Animal Abusers on the Loose: £1,000 Reward for Information
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Animal Abusers on the Loose: £1,000 Reward for Information

A young seagull was shot through the neck with a crossbow in Inverness, and cocktail sausages laced with nails were left on playing fields in Monmouthshire in order to injure dogs – these two sickening incidents of cruelty to animals happened in just the past few weeks in the UK.

Image: Scottish SPCA

Hurting animals is just plain wrong. Society needs to take these shocking crimes seriously, because animal abusers are a danger to everyone. Sick individuals who carry out violence against animals – who can’t report abuse and often can’t fight back – may move on to harming people as well. Serial rapists and murderers, including Ian Huntley, Fred West, Thomas Hamilton and Raoul Moat, all started out by deliberately harming animals.

We’ve offered a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the disturbed individuals responsible for these incidents. If you know something about these or any other cases of animal abuse, please contact the authorities: call 101 in England and Wales, 03000 999 999 in Scotland, or 0800 555 111 in Northern Ireland.

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  1. avatar Sandra Graham says:

    More severe punishments are needed for people who inflict pain cruelty on defenceless animals, bigger fines longer prison sentences… people who harm animals are more likely to harm humans…

  2. avatar Sarah Andrews says:

    Animals feel pain in the same way that people do and their lives are valuable. Those who harm animals should be punishd severely.

  3. avatar Erna says:

    Don’t know why I am still shocked at some people’s inhumanity. I struggle to believe that people who do such cruel acts don’t feel any kind of compassion. Perhaps they are wired up in a different way from most of us…well I hope it is still most of us. It’s hard to witness the results of these behaviours but to ignore them is to ignore the problem. I hope those responsible re caught soon tho I can’t see what can be done to retrain someone’s mind who thinks damaging other living creatures is an ok thing to do.

  4. As a society we need to come down hard on animal abusers. No more with the “slap on the wrist and now go and be a good boy” lets have prison sentences that match the crimes. What joy can anyone get out of shooting a crossbow through a seagulls neck or lacing sausages laced with nails. All too often the seriously sick and evil in society start off by being cruel/torturing animals – so lets make the punishment fit the crime!

  5. avatar Ian Grainger says:

    Sadly the UK is becoming more anti-animal every week.
    Political correctness means you can’t be anti (any human).
    On tv,s Room 101,Aled Jones sent in the seagulls.Clive Anderson sent in the deer.
    Our local Tesco is always raising funds for more CRUK labs.
    British Heartless even come to your door for lab funds.
    Charity quiz shows? Hardly ever an animal charity.(Simon Cowell did once for battersea dogs,and Chris Tarrant took the piss).
    Our local council (Market Rasen)priority is getting rid of the pigeons.
    Even our vet has just been horrible to one of our cats,because he scatched him
    With a name like “Rocky”he should have seen it coming!

  6. avatar Charmaine Scammell says:

    Absolutely disgusting!! Stronger penalties need to be imposed on those that cause barbaric suffering to animals and birds!!

  7. avatar Krystal O'Mahoney says:

    This is just plain wrong and sick!

  8. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Animal abusers are evil incarnate and anthropocentic reprobates.

  9. avatar Donna Combe says:

    I live around 40 minutes from Inverness, and have witnessed teenagers throwing bread into the road so that seagulls would fly down for it and then be hit by cars. I was about five cars back, a seagull was killed. I pulled over and confronted the teenagers – explaining that those who hurt animals have been known to make the transition to hurting humans – they did looked surprised at this, though I doubt it stopped them.

    However, what was more aggravating, was that the police pulled ME over for having parked on a chevron near a pelican crossing, despite being right next to my car the whole time and at around 8pm in the evening. I explained why, and insisted that they go back and admonish the teenagers, for not only animal cruelty but for causing cars to break and speed up randomly (potential accident) – the police brushed me off, said they would, but it was clear they thought I was barmy.

    Both legislation and society’s general views need to change regarding the acceptance and weak responses to animal cruelty.

  10. avatar Donna Combe says:

    The police, the law, were not bothered about the animal cruelty – that is my point admidst the waffle.

  11. avatar Emily says:

    I think that animal a users should suffer what the animal suffered. So say someone starved a dog to death then they get starved to death.

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