Olivia Munn speaks out about fur
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Why Is Olivia Munn Heartbroken?

After watching never-before-seen images of animals who were electrocuted, strangled and skinned alive on Chinese fur farms, Olivia Munn was shocked and sickened – as any kind-hearted person would be.

The Iron Man 2 star and long-time fur opponent narrates the hard-hitting new video, which she describes as “one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen.” It features harrowing scenes of workers who bludgeoned raccoon dogs, cut off rabbits’ heads, and ripped the fur off animals’ bodies as they writhed in pain, still conscious. It’s not an easy watch, but it’s a must-see for anyone who has ever been tempted to wear fur.

It also reveals another disturbing truth – the little-known fact that a lot of fur on garments comes from cats and dogs. Fur from China is often mislabelled so that consumers have no idea that what they’re wearing might once have been a beloved family companion animal.

Olivia’s advice? “Watch PETA’s video. It shows exactly where—and who—that coat or that ‘little bit’ of trim came from.” And after facing up to the reality of fur, please make a promise for animals – pledge to go fur-free from now on.

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  1. stop this hideous treatment of these animals for fur go fur free

  2. avatar Nicola Marsden says:

    This needs to stop!!! What the hell is wrong with you??!!

  3. avatar Brenda Baskerville says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would want to subject any creature to this horror. It’s totally barbaric !!!!

  4. avatar Will Harvey says:

    What is wrong with these people. Watching ritual cruelty is the cornerstone of fascism apart from anything else. Vanity and greed… shame on all who contribute to this

  5. avatar janice says:

    this is just sick that people can do that to defenceless animals is sick its about time its stopped and the people should be arrested for the cruel sick way they treat these poor creatures

  6. avatar Sharon Brock says:

    I can’t watch the video it will upset me too much but I can imagine the horrific cruelty that happens:(This must be stopped!!!

    • I watched part of this video on Facebook – I couldn’t watch the entire thing as it upset me too much. The image of that animal which had just been skinned alive and looked directly towards the camera has haunted me for nearly a week now, and I’ve cried myself to sleep for several days as I can’t get the image of this dying and suffering animal out of my head. I feel that China should be sanctioned by the rest of the world in the way that South Africa was over apartheid and the people involved arrested and charged with animal cruelty. It is the only way that this disgusting practice will be stopped. Animals have rights too and to inflict this kind of suffering on defenceless animals is barabaric -unfortunately, one only has to see the way in which China treats its own human citizens to realise that they care little for the sanctity of life – whether it be human or animal.

  7. avatar sally walker says:

    how can this go on, these people should be skinned alive, humans have no humanity

  8. avatar Veronica says:

    This is a cruel vile act, these people are wicked, and all for money from the fur. Shame on them. I feel heartbroken for the poor animals. This has to stop now. I would never go to China.

  9. avatar Charmaine Scammell says:

    It is not possible for me to “LIKE” this, how can I like something that is absolutely disgusting and cruel and must be stopped!!!!

  10. avatar Veronica says:

    Veronica again, I did watch this Video, these poor animals, sometimes they are still alive after the farmer has done the dirty deed. I hate ( and this is a strong word for me) men and felt like punching them. How dare they do this to the dear animals. How would they feel if they were skinned alive. Please please get this stopped. And people stop wearing fur then there wouldn’t be a market for it

  11. avatar Yvonne Halls says:

    I couldn`t watch the vidio the write up gave me enough of a picture.Someone somewhere must be able to help these poor animals.Perhaps if we knew the people buying the fur they could be approached and shown the video so they can stop buying.There must be a law somewhere to stop this,if there isn`t there should be.

  12. avatar Amy Barrass says:

    I won’t watch the clip because i’d be physically sick and sobbing but I know what goes on. It’s barbaric and disgusting and the same treatment should be given to those that inflict it on the petrified innocent animals. My heart bleeds.

  13. avatar DELMIRA says:


  14. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    There is no country in the world more inhumane, cruel, evil, barabaric and monstrous to animals than China. The world allows them to get away with animal massacres, rhino and elephant poaching and being the biggest perpettors funding the slaughter of endangered species throughout the world

  15. avatar Sean c says:

    In 2012 we had kony now it’s 2013 and this should be our new aim

  16. avatar Jane B says:

    I’ve watched this horrific video and I couldn’t stop crying. I have never seen anything so evil in my life. I signed up to donate monthly to PETA right away. I just hope so many others donate too, this has got to stop immediately. I cannot believe they are skinning animals that are still alive!!!! The clip of the raccoon will haunt me forever.

  17. avatar Carol says:

    This cruelty is beyond words! I have tried to put my thoughts about this down in words, but they are totally inadequate. Why does the world sit back and allow this treatment of animals to continue??

  18. avatar Kathy Mullins says:

    Thankyou Olivia for showing this to the World, we needed to know about it. This video makes me SO ANGRY and SO SICK! How can those bastards do what they do to those poor defenseless animals and not show any feeling at all? HEARTLESS ! I cannot believe that in this day and age such an atrocity is allowed to continue…IT HAS TO STOP !!!!!!!!!

  19. avatar becky says:

    is there anything that can be done to stop this? it just so barbaric and cruel, this should go public let the whole worl see. it just so cruel they can’t get get away with this

  20. avatar sharon says:

    Im ashamed to live on the same planet as these monsters. I watched a small clipping of this video and it tore my heart to shreds, its very disturbing. Yet the people doing it are made of the same stuff as me and It doesnt bother them. This world is a cruel evil place for any animal. The world needs to change and fast..I cant take much more of the evil that runs it.

  21. avatar Melanie says:

    Callous , cruel treatment of of these gifts of nature will continue as long as people are willing to pay !! The large amounts of money charged for these fashion end products is the biggest reason this behaviour continues .
    So as long we want to and will wear it , this cruel business will thrive ! And as cruel and disgusting as the farming / harvesting of these products is , I somehow doubt these are the people getting the big money . The big money ends up at the end of the fashion line.
    Far above the changes in laws and protection acts , the biggest deterrent to this business is the lack of customers / users .

    The whole business is disgusting , offensive and beyond my comprehension .

  22. avatar Jack L says:

    Why can’t we wait for animals to MOULT and then use the fur… i eat ETHICAL meat (read: i hunt it myself) and i KNOW where it came from… one shot and the animal dies instantly, no pain, and it tastes much more vibrant as the animal has had a varied dier.

  23. avatar Deb says:

    I saw this video yesterday and it’s going to haunt me for – I don’t know – possibly forever. The horror starts from second one but the clip towards the end that showed that raccoon dog lifting it’s head and looking into the camera shocked me more than anything I’ve ever seen. What the f**k is wrong with these ‘people’??? I have to say I’ve tended to associate PETA with extremists in the past but in this case I’m with you 100%

    No matter what arguments you care to put forward, there is absolutely no excuse for inflicting suffering on an animal. Ever. We should treat animals as we would wish to be treated. I’m not going to say ‘humanely’ as I don’t associate the word ‘human’ with what I consider to be normal, decent behaviour. I wish Homo sapiens would go extinct.

  24. avatar Kate Rowlands says:

    This is the most horrific thing I have ever seen. I couldn’t stop crying. I honestly don’t know how people can be so cruel. We must get this stopped ASAP!

  25. avatar CHERRY says:

    I have just watched the video. I steeled myself before, but nothing could have prepared me for this…….I am so shocked and appalled, I cannot speak right now. I never have or will wear fur, but I have signed the petition to try and end this vile trade. Please, if you are reading this do the same. I have posted it on Twitter and Facebook too. :(

  26. avatar falcon says:

    i am extremely sorry to have to say this but it seems we in the west basically get the horror and want it to stop instantly ……..however it is the countries where this goes on as an almost daily occurance that need to be targeted……korea china thailand etc …….lovely countries …lovely people ….holiday destinations …..but hiding under the cloak of “” oh well it has always been this way …why are you worried about a silly cat..dog etc …for us it is only food or a product “”…..untill this grotesque attitude can be shown up and embarrass the country concerned nothing will change…..i have even had to endure a chinese man explaining in pretty graphic detail how you drown a cat to make soup without getting torn to shreds ……container of water ..full …tight fitting lid ….cat in ….lid on ….no problem……appaling but true ….said in such a matter of fact way …that he seemed to find it amusing that we didnt do it that way….its the consumer mad east that should e the target

  27. avatar Laura Warburton says:

    I have never seen anything like this! This is deeply disturbing for animal lovers like myself, I will deffinatly be buying a T-shirt from this website to support this cause and to bring this to an end.

  28. avatar Kelly says:

    I watched the video a few days ago, and I cant stop thinking about how those animals feel, the pain, the fear. What pointless lives, and horrific deaths. What can be done? I’ve signed to donate regularly. I’ve contacted PETA and received various leaflets i will distribute in public places. I’ve ordered some clothes to wear to promote the issues. But it doesn’t seem enough, not at all. I want to go the China, I want to find these fur farms and destroy them. China has always been a country that does what it wants, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks of it. Babies by the side of the road, Tiananmen Square and this. I’ve shown the video to a few friends, and they just want to stop watching it and quickly forget that this is happening, but i cant.

  29. avatar Paul Tempany says:

    I found the video almost beyond belief. Yet I have seen one similar about 10 years ago. About 15 years ago, fur in the UK had virtually disappeared in all fashion areas, but it has crept back in. Why? The only way to make these countries, especially China sit up is to stop buying Chinese. No, stopping going on holiday to these places is not enough. Not just not buying fur, buying nothing Chinese. Maybe the horse meat scare will make consumers in the West start to ask where their purchases come from and why they’re cheap?

  30. avatar amanda says:

    A lot of Asian boutiques are selling fur, mainly fur hats. The labels state made in China. They are cheap, just a couple of pound, so a lot of people are buying them without knowing the background.

    Certain religions/cultures do not have any care about other living creatures. They purport to worship a God. They try to convince other people that this God is the creator and architect of everything. Well, if they respected the artist they would respect the artists work and treat it as priceless. By treating the artists work with such blatant disregard they are showing just how little they actually think of their God.

  31. avatar lindsey says:

    I too have been deeply disturbed by this shameful,barbaric act of cruelty.
    Done for the love of money and vanity.
    I have now made a vow not to buy anything that has been made in/sold from that country as it is the only thing I can think of , to do anything about this, although it is a small thing.
    Is there a petition to sign to put pressure on those countries responsible?
    I definitely would sign it.
    CANNOT believe how any person could bring themselves to do that for a living!
    They are a disgusting excuse for human beings, hope that karma will come around qucikly to them.

  32. avatar Zen Malik says:

    A Barrister friend of mine visited China a couple of years ago, she is a long standing member of Peta and introduced me to this amazing organisation. I joined after she told me of the horrific graphic film she and a friend were shown while over in China, of a German Shepherd dog being skinned alive on a fur farm. The camera man was overcome and begged the people involved to at least use some kind of pain killer as the dog’s screaming was unbearable, only to be told that they couldnt do this as it would affect their profit margin. At one point I thought I was going to die from the heartache and upset of it all I have also thru prayer and meditation sent as much love and healing as I can and continue to do so, to all animals but especially those in China, Vietnam, Korea etc and also to the people who are the doing these things, please send them as much love as possible as we will get faster results…laws of Karma are true xx

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  35. avatar Amar says:

    If only the animals escaped and the ripped the skin off those barbaric excuses for human beings.

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