Pamela Anderson to WTO: Save Seals, Uphold EU Seal-Fur Import Ban
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Pamela Anderson to WTO: Save Seals, Uphold EU Seal-Fur Import Ban

Actor and animal rights campaigner Pamela Anderson just made a heartfelt appeal, urging the World Trade Organization (WTO) to uphold the EU’s ban on seal-fur imports.

As the baby-seal slaughter approaches, Pamela points out that there is no longer any market for seal fur, nor any justification for this cruel industry, in which sealers shoot and bash in the heads of helpless seals when they are just weeks old.

(C) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

She writes:

As a proud Canadian, I’m saddened that Canada is trying to use the WTO to delay the inevitable demise of the cruel commercial seal trade by challenging the EU’s ban on seal-fur imports. In addition to the EU, the U.S., Mexico, and Taiwan as well as Russia—which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts—have all banned seal fur and will not tolerate this annual slaughter. …

The commercial slaughter has nothing to do with native practices and involves no tribal communities. … [It] is merely an off-season cash grab for the massive fishing industry and accounts for less than 1 percent of Newfoundland’s economy. The EU’s seal ban is even-handed, targeting commercial cruelty not only in Canada but also anywhere else in the world that it occurs.

. . .

I hope to hear that you will uphold the ban so that my beautiful Canada will finally leave this barbaric practice in the past.

Pamela’s compassion and commitment to helping animals is an inspiration to us all. Please join her and speak up for baby seals by supporting Canadian Sen Mac Harb’s bill to outlaw the annual seal massacre for good.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Pam Anderson has done great deeds for animals. I’m mostly a music fan and word’s cant describe the fantastic work and deeds for animals that Paul McCartney and Brian May have done. Two of the classiest people in entertainment.

    Plaudits for Morrissey, Chrissie Hynde, Leona Lewis and Moby too.

  2. avatar Dot Pleydell says:

    Cruelty to these innocent animals is needless. It needs to be stopped.

  3. avatar mrs a smith says:

    please leave the seals alone,your country is so nice dont be so barbaric!!!!
    thank you from the uk

  4. I really hope for the best. Seals are just lovely animals, especially the little one. I adore them. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Lets be cruelty free.

  5. avatar Susan Howe says:

    This has to stop. Canada is stockpiling skins at a cost to the tax-payer, the majority of whom don’t support the cull anyway!

  6. avatar Carol Brand says:

    I watched a documentary away in the eighties of the seal slaughter and it still upsets me today .Please stop this cruelty.

  7. avatar Marianne Burridge says:

    This has to stop. this appalling cruelty has gone on too long.

  8. Tthe EU, the U.S., Mexico, and Taiwan as well as Russia have all banned this cruel trade…. Do the right thing Canada

  9. avatar Fred Nye says:

    Come on Canada,we know you like to think you are macho men,but this shows you in your true colours,a bunch of cold heartless scum,the very opposite of a man.

  10. avatar Alix Freeman says:

    I shudder to think how anyone could look these babies and their Mums in the eyes and then bash their heads in / shoot them.
    In the name of God (whatever God you worship)…how can any government allow this to happen despite the public protesting.

  11. avatar anne watkins says:

    wat a fab ambassador for animals ,why cant everybody feel the same about slaughtering innocent animals just for the sake of stupid people who find somebody else skin better than their own shame on u

  12. avatar June Lee says:

    Let the madness stop. Shame on you who kill these animals and those who wear their skin.

  13. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    This is cruel and pointless.

  14. avatar christina taylor says:

    It’s 2013, thing’s like this should’nt be happening to these lovely animals, we live in a very cruel world, why do people want to wear dead animals.

  15. avatar Malgorzata bojczuk says:

    Stop killing these poor animals!! This barbaric and ultra stupid practise must stop now!!

  16. These barbaric acts have to stop, its so hard to even think about this, its soul destroying. PLEASE LISTEN TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SIGNED.

  17. avatar Caroline says:

    Please Canada listen, you’re a beautiful country but you’re driving us away from you by this cold heartless murder. Be the warm people we always thought you were, spare these poor creatures, let them live…..a plea from the UK.

  18. avatar Sarina says:

    It just horrifies me that this is still going on. What type of man can raise an implement to smash down on a baby seals head to kill it is beyond me. It’s just so barbaric

  19. avatar sharon hunter says:

    We are supposed to be a civilised race…..I don’t know any animal that deliberately inflicts such pain and suffering on defenceless creatures…for Gods sake Stop carrying out such horrifying atrocities.

  20. avatar Su Horn says:

    Leave these wonderful animals alone !!!

  21. avatar sharon gilman says:

    we have to keep pressuring canadian goverment to STOP THIS NOW for gods sake its wrong and its needless these wonderful creatures deserve to live in peace im so angry that this is allowed to go on shame on canada

  22. avatar dee brown says:

    Please stop this barbaric behaviour. It is depraved and immoral and so disgusting. Humans should be setting an example not resorting to savagery.

  23. avatar elaine hughes says:

    cannot believe this atrosity is still happening come on Canada show some compassion

  24. avatar Amy Barrass says:

    It’s about time the human race stopped all barbaric practices against any animal in this world, one day we will all wake up and it’ll be too late and I just hope I’ll be dead by then. It breaks my heart of what we do to other living creatures. It disgusts me to actually be part of the human race.

  25. avatar susan anne booth says:

    Are we to start going backwards, why bring this unwanterd barbaric practice back again, no one needs fur today, the only place real fur looks good is on the animal that was born with it. it is nothing short of cruel and evil to kill any animal for its fur, please do not do this. please leave these beautiful animals alone,

  26. avatar carol fothergill says:

    This needless slaugter must be stopped

  27. avatar John Godwin says:

    Culling is no answer to the problem of fishing! What it takes to go out and get fish is to get off your asses and do the fishing from the inside of a boat not your favourite rocking chair or your leather lounge sofa. Fishing has always been a dangerous and sometimes unpaying chore, it is indeed a dirty job and someone has to do it but so are many other jobs. Take it from me, those that are quick to blame other factors that go to make up the rollcall of the jobs that are done aboard ships and boats with regard to fishing, will always have a beef about their job and why they haven’t caught much fish. They don’t dare look at their own methods of fishing nor do they blame themselves for not staying out to go the distance to find a catch to bring in, put simply, they want everything put on a plate for them and that’s why they take their frustration out on poor defenceless creatures that have more of a chance of catching fish and are a whole lot better at doing so that they don’t take more fish from the pool than they really need, unlike man. Sorry guys I tell it as I see it, you’re wasters and responsible for the unnecessary deaths of sea creatures around the world.

  28. avatar Frances Stent says:

    We only share this world we don’t have the right to slaughter animals for our own purposes and gain.

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