Shea Butter, raw available online, for years as my body butter. Just mix a tee spoon size amount with an equal amount of aloe vera and rub them together, voila, your perfect butter with moisture!!

  5. It’s all about what you put in; if you eat lovely fresh fruity fragrant things, then you’ll be lovely and fresh. If you think gentle sweet thoughts, then you’ll have a sweet gentle expression. Everyone tells me I have great skin and I look really young and I’ve only ever used cruelty free plant based products.

  6. avatar Patsy says:

    Live a healthy happy Life. Follow a vegetarian diet, eat organic when you can – grow your own if you can, even in flower borders or in pots. They taste much better too.
    Use natural organic products, cruelty free of course, checked on PETA list. Neals Yard Organic is the only company I know that is truly Organic and contains no chemicals at all.
    Exercise, fresh air and most important – SMILE and be positive in life. :)

  7. avatar Sara Kjær says:

    Make the beauty glow from the inside out! Personally, the only beauty product I use is an organic and cruelty-free shampoo, otherwise I just make sure to get plenty of water, eat a varied diet with lots of fruit and greens, exercise on a daily basis and be as happy and positive as possible. That makes both my mood, personality and body look great.

  8. avatar catherine says:

    I live very simply as i find alot of cruelty free products expensive for my current ecconomic lifestyle .I dont let that stop me though i research alot in to alternative ways like essential oils ,or other homemade creams etc i make .i would love to try these products though as i want my daughter to know what she should be aiming to use on her own skin etc,and for me its just not possible for me to indulge me or her.:))

  9. avatar Hash says:

    When buying cruelty free i always check the parent company. Aveda is owned by Estée Lauder, The Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal and Liz Earle is owned by Avon. I only buy products from brands without horrific parent companies to avoid funding cruelty.

    • avatar Laura Canfield says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Hash.

      I use Twitter to ask the companies direct about their policies, which is great when you receive a reply. I received responses from some big companies with disappointing outcomes but at least they replied, but Tesco and M&S have been very helpful. I just wish those companies that don’t test would say so on their packaging to save us having to do the research, which would also raise awareness that products obviously are tested on animals and alternatives are out there.

      Tesco claim that this is “too confusing” for their customers but I don’t see how that can be – everyone can read “Not tested on animals” and knows what a V stands for!

      I also seek advice from my online cruelty-free boffins @veggiegirl2011 and @Alexgladwinx whenever I have a question about a product or brand. They’re always happy to help :)

  10. avatar Helen Coupe says:

    I look for the ‘leaping bunny’ logo on products as I started to get disillusioned by ambiguous statements on products like ‘against animal testing’ or ‘we research into alternatives to animal testing’ – it was unclear if the product or its ingredients had truly not been tested on.
    I particularly like Co-op products as, not only do they have cruelty free household products as well as toiletries, but they put the Leaping Bunny logo on the FRONT of their items! They are proud of their status and it saves time constantly picking up and putting down products elsewhere to find the label hidden on the back!

  11. avatar Sean Ashley says:

    Sorry this is quite a short answer, but I just shop at Lush.

  12. avatar Jenny Wright says:

    I use Coconut Oil for everything. My hands, body and face. I melt coconut extra virgin coconut oil in my hands for a body oil. It’s great for healing splits on your hands. For a hair conditioner you can do the same and leave it on your hair for 30 minutes to an hour and then shampoo out. It makes your scalp feel nice and hair soft and supple.

    For inflamed skin I grow my own Calendula and fill a jam jar up with the flowers and pour over extra virgin olive oil. Put the lid on and leave on a sunny window sill for 2 weeks for the magical properties to infuse into the oil. This oil is great for eczema and sensitive skin.

    For an exfoliator I mix oats and either Coconut oil or Olive oil together.

    Henna and Coffee mixed together makes a lovely colour hair dye and tones down the orange a bit.

  13. avatar Eloise Heal says:

    I suffer immensely with my teenage acne, and have made a conscious effort to use products not tested on animals. If a product is tested on animals, I will make a point of boycotting the brand completely, and getting my friends to join me in doing so. This goes for other companies too, but beauty products especially due to the horrific images I have seen of animals who have been tested on in the past. I try not to use too much make up, so it’s mainly hair and face cleanliness products, but sometimes those can be the products most often tested on poor, defenceless animals.
    I also use home remedies, such as ground coffee and olive oil to rub into cellulite areas to tighten my skin with the caffeine. Another home remedy I use is a honey and oat face mask, as manuka honey is an antiseptic and antihistamine (it used to be used to heal corrosive skin disease) and oats are nourishing and will rid you of any dead skin cells – all without any cruelty.

  14. 1. Cleanse face with the inside of orange peels (leaves skin soft with a beautiful glow)
    2. Brush teeth with Baking Soda (#bestwhitenerever)
    3. Moisterize with coconut oil (if you wear coconut oil and tan, you will have the most beautiful even tone ever
    4. Dye hair with Henna (not only does the henna give you luxurious body, and soft hair, your dye job gets better with age!)
    5. Use body oil instead of deodorant ( smells better, lasts longer, less chemicals and does not leave marks on clothes, if you let it dry)
    6. Aloe Vera is great hair gel
    7. Charcoal pencils make amazing eyeliner (#betterthanmac)
    8. Apply tea tree oil to mosquito bites to get ride if redness and swelling (ironically enough, mosquitoes hate tea tree oil)
    9. Chunks of cement make great pumice stones
    10. Face masks made of mud redeem the clarity your skin may lack

  15. avatar Victoria says:

    One of the things people often forget is that most commercial hair dyes not only contain irritants and toxic substances but are also involved in horrific animal testing regimes – products like Logona and Its Pure Organics use natural ingredients that are not animal tested , as these often aren’t available in department stores/Boots I use or One to avoid is

  16. avatar Alice says:

    I have been making the switch from nasty mainstream products to cruelty-free veggie ones over the last few months, and have managed to replace almost everything!
    I have found that Naked does great shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products and Good Things is great for skin care.
    I buy face wipes and toothpaste at the supermarket, Co-op and Asda both label their products with a V and are against animal testing. I don’t know if all Sainsbury’s products are, but many have the leaping bunny symbol. Also, Co-op and Asda have their own (cheaper) range of household cleaning products that are good for the environment and animals, and they’re great!
    Lush is great for luxuries like face masks and yummy soap, and Dr Organic (I buy it in Holland and Barrett) does lovely lavender deodorant and argan oil.
    There are just a few areas that I haven’t got covered yet – I usually use Veet hair removal cream – is there a good swap for that?! And do beauty salons use cruelty-free wax, etc? I usually get my eyebrows waxed!
    I have triend Aveda and Body Shop make-up but I now know that they are not 100% safe choices. I tried make-up from Lush but I felt that it wasn’t a good consistency for my skin. Any tips for good make-up would really be appreciated!

  17. avatar Sophie armitage says:

    After been an animal lover all my life I have only recently decided to become a vegetarian and I feel so much better on the inside and on the out. My skin is more glowing and I feel like I should of done this a long time ago! I have just discovered an app on the iPhone which I love!! Called cruelty free… It tells you all the companies that do not do any form of animal testing on their products! From bath soaps, to baby care to make up to house hold cleaners! I’m obsessed already and looking through it all none of the leading brands we all know are part of this which has really opened my eyes! Obviously the Body shop is and that will always be my favourite body care store!

  18. avatar Carole S says:

    Beauty is in the simplest things – seeing it in nature is the start of seeing it in youself and others. Being happy in yourself is the best beauty advice and I would feel bad if I knew that animals had suffered to produce beauty products for me. I check that all beauty products are cruelty free and always give cruelty free gifts to friends and relatives with explanations of why they are better.
    The best skin lotions, shampoos and conditioners all have a natural base and are also cruelty free – beauty is being in harmony with nature, animals and yourself. Start small and save the world.

  19. avatar Nicky R says:

    just wanted to say some great comments on here, I’m learning a lot so thanks everyone! x

  20. avatar RachelD says:

    * For a natural hair conditioning treatment – massage a small amount of olive oil from scalp/root to tip into damp hair. No need to rinse.
    * An excellent natural cleanser/toner – 1 part lemon juice to 3 parts water. Use a cotton pad or cloth to dab the skin. Leave for 5 minutes max, this gives the lemons time to cleanse the face and balances PH levels on the skin, then rinse with cold water. You may find your face starts itching if you leave it too long but don’t worry, this is due to it’s acidic properties, it won’t harm you but might irritate.
    * Try adding honey to the lemon and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing makes a soothing face mask. Or add avocado for a hair mask, particularly for highlighted hair. Ensure you rinse thoroughly :)
    * Coconut water can be applied neat to the face as an astringent.
    * I also use Forever Living Products propolis cream to improve skin tone and help with irritations or spots. Propolis is what bees line their hives with to keep them sterile and due to its antibacterial properties makes the inside of a hive safer than most operating theatres in hospitals! Totally natural and cruelty free with soothing aloe vera – I swear by it :)

  21. avatar Emma Kyne says:

    It’s amazing what a little research can produce in regards to natural beauty treatments & the best vegan make up to try! I’ve discovered how amazing rose hip oil is for wrinkles & sun spots, virgin coconut oil for blemishes , dry scalp & skin and fantastic apple cider vinegar for scalp problems & as a final rinse!
    I have discovered Inika cosmetics, they are fully vegan organic & fabulous, they’re mineral collections do a great job and the primer and liquid foundation are light and let your skin breathe & stay healthy too.
    To top it off we’ve started eating much more raw food and the difference in my skin is amazing! The delights of what you can create with raw food are outstanding a d so tasty & my teenage sons acne is more or less gone! Use the power of the web to find out what you can use from Mother Earth I guarantee its worth it!

  22. avatar Sarita Parmar says:

    After washing your face in the evening, remove stubborn mascara using an ear bud dipped in almond oil. Use the dry side of the bud to sweep off the excess oil. Not only will the eye makeup glide right off to leave fresh naked eyes but you will have longer eyelashes in just weeks! If you have gaps in your eyebrows, brush some almond oil in the desired area of the gappy eyebrow and watch a beautiful growth again, in just weeks. This is a must try.

  23. avatar Anna says:

    For my sensitive skin I use mostly homemade cosmetics, instead of chemical productions from drugstore. The effect is not so spectacular at once, but the patience will be paid back. The ingredients of natural cosmetics can be found in the kitchen. Shiny hair, skin as silk, isn’t it worth waiting?
    1. Against cellulite which we women all hate a mixture of coffee, salt with some soap used to massage belly, tights, and butt after shower and rinsed with water.
    2. For hair removal all over the body sugar paste from sugar, water and lemon juice. And for the eyebrows simply threadening.
    3. For removal dead cells: green tea, orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, papaya fruit boil together and when cooled down, and applied on the skin all over the body and left for 10 minutes. Then with help of LE KESSEL bath glove the dead cells can be removed more effectively during shower, well you will see as much skin as the snake leaves, but then the skin is like a silk.
    4. To remove the dead skin from mouth massage with sugar placed on the toothbrush.
    5. For cleaning the pores: warm a spoon of gelatine with milk and applied on face, wait a little bit but do not leave too dry and peel it off and the dirt, oil is removed.
    6. For irritated skin, e.g., after hair removal, either aloe vera juice or virgin olive oil.
    7. Virgin olive oil is also great for hair so they grow faster and stronger. It can be used as a mask at the ends of hair, and a little bit on the scalp, and then rinsed with shampoo without silicones.
    8. As an antiperspirant I use baking soda with a drop of water under the armpit. I do not sweat and no odor even during work out.
    9. To remove swelling from face in the morning, I use ice cubes made of green tea and a drop of grapefruit seed oil.
    10. For the spots aspirin mask: mix 3 uncoated tablet, honey, water and apply onto your face and exfoliate a little bit, leave for a while and rinse.

    All love to make my own cosmetics, apply them on the skin. This is my ritual and it makes me as though I am an alchemist making magical mixtures ;)

  24. avatar Beka Meyers says:

    I am now in the transition period to alternative lifestyle and should probably try those products too.

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