If You Wouldn't Eat a Horse ...
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If You Wouldn’t Eat a Horse …

If you wouldn't eat a horse
No doubt you’ve seen the story splashed all over the papers this week about the horsemeat found in burgers from several major UK supermarkets. We absolutely agree with the British public that turning horses into burgers is outrageous – but is it really more shocking than doing the same to cows?

Cows, pigs, sheep and chickens – like horses – are sensitive creatures with distinct personalities, able to experience pain, suffering and fear. Yet millions of them are routinely abused and killed for the meat industry, without making headlines. They may be seen as less lovable than their equine counterparts, but these animals are every bit as capable of feeling and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

So, if you’re appalled at the thought of eating horses, please remember that, for every Black Beauty or Seabiscuit, countless other unnamed animals are sent to senseless slaughter every day. The best way to help them is to stop eating them. So don’t just boycott the dodgy horsemeat burgers found in certain supermarkets – boycott all meat burgers, everywhere.

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  1. avatar Brien Comerford says:

    We should not consume the flesh of any animals, birds, fish, reptiles or amphibians.

  2. avatar Justina says:

    Hi Peta PLEASE PLEASE read this. I couldn’t find anywhere to report something that I have found on facebook. There’s this woman who abuses her horses because she likes to see them suffer. She has pictures and videos, here is her profile: https://www.facebook.com/farida.khan.710 I didn’t know what to do so I thought you might track her down and take the horses away.

    • avatar Dan says:

      Hi Justina,
      Please report cases of animal abuse to the RSPCA Cruelty Line 0300 1234 999. PETA UK is a campaigning organisation.

    • avatar Sharon Brock says:

      Hi Justina

      Did you report this sick woman to the RSPCA??I had a look at her Facebook profile & was not impressed:(How dare she think its ok to abuse her horses just to see them suffer for her pleasure!I reported the pictures to Facebook & sent her a message,something needs to be done about her!!!



  3. avatar sophie west says:

    Hi Peta – please can you do something to highlight the suffering that horses are going through (please see the SkyNews horse abattoir film reveals welfare breaches report) I was shocked by some irresponsible tv presenters this week seemingly encouraging the theory that eating horses is ok – people need to see the real suffering

  4. avatar ANNA MAIETTA says:


    • avatar susan anne booth says:

      I do wish people would not get hystericle. What you sugest would be regarded as rediculious by most people. while I respect you have a right to your opinion yoy sshould surely realise that no goverment anywhee is going to do what you sugest. The counry would rebel and probably starve too. You will do better to aske for improvement and better legistration and upholdment of the laws with greater inspection of these places. The banning of live horses leaving this country for the meat trade is very important. If you did succeed closing all abbatoirs in this country. there would be even more going abroad to be killed wher we have no say in how they are killed. The cause of the problem we are having at the moment is because we buy rubish from abroad we have no idea whats in it, what the hygene was like it was produced in. I have no fear of eating Horse because I only buy meat as it came from the animal and cook it my self. I never buy rubbish. I bet I dont spend as much on food either as people who do, the problem today is people wont or cant cook, hence they ae eating horse that probably started life over here!!

  5. avatar ANNA MAIETTA says:


  6. avatar Elisabeth Ollier says:

    Is it possible to start a TV campaign showing the meat industry’s treatment of animals? I would willing donate money for such a campaign as I genuinely believe that if the public were made aware we would become a vegetarian/vegan society.

  7. As a veggie I agree that no creature that is able to look me in the eye should be eaten. These days there are so many alternatives. I have cut down drastically on dairy products too. I agree with Paul MacCartney that if abattoirs had glass walls nobody with any compassion would eat meat or poultry. I live in Hastings where we have a fishing community & was appalled to hear that, should they exceed their quota, they just throw the dead fish back into the sea. I suppose the seagulls benefit from this, but I think it’s tragic.

  8. avatar Roy Baker says:

    The abuse and suffering inflicted on animals makes every other issue insignificant but all we hear is about people’s problems. It is very depressing sometimes, that is why we all need to comunicate with each other, it is so important to know there are others that care like we do. Thank you.

  9. avatar Rommy says:

    No animals should be consumed by humans, we are eating and killing animals to extinction, there are other options.

  10. avatar Adam McCrum says:

    Unlike lamb, sheep, cattle and fowl, horses are given names; and this, to me, is a very good reason for rejecting their meat; it’s tantamount to cannibalism – after all,
    We don’t eat dog or cat!

  11. avatar Gwen says:

    Hillside Animal Sanctuary do extremely good work. They not only take in abused and unwanted farm animals, including horses, etc, but they also carry out undercover investigations into abattoirs, etc, with excellent results. Take a look and join in their campaigns. Every name added to their letters of protest helps.

  12. avatar Lynne Haywood says:

    I am an OAP, have been a vegetarian most of my life, love all animals and work as a volunteer at a RSPCA Wildlife hospital. I have been a PETA member for many years.

    One of the many concerns I have is that it is still legal to send live animals abroad for slaughter. The RSPCA tries very hard to monitor the wagons taking them to the Ports with the ultimate goal of of eventually stopping this inhuman trade by legal means.

    They also are fighting hard to stop any badger culling in the future as well as taking Fox hunters to court, at great expense and newspaper condemnation.

    What is PETA doing to give support to these important issues?

  13. avatar chander kumar soni says:

    shame on you horse eaters.

  14. avatar Catherine LASVENES RIDEAU says:

    “Animals are my friends, I don’t eat my friends.”

    Be vegetarian one day … Be good every day !

    ps : I’m sorry I’m French. I don’t speak English very well but my heart is true to save Animals.

  15. avatar Cally smith says:

    I agree. In the UK we don’t eat horsemeat, or catmeat or whalemeat, but other countries do and this has to be accepted as a cultural difference. BUT we should know exactly what we are eating. Lets face it every time you pick up any prepacked food you are being whitewashed as to the ingredients and method of preparation, so don’t be too surprised!! Most of the people buying this stuff don’t have a clue how badly most of the animals they eat are being treated.

    After all this though, two things stuck in my mind: firstly has anyone given a thought to the animal welfare standards or lack of, for these poor horses? I bet there aren’t any. This should be looked into just as we are trying to raise standards for every creature that ends its days going to the abbatoire, be it a horse or a chicken….IT MATTERS. Secondly, what a bloody waste of food, destroying it all when half the worlds starving!! Those horses died for nothing! Its a disgrace.

  16. avatar Alessandra says:

    inorridisco al solo pensiero che un cavallo possa diventare cibo!!! Vergogna!!

  17. Shame on you meat eaters.

  18. avatar lesley frankau says:

    We must all work towards the day when no animal will suffer abuse or cruelty for food or pleasure. Live animal transportation is barbaric and unnecessary. We all work towards the day when this vile practice will cease

  19. avatar Yogesh Khandke says:

    The world won’t starve if we close down slaughter houses, anyone thinking so is badly uninformed. The first step though is to stop breeders that feed these slaughter houses. Feeding animals grain and then eating them is a waste of resources. We humans can eat grain instead, and there is enough of it for all of us. No abused horses or cows or pigs or chicken.

  20. avatar Adam McCrum says:

    Yes, some animals eat other animals, but we are way above that strata; we are quite capable of surviving without resorting to animal cruelty! Eating animals is grotesque; for pity’s sake leave them alone to live out their lives as God intended; he gave Man dominion over all living things, yes, but only in a caring capacity! Man can be wicked, but he can also be sympatico. Let us stop with the blood-letting, and eat only non-suffering products- WE CAN DO THIS ..!!

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  22. avatar Lesley says:

    We can live very well without eating meat or fish (or dairy & eggs for that matter, but these are harder to avoid). Appaarently it would go a long way to solving the worlds food crisis if everyone went vegitarian. Not only that but meat is bad for your health, much better to be a veggie!!

  23. avatar STEVEN SHERLOCK says:

    we should not eat horses or kill tham its all to do with money ,you can get one for a few pounds which the slaughter people do. they dont care what you eat all they do care about is money. so dont buy meat if you can i’dont eat cows or sheep ,but i’am sorry to say i’do eat pig and now and again chicken. but i’would never in my life eat horses.

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