A Taste of Cruelty – PETA Founder Force-Fed Outside Fortnum & Mason
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A Taste of Cruelty – PETA Founder Force-Fed Outside Fortnum & Mason

Ingid Newkirk Fortnum and Mason Goose

Animal abusers beware – Ingrid E Newkirk is in town! On her flying visit to London this week, the PETA founder got straight down to business by paying a visit to Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly. She wasn’t there to shop, however. Instead, the fearless lady was bound with ropes and “force-fed” by a man holding a tube and funnel, in order to graphically illustrate what happens to geese on foie gras farms.

Foie gras is universally condemned because of the suffering that its production causes birds, and it has been dropped by stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Yet astoundingly, Fortnum & Mason is still selling it. It seems the retailer just doesn’t care that this product is cruel, wrong and distinctly un-British.

After today’s shocking demonstration, Fortnum & Mason’s bosses and their customers should be in no doubt about where this revolting product comes from. “PETA wants to give Fortnum & Mason patrons a true taste of the main ingredient in every bite of foie gras – animal abuse”, Ingrid explained, once the force-feeding tube was taken out of her mouth.

Eating a tortured animal’s diseased liver really isn’t appetising – but that’s exactly what foie gras is. Ducks and geese have pipes shoved down their throats and have huge amounts of grain pumped into their stomachs several times a day until they become ill and their livers swell to 10 times their normal size. Then they’re killed.

Given the huge opposition to the foul foodstuff, we’re certain that its days are numbered in Britain. But we still need your help to persuade Fortnum & Mason to throw out foie gras – please take action today.

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  1. avatar jaana jaakkola says:

    Stop med all production of foie grass!! END ALL FOIE GRASS FARMS; there is nothing else than horrible abuse and torture of animals!! END AND STOP FOIE GRASS for ever!

  2. avatar Holly T says:

    Sick, greedy bastards.

  3. avatar Janice Featherstone says:

    Please end this torture now

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      Let’s face it, foie gras is seriously ludicrously unbelievably overrated, and not even the world’s dumbest animal abuser (which is what peta president Ingrid Newkirk is thanks to the craziest least sane animal-killing shenanigan in this galaxy) deserves to be treated like this!

  4. avatar Lorraine says:

    My god this is disgusting why?????

    • avatar Elle says:

      I find this very disturbing and not something I’d want my children to see, surely there are better ways to get a point across. This just makes people dig their heels in disgust and turn away.
      I agree the practice should be stopped but I do not agree with these methods of ‘protest’. Show me facts and figures, not images and abuse.

  5. avatar crystal morrison says:

    stop this crap!! it disgusts me!!

  6. avatar WAYNE ILES says:

    Thank you Ingrid for doing this. These people need to know how sick this torture is for these animals.

  7. avatar pets says:

    They should have a taste of their own medicine, especially those Chinese people. They are the ones cruel to animals and must be brought down to justice. It seems so barbaric how they treat living things.

  8. avatar Claudine Erlandson says:

    Ingrid is my hero! She is bringing up the truth about foie gras. This gavage is so cruel and barbaric. It must stop! If only store would stop selling foie gras and restaurants stop serving it! It’s the right thing to do. Bravo Ingrid! The Animals thank you and love you!

  9. avatar Freda Dominy says:

    this is so sickening and needs to be stopped , how would you like that done to you

  10. avatar Kerry Holden says:

    Well done Ingrid Newkirk. People are ignorant of the facts (or turn a blind eye to the cruelty involved) and hopefully, if even one person, who would normally eat foie gras saw this and realised it is such a wicked practice, stops consuming it, it would have been worthwhile.

    It doesn’t look very good outside the store that sells it either does it!

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      Good thing Ingrid Newkirk had her evil laugh BEFORE this lunacy because any spineless coward can shun foie gras!

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