Let's Show Compassion to Pigs of Every Creed and Colour
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Let’s Show Compassion to Pigs of Every Creed and Colour

Consumers were recently advised to buy only pork from British pigs, following the news that up to 40 per cent of pork produced in the EU does not comply with animal welfare regulations. But here’s a better message for anyone who truly cares about animal welfare: don’t buy meat at all!

What the pork industry won’t tell you is that all factory farmed pigs, both in Britain and abroad, endure a life of pain and suffering.

Most pigs in the UK spend their entire lives indoors, in cramped, filthy warehouses. Many go insane from lack of stimulation. Farmers cut off piglets’ tails and the tips of their teeth, generally without any painkillers. Secret filming by animal rights groups has exposed the abuse of pigs that repeatedly occurs on UK farms and inside abattoirs.

The ban on inhumane sow stalls in the EU allows mother pigs a modicum more space, but it’s only a drop in the ocean when it comes to the hardships that the meat industry inflicts on these sensitive and highly intelligent animals, and farrowing crates are still perfectly legal in the UK.

No matter if they’re British, French, German or Dutch, all pigs raised for their meat suffer. If you want information on how to switch to a compassionate animal-free diet, order our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today.

Image: Meneer Zjeroen/CC BY 2.0

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    Pigs are very intelligent, sociable, sensitive and innately wonderful creatures of God. Humanity’s mistreatment and massacre of helpless pigs is a malevolent abomination perpetrated by the appalling and fallen human race.

    • avatar Roy Baker says:

      Wild pigs are beautiful animals and there is no reason why they should not live happily in the British countryside. Apart from the problem of the salivating human hunters.

  2. avatar Sharon Brock says:

    I have just watched the video of how these pigs are treated & it has upset me so much,I didn’t realise that this is what goes on!!I can’t believe those nasty people who beat them just for the fun of it,it makes me sick they should be treated the same way!!Im so glad I’m now vegetarian so at least I won’t be making pigs or any animal suffer in this appalling way!!

    • avatar steven says:

      Hi Sharon its great you dont eat meat but you really need to research the dairy industry if you dont want any animal to suffer in this way.

    • avatar Wiebke says:

      … and the egg industry. When I saw this footage, after doing a fair bit of research on the guidelines/policies and standards, I realised that the only way to avoid suffering is to be vegan. This also applies to clothing and cosmetics/toiletries. It’s not difficult at all and can make all the difference.

  3. avatar Elizabeth Drayton says:

    I have been a vegetarian for the last 34 years. I gave up eating meat and fish when I was made aware of how badly the animals were kept and how they were killed. Things do not really appear to have changed greatly. If people have to eat animals then these animals should be treated properly, with freedom to roam outside and inside, kept in social groups, fed the right food, not additives to make them grow fast, the list goes on!

    When are people going to realise that if they eat meat that has been factory farmed with inadequte food etc then they will be eating a substandard product.
    If your food is healthy then it will be better for you.
    Go animal free.

  4. avatar anne carr says:

    these are intellegent animals and should be treated with respect if we want to eat them

  5. avatar bryn mitchell says:

    i have always been disgusted with the way animals are treated in the meat industry, i eat meat and love it, i also worked as a butcher for a time, but now i wont be part of it. its inhumane, disgustingly cruel, and needs to changed and policed, i would never propose not eating meat, as the animals would have to be slaughtered to make room for intensive crop growing which would have a devastating effect on natural habitat and wild life, but we must stop these evil crimes against farm animals !

  6. avatar Lara Phillips says:

    Let’s protect our wonderful animals!

  7. How can people let this go on… where is our compassion, our feeling…the meat and dairy industries are cruelty personified !!! It’s sickening how most decent people claim to be unaware of how these innocent animals suffer.

  8. avatar Avelina Pereira says:

    Very cruel, is hard to see.

  9. avatar janet theaker says:

    This make me feel sick. Is there something wrong with this farmer. Does it make him feel special. I would make him feel very special in hospital. Lets hope animal rights activists get hold of him. He would feel very, very special then.

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