Victoria Silvstedt's Plea for the AstraZeneca Beagles
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Victoria Silvstedt’s Plea for the AstraZeneca Beagles

Swedish siren and former Playboy model Victoria Silvstedt was horrified when she heard that more than 300 dogs may be shipped from her home country to UK laboratories for cruel animal tests.

Upon learning about pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca’s plans to consign hundreds of beagles from their breeding facility in Örkelljunga to the torture of animal testing, Victoria immediately fired off a letter to the company’s board imploring its members to show the dogs mercy. She wrote:

Anyone who lives with a dog, as I do, knows that dogs are thinking, feeling individuals who do not deserve to be caged, scared and used as disposable test tubes with tails. They reward our care and attention with boundless loyalty and adoration, and we should surely not betray them. In experiments, dogs are often forced to ingest massive quantities of toxic substances, including pesticides, leading to immense suffering before they are finally killed.

Please do the right thing and send the remaining dogs to loving homes rather than to heartless labs.

The company has yet to respond to Victoria or to the more than 10,000 PETA supporters who have also contacted it to ask for the beagles’ release. Add your name to the petition here, and show AstraZeneca how many people care about the fate of these young dogs.
Image: Tabercil / CC BY-SA 3.0

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  1. avatar Karen Tipping says:

    I am disgusted that these sentient intelligent creatures are destined for vivisection labs! How despicable ! They are not on this planet to be experimented on, and should be sent to a dogs home/sanctuary until LOVING HOMES can be found for them. Anyone who’s ever owned a dog will be as horrified as I am. Gentle, loving, faithful creatures THEY DO NOT DESERVE THIS DAMNED CRUELTY. I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race !

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Never be surprised by mankind’s hellish, ungodly, demonic, barbaric and cruel torture, maiming, killing and massacring of our fellow animals and God’s creatures.

  3. avatar Carol says:

    Mankind??? There really is something wrong with the world and how it educates it’s people to treat animals and each other with such cruelty. I’d say it’s down to us as individuals to give us hope for the future.

  4. avatar Heather Critchley says:

    A statement from Astra Zeneca said that they have to experiment on the beagles for Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease (organ failure and breathing problems) because it is required by law. They don’t care about he rights and wrongs , about the welfare of the animals or even the results – it is a box ticking exercise!

    These beautiful , healthy, trusting dogs are going to die horrific deaths because EU LAW says they have to test on animals before they try drugs on humans! This is ridiculous and outrageous, dogs are NOT humans!!! There are new methods of testing and plenty of old research that could be used, which would give far more realistic results. There HUMANS with COPD who would gladly try the drugs too – let the animals go to real homes and live their lives out in peace!

  5. avatar gillian elliott says:

    Many experiments on dogs which proved successful for dogs were fatal for humans. For example, though not fatal, thalidamide was disastrous for humans yet did no harm to dogs. Dogs’ revenge? IIbuprofen is really bad for dogs and good for humans – where’s the sense?

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