First Class! China Eastern Airlines Stops Shipping Primates to Labs
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First Class! China Eastern Airlines Stops Shipping Primates to Labs

Woohoo! Yet another airline has seen the light and taken a stand against trafficking monkeys for cruel animal tests. Following a campaign by PETA US that included public protests, a flood of phone calls and hundreds of e-mails and tweets, China Eastern Airlines today announced that it has ended “transportation of laboratory primates as of Mar. 01, 2013″.

More than 10,000 monkeys were shipped to the US from China in 2012 to be cut up, poisoned, drugged and killed. The best part of this victory is that it effectively ends the export of monkeys from China altogether. China Eastern was the only airline still transporting Chinese monkeys to overseas labs, so now that it’s joined Air China and China Southern Airlines in refusing these grim shipments, animal experimenters are running out of options.

Primates will no longer be shipped from China!

That leaves only three major airlines in the world which continue to transport primates destined for experiments – Air France, Philippine Airlines and Vietnam Airlines – and we’re working hard to get them to change their ways! Please help us tell Air France to stop facilitating the torment and mutilation of monkeys.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    The earth would be a great place for primates if all humans were deported to another planet.

  2. avatar Cat says:

    Brian, we come from chimps,they will just evolve more of us.

  3. avatar Jain Sphinx says:

    Actually we don’t come from chimps, Cat. Google about evolution and learn.

    I totally agree with you, Brian. At least deport non-vegans so that the enlightened can get on with giving something back to the planet instead of raping and exploiting it and everything on it.

  4. avatar Muriel Servaege says:

    Thank you, China. I agree with Brien: the earth would be a much better place for primates if there were no humans.

  5. avatar NealB_AR says:

    Like it or not to the reality is that the earth would be a better place for EVERONE else if the were no humans. Given that humans represent only 0.1% of the earth’s biomass it seems that the current status quo is extremely undemocratic! R

  6. avatar carmine natale says:

    stop it

  7. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    stop shipping animals.

  8. […] your help, we’ve seen airline after airline stop transporting monkeys to laboratories. Now only two major airlines are left: China Southern […]

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