The Life of a Piglet
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The Life of a Piglet

A new documentary, Pig Vision, follows two brothers born on a pretty typical pig farm in Austria. One of the brothers, known as X15, is held in a rearing pen and lives through the horrific process that awaits the vast majority of pigs in the European Union.

The other brother, Jackpot, is rescued and grows up on a sanctuary. The contrast is stark, as one brother lives a social, playful life while the other is denied everything that is natural and important to him.

The conditions portrayed in the video are typical for the overwhelming majority of animals raised on filthy, crowded factory farms. They rarely – if ever – smell fresh air or feel the sun on their backs until the day they are sent off to slaughter.

It’s a lifetime of suffering, all for a fleeting moment of taste. The only way to stop this cruel cycle of abuse is by not eating X15, Jackpot or any of their brothers and sisters. Order PETA’s free vegan starter kit.

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  1. avatar anne watkins says:

    totally disgraceful show some kind of empathy ,these r living creatures with needs and feelings

  2. Its Just Disgusting infact I wont be eating anymore Pig, ect ect because of this VIDEO….Infact I really Feel Physically sick…I thought all Animal were stunned first…Clear this Poor Pig was in a lot of pain….With still more 2 come…
    I would Rather Kill myself than HAVE A job….Watching Animals Suffer Like this, Infact I could of shout those 2 people…..
    Animals should never be Treated this way there Live Breath Like use & they feel Pain Like use…………………

  3. People who do this to any animal should feel this torture themselves. What evil cowards they are. Animal ‘testing’ and abbatoirs are nothing more than venues for murder carried out by the worst kind of human. These videos captured by those people who care are so disturbing and sad, but if they reach enough of an audience and word is spread, then maybe this will stop. It has to doesn’t it.

    Treating any animal in this way is exactly the same as genocide.

  4. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Humans make life a living hell for intelligent and innocent piglets in addition to so many other creatures.

  5. I could not watch more than afew seconds, mad me angry, sick, tearful.How can man justify this, it can’t, there is food enough without eating meat.

  6. avatar Cuvelier Patricia says:

    I can’t stop crying when watching this cruel behaviour. I am already vegetarian
    since many many years and my biggest wish is that everybody would quit eating meat.
    I m just so chocked that people are still enjoying meat knowing the painful life
    of all those innocent creatures.
    I could easily kill those unsensitive monsters who torture those poor lovely
    and sensitive animals…they would only deserve HELL and the death sentence !!!
    I hate them so much, why do they deserve to live?????????

  7. avatar Pete M, SAYS PEOPLE ARE CRUEL says:


  8. avatar Valou! says:

    C´est triste…

  9. avatar Micheal Moffat says:

    protect life, prosecute those that seek to destroy our shared home and our fellow beings
    life has value beyond measure
    Peace and Love
    *********** WALL OF SHAME ************
    ┬┴┬┴┬┴ The Wall ┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴┬┴
    DEMOLISH ——>>>>> THIS WALL !!!!

  10. avatar Herwin Van Dycke says:

    People are shit, hope al the people that harm animals die in the most horrific way and may know way so

  11. avatar Jan Whiteley says:

    Cruelty to animals in all forms must be stopped. It is a long hard road but a cause which must be fought.

  12. avatar Andie short says:

    Thank you PETA, this was very hard to watch and I am sobbing writing this, BUT I feel that it should be shown on national TV and in schools etc. If only everyone were aware of the absolute cruelty involved I’m certain the whole world would go vegetarian.

  13. avatar Gillian Dutton says:

    Heartbreaking to watch, how can humans be so cruel I would rather starve than eat pigs. The pain the pigs go through is horrific – beyond belief! When will people change?
    Thank goodness some people care or what this world be like.

  14. avatar Elizabeth Jones says:

    It is horrendous cruelty, law has to be passed to make this illegal. Human beings have to stop eating animals.

  15. Grusom aper uten følsom.

  16. This has made me feel utterly helpless and hapless, so very depressing and what do those poor piggies feel!Reared all for the sake for humans, this species should never have de veloped! But hey we’re here but we have not learnt to respect those that give to fill their own guts UGH!! Go VEGGIE folks! For gods sake when will we learn. when will we take regard for all animals who have the RIGHT to live in a natural way, it’s not hard to GIVE to make their lives tolerable and even happy..especially for those poor creatures reared for the disgusting meat trade. I am soooo sorry piggies that I am of the species that subjects you and the animal kingdom to horrific practices. There’s not enough of the good guys to make changes NOW and this makes me weep. Bless your beautiful hides piggies, all are met with pride at the rainbow bridge, you’tre very precious.

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