Hurray! Council Chucks Cruel Chicken Factory Plans
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Hurray! Council Chucks Cruel Chicken Factory Plans

Chickens – and PETA supporters – are clucking for joy this week at the news that Shropshire Council has refused planning permission for a proposed intensive broiler chicken production facility that would have condemned 330,000 birds to a life of misery.

Almost 5,000 PETA supporters wrote to the council to ask them to stop this cruel factory farm unit from being built – and this fantastic result shows that your objections were heard.

Broiler facilities like the one proposed by Harrison Farms, which rear chickens for meat, force tens of thousands of birds to live crammed together in sheds and are dosed with antibiotics and bred to grow so unnaturally fast and large that they often cannot support their own weight and sometimes experience organ failure. The animals are killed as soon as they reach “slaughter weight” – sometimes when they are only 42 days old.

Thank you all for your support, and congratulations to the council for making the compassionate decision to protect animals. Fingers crossed that the council will exercise similar good judgement with other applications for cruel factory farm facilities in Shropshire.

If you want to be a part of future victories like this one, please sign up for our Action Team – we’ll keep you updated about ways to help animals.


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  1. avatar Mark LeBrock says:

    Fantastic news, how the hell did the vile Harrison Farms think they would get away with it in a civilised country.

  2. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Chickens are sociable, friendly creatures that can be great pets and companion animals. Conversely, Killing chickens for for food is a hellish monstrosity.

  3. [...] be tightly crammed into dark sheds until the time came to slaughter them. But after hearing from PETA U.K. and almost 5,000 of PETA U.K.’s members and supporters, the council denied the [...]

  4. avatar Emily says:

    Before eating chicken imagine you were in a small cage and then you got brutally killed. Then you got eaten and people just didnt care. That’s life for a chicken on a factory farm.

  5. avatar Lioba Multer says:

    Good job! Let’s liberate the rest!

  6. we need a site where we can all congratulate shropshire council, and the people of the town who doubtless campaigned as well. ? makes such a change to get soem positive news amid all the rest of the awful things hapening to animals in this country alone. let alone other even more backward countries. how do we get more people to care ? thats the million dollar question. but shropshire has made a start.

    • avatar Karen Hardy says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Ms Donworth. Well done to Shropshire council, to everyone who cares enough about animals to do something to help stop cruelty and of course to PETA. This news is so welcome and has lifted my spirits

  7. protect life, prosecute those that seek to destroy our shared home and our fellow beings
    under the truth of evolution we are all family
    life has value beyond measure
    Peace and Love
    *********** WALL OF SHAME ************
    ┬┴┬┴┬┴ The Wall ┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴
    DEMOLISH ——>>>>> THIS WALL !!!!

  8. avatar N Dawson says:

    This is fab news! Thank you Shropshire council for your compassion! I have only recently been made aware of all the great work PETA does through watching an awful video on factory farms! It has now led to me turning to a vegetarian diet, cutting out diary and eggs and it has also been a terrible eye opener into how much animal cruelty goes on behind closed doors! Thank you PETA for all the hard work you do!

  9. avatar Fran says:

    Unfortunately celebrations are premature and this victory is a hollow one because:

    - on 5th March 2013 Shropshire Council did approve plans for an intensive broiler chicken operation at Meadowland Poultry at Sleap, nr. Wem, with sheds that will house up to 150,000 birds at any one time, with 7 times that volume each year, i.e. churning out a million tortured chickens each year. There were no objections from the general public;, and

    - on 8th March 2013 Shropshire Council did approve plans for another two giant broiler units at Bank House Farm, Yockleton, nr. Shrewsbury, namely 2x 5000 square metre poultry units, each housing 45,000 chickens. These plans attracted only two letters of opposition.


  10. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    i love chickens.

  11. avatar Frances Wood says:

    Welcome news, I am sure. But meanwhile Shropshire Council has approved plans to expand a factory poultry farm at Sleap, nr. Wem, Shropshire which will house 150,000 broiler chickens at any one time, i.e. producing ONE MILLION low-welfare chickens annually; Shropshire Council has also approved plans for 2 giant (5000 square metre) broiler units at Yockleton, nr. Shrewsbury, Shropshire, which will each house 45,000 low-welfare broiler chickens. Virtually no objections were lodged to either planning applications.

    • avatar susan anne booth says:

      Well where was PETA when this was all going on ? Answere trying to get every one against Crufts dog show, Pedigree dogs and their breeders.
      Also trying to get everyone to go vagan. (they live in cokoo land ) Keep to the real issues PETA.

  12. avatar Tucker says:




  13. avatar susan anne booth says:

    For one I can agree with PETA, I signed this petition and I can say I am well pleased about this result. this is the sort of work Peta should be doing, worth while causes that stops the real abuse and misery of animals. well done PETA

    • avatar Fran says:

      I already posted this news on 9th March and, yes, it really is appalling that this giant torture-chamber for chickens will go ahead.

      The public (and PETA!) need to get real, because local authority planning decisions are NEVER taken on grounds of “welfare” or “compassion”. PETA was quite wrong to praise Shropshire Council for their “compassion” in having rejected the Harrison Poultry broiler application. The planners were, and still are, only concerned with matters like the impact of nuisance, noise and traffic on nearby residents. Animal welfare issues count for absolutely nothing in planning decisions.

      The consumer has the power to stop the horrendous suffering found on factory farms, if only people would say no to buying cheap, factory-farmed poultry and meat products. Even better would be to switch to a vegetarian diet.
      A free guide to going veggie is available from Animal Aid at

  14. [...] In February, approximately 5,000 people e-mailed Shropshire Council asking that it reject plans to build an  appallingly cruel chicken factory farm – and the council listened! Thanks to people power, the proposed facility was denied planning permission. [...]

  15. avatar Lovage Pritchard says:

    It’s great that people are objecting in large numbers but unfortunately, the ethical issues aren’t the main ones which are going to stop the process. There are applications for broiler units across the UK which are going unchallenged. It’s a minefield with so many agencies involved and we need someone conversant in planning legislation to help us navigate through local government bureaucracy as well as someone who can understand the detailed applications.

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