A Top Message From Topshop: Keep Wildlife out of Your Wardrobe
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A Top Message From Topshop: Keep Wildlife out of Your Wardrobe

Not content with simply keeping fur and exotic skins out of their stores, Topshop has gone the extra mile by dedicating a whole window display in its flagship Oxford Street store to spreading the message that exotic skins belong in the wild, not in your wardrobe!

Topshop exotic skins window full view (small)

The high-street fashion leader (and recent Vegan Fashion Award winner) has teamed up with PETA to create the eye-catching display to remind people that snakes, alligators and other animals suffer unimaginably for their skins. And at the same time, it’s celebrating ethical fashion. After all, why wear an item that an animal bled and died for when there are so many chic, cruelty-free alternatives available?

In the exotic-skins industry, snakes are commonly nailed to trees and skinned alive, and alligators and lizards are bludgeoned with hammers. It often takes several agonising hours for the animals to die, usually from shock or dehydration. Watch this shocking exposé narrated by Joaquin Phoenix to learn more about the suffering that lies behind those snakeskin shoes or that alligator handbag. Reptiles may be cold-blooded, but they experience pain just the same way that we do – so wearing their skins is just plain cold-hearted.

Topshop exotic skins window close-up (small)

This isn’t the first time that Topshop has joined forces with PETA to show its opposition to cruel fashion, and we’re sure it won’t be the last! So please follow Topshop’s lead and that of countless other ethical companies, designers and fashion icons – pledge to keep wildlife out of your wardrobe:

Take the pledge


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  1. […] PETA and Topshop have partnered on several other occasions to oppose the cruel fur and exotic-skins trades. Topshop was recently presented with a PETA-Approved Vegan Fashion Award in the category of Most Stylish Women’s Knitwear for the company’s trendy cream-and-lime jumper. […]

  2. avatar naomi cohen says:

    fur belongs on the backs of animals that were born with it.

  3. avatar Samantha B. says:

    But don’t they still sell leather?

    • avatar Niccy says:

      i was about to write the same thing! Peta i’d be interested to hear your response? i mean, its good they are so publicly supporting this campaign, but to say they are ethical and cruelty-free when they do sell leather (and maybe some wool?) is just not accurate.

  4. […] their shoppers to pledge to keep furs and exotic skins out of their wardrobes, you can head over to here to take the pledge […]

  5. avatar John Carmody says:

    Fantastic work Top Shop and PETA.

  6. avatar Laura says:

    Great that they’ve done this for fur, and ‘exotic’ skins, but, as mentioned above, what about leather, and even materials like wool, and silk. Many animals suffer, for the production of leather and wool, which some people don’t always realise. People often assume that leather is just a by-product of the meat industry, but it’s a completely different industry all together. As for wool, sheep aren’t always kept in the best conditions, and can suffer, if they’re sheered quickly, to save time and money. There are some companies who ethically produce wool, and really take care of their sheep, but some are a different story.

    • avatar Julie Wilson says:

      I think we have to look at it as a step in the right direction. I’m vegan so opposed to any kind of animal products being used, but once people are encouraged to think about the suffering of one type of animal, it can lead to more awareness of the suffering of animals as a whole. So any progress is good.

  7. avatar Leanna Moran says:

    I’ve seen sheepskin jackets in Topshop recently, and feather shawls…how is this a vegan approach to fashion, there surely is no ethical way to fund leather and skin/fur trade….

  8. avatar Victoria says:

    It’s great that Topshop are doing this. To those of you asking why they still sell leather, it’s because this campaign is against ‘exotic skins’ and leather is not considered an exotic skin. It’s often, but not always, a bi-product of the meat industry where animals are reared specifically for this in mind, which isn’t always the case with exotic skins, such as python. Having said that, I’m vegetarian and never buy real leather or any animal products for fashion. There are so many good quality synthetic products these days that animals don’t need to die for the fashion industry.

  9. avatar Sophie says:

    I think this is absolutely a step in the right direction, as a high street store Topshop has immense fashion influence and this sends out a really good message. On the other hand I would be really interested to find out what there stance is on leather (as previously brought up) as well as their stance on animal testing? I understand they sell cosmetics, of which I have tried none because I have not yet had clear confirmation that any of it is indeed cruelty free.

  10. […] Lauren and Stella McCartney leave fur out of their designs. Even on the high street, icons such as Topshop, H&M and New Look are fur- and […]

  11. […] of Your Wardrobe”. It goes on to urge shoppers to visit PETA UK’s website to sign a pledge never to wear exotic […]

  12. avatar Anni Rumble says:

    Get them to pay tax now, and you’re onto a real winner! I dislike the fact that they garner headlines and good publicity by doing this kind of thing, but behind the scenes are still refusing to pay tax like the rest of us “little” people. Come on, Phillip Green, pay up!

  13. avatar maureen whitehurst says:

    Thank you TOPSHOP we appreciate what you are doing.

  14. avatar LIz says:

    Way to go Top Shop … love you’s.
    Will definitley shop there next time I am in London. Hope to see a similar window dispaly too.
    Great stuff!

  15. avatar Jen says:

    This is awesome!! I had heard of them but haven’t shopped there before, I definitely will now!

  16. avatar Katy says:

    I noticed the other day whilst in this store that they are selling a range of headbands made from real fur….

  17. avatar Katy says:

    …sorry, meant to say, they are on the ground floor with all the bags, accessories, etc. I did not have time to go to the sales assistants and point this out unfortunately.

  18. This is a great step forward for a high street store to campaign as boldly as this! It would be wonderful to see others following their stance. Fashion does not NEED fur or wildlife products. The technology is around to produce brilliant imitations – so the cruel trade in animal products for fashion is completely unjustified. Well done TopShop!

  19. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    keep wardrobe, animal friendly.

  20. avatar Alana says:

    I find it near impossible to buy a hand bag or pair of shoes in Topshop as they are all leather. I nearly got my hopes up the other day before realising they had sewn a leather insole into a pair of shoes I liked. Far from ethical.

  21. Great news about Top Shop!
    It is the industry leaders that will reflect public attitudes, assuming the public ASK
    for cruelty free products.
    Ok they sells leather etc but like someone quite rightly pointed out, it makes people start to think.
    This is key in our campaigns.
    We fully support PETA

  22. Excellent Bravo!!!!!!!!!

  23. […] much as a stitch of exotic (or any) leather down the runway. And trendsetting U.K.-based retailer Topshop recently took a walk on the wildlife‘s side when it teamed up with PETA U.K. to make over the […]

  24. avatar anonymous says:

    it is cruel how these exotic animals are treated and inhumanely killed but the leather is off of a cow that we british have humanely killed for meat and we have used the skin for the bags, shoes etc so stop moaning to PETA about wool and silk because the wool comes from sheep that are farmed for there wool and there fur grows back there fur is shaven of for the summer so they dont other heat and silk comes from moths, butterflys etc but that are also farmed for there cocoons but they are not harmed in any way because of this but those exotic animals are!

  25. avatar You people are crazy says:

    the reason topshop refuses to sell exotic furs is because it’s illegal. there is nothing wrong with leather and beef in general. the only reason there are so many cows is that people want to eat them. without people eating meat, the farm animal population would drop drastically

  26. avatar M.A says:

    I don’t understand. TopShop states that they are “keeping fur” out of their shelves & yet you can easily find angora (rabbit) fur eg. in their knitwear products. Do you know how rabbits are treated in the farms just so their fur can be used for the sake of fashion? It’s cruel & inhumane. PETA has even created a pledge against angora fur but to say that they are cruelty-free is not even accurate.

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