Dave Navarro Rocks the Cruelty-Free Look
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Dave Navarro Rocks the Cruelty-Free Look

Appearing naked, with bleeding eyes, musician Dave Navarro’s new PETA ad is pretty dark, even for someone known for his edgy sense of style.

He might look a bit gory here, but by lending his face to PETA’s campaign against animal testing, the Jane’s Addiction guitarist is actually showing his compassionate side once more.

Navarro was appalled to learn about the hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide who are poisoned, blinded and killed each year in tests for the cosmetics industry. “They’re not taking a bunny rabbit and putting mascara on it. They’re injecting a chemical directly into its eye to see what kind of adverse reaction happens to it”, he says. “In many cases, parts of their body are ripped open. They’re all alive, and they’re all aware. It’s torture for the animal—it’s terrifying and painful and probably one of the cruellest things done in the name of vanity.”

So what’s Navarro’s advice for stopping this cruelty? Only buy cosmetics made by companies that refuse to make animals pay the price for their products. And if you want to do more, please take a moment to e-mail the European Commission asking that it ensure that all animal-tested cosmetics are banned in Europe without delay.

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  1. avatar Toni Smith says:

    Surely we have tested everything by now? The answer is yes… why are companies STILL testing the SAME products over and over again on defenceless animals? Are they going to be wearing make-up?

    Stop. It. Now.

    • avatar Amanda Johnson says:

      Unfortunately it’s got to do with red tape, I think, and if someone is harmed by these products they can’t sue because the product has been tested and deemed safe for humans. Dr Ray Greek has tried to show that using animals is inconclusive and he’s not an animal lover. He also points out that to use human subjects requires too much paper work and regulations. I say use people like Jimmy Saville (pity he’s dead in a way), they are the people we should be experimenting on. And I agree with you. They have covered every skin type, what’s the point anymore? Breaks my heart.

  2. Shame on you, its a disgrace!

  3. avatar janet Theaker says:

    There is no justification for this, and for the scientists doing the experimenting, how the hell can they can sleep at night?. This is way beyond my understanding. No wonder these scientist have to hide what they do otherwise they would live very short lives on the run from animal activists. It should be stopped now as there is no justification for it.

  4. avatar Kristen Collins says:

    It needs to be stopped now!!!

  5. avatar Angie Elmore says:

    Barbaric – STOP IT NOW!!!!!

  6. avatar Brenda says:

    This is so wronge I will look more into products not tested on poor animals

  7. avatar Emily says:

    Animal testing is cruel, sick and wrong. It needs to stop! Glad celebrity’s feel the same way and are getting involved.

  8. avatar CC says:

    BAN animal testing everywhere. It is cruel and futile!

  9. People who wear this make up will still be ugly…..

  10. avatar christine maunder says:

    if u want to test test them on yourselves yoy have a choice they dont

  11. avatar Gillian Young says:

    I have never agreed with animal testing on animals was horrified when younger when I found out that they do …stopped wearing make-up …avoided anything that had to do with animal cruelty…..testing is a form of legal cruelty and shame on them that do it, why by now do firms not share information or use natural ingredients so this archaic justified blatant cruelty stops.

  12. avatar Andrea says:

    Please stop animal testing!!

  13. STOP the testing now! How the hell can you live with yourselves it’s totally unnecessary. STOP STOP STOP STOP!

  14. avatar stephanie stanley says:

    Ban all testing on animals now! There is no need for this

  15. avatar Mia Murillo says:

    Stop this cruelty and lighten your brutality footprint. This is both unnecessary and unacceptable to sane and civilised human beings. This repulsive evil of our time must end!

  16. avatar Holly Witton says:

    Cruelty at its worse, defenceless animals that can’t even explain the excruciating pain they suffer at the hands of heartless humans!

  17. avatar gloria percy says:

    MORE than atrocious.

    Test on the scientists.

    • avatar gloria percy says:

      I stopped using nearly all cosmetics decades ago and always look for products NOT tested on animals, Co-oP products. Plus washing powders, Asda.

  18. avatar Elodie Bosco says:

    stop this now! no excuses anymore for cosmetics! test on useless humans, we have far too many!!!!!

  19. avatar Carol Sprinks says:

    It’s discusting and needs to be stopped

  20. avatar Carol Sprinks says:

    Discusting needs to be stopped now

  21. avatar Dot Pleydell says:

    Don’t make animals suffer for humans vanity

  22. avatar Barbara says:

    if people want to wear makuo they should be prpared to have it tested on them and not inocent animals

  23. Cruelty at its worse, defenceless animals that can’t even explain the excruciating pain they suffer at the hands of heartless humans! All for stupid human vanity!stop this now! no excuses anymore for cosmetics! test on useless humans, we have far too many!!!!!

  24. avatar Gwen Palmer says:

    I cannot believe in this day and age animals are cruely tested for anything let alone something like make up. Don’t get me wrong I love my make up but make sure I use brands that are animal friendly. Can’t see how testing on animals has any bearing on results for human use. Time to step up to the mark and ban all animal testing.

  25. avatar Gemma says:

    HUMANS use these products so HUMANS should have them tested on themselves.
    How these scientists can do this day in and day out sickens me to the depths of my stomach!
    We’ve come up with so many amazing incredible medicines and cures it’s a damn disgrace we are still in the dark ages of testing on animals.

  26. avatar Therese Kearton says:

    There is no justification for experimenting on animals – for any reason whatsoever. Time and again it has been demonstrated that what works on them does not necessarily work on humans. Why not do the testing od paedophiles instead?

  27. avatar trudi raven says:

    Test them on humans, if they want to use them. Lush don’t test on animals so why should any one else

  28. avatar Naomi Tregoning says:

    Enough is enough. Please stop testing on animals NOW!!

  29. avatar Caroline Denison says:

    Testing on animals for anything is horrific! Whether it be medicines or cosmetics! There are enough paesos,murderers/child murderers in prison. Test on the,but leave the animals alone!!

  30. avatar Camille Le Roes says:

    Testing on animals is cruel and futile. Animal testing isn’t reliable. It cannot be justified and is an anachronism. Animals are NOT goods/resources we can dispose of as we wish, they are living sentient creatures, just like us. We have been given the ability to think and to choose between good and evil, why choose the evil path?

  31. avatar Jaci Beckerley-Martin says:

    It is time to draw a line under animal testing. We are in the 21st century now, not the Middle Ages – can we start behaving like the advanced race we so like to think we are?

  32. avatar Jackie Dogan says:

    Why in this day and age are you so inhumane? Every living thing deserves a natural life. What is being done is cruel and barbaric!! How can these evil people sleep at night?

  33. avatar doreen brooks says:

    I refuse to wear make up, why should I pay to have the ‘slap’ on my face at the cost of animals’ lives and all in the name of profit? This testing is outdated and should be stopped NOW worldwide! All my life I fail (intelligently) to see the point of testing a product on an animal when the animal will not be using it. The ingredients have already been tested, so if someone is prepared to where this stuff why not test them on humans! These animals have done nothing to deserve this inhuman treatment. Their only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to end up in some stinking lab.

  34. avatar Glynn & Janet turner says:

    It’s time these acts of cruelty were stopped once and for all…… Human vanity does not & should not come about by the despicable acts of torture on innocent animals …. ALL animal testing should be abolished …….

  35. avatar Harry Taylor says:

    Unnecessary suffering to innocent animals makes me sick……. I’m sure there are more humane ways to test cosmetics.please get it stopped now!

  36. avatar anne watkins says:

    time to stop these cruel experiments on innocent animals and find an alternative,especially when its not proven that they even work STOP IT NOW

  37. avatar Lynda Ramsey says:

    STop this cruelty NOW!!!!!

  38. avatar simone says:


  39. avatar simone says:

    STOP IT!!!!!

  40. This abomination MUST stop!!!!!!

  41. avatar Eco Bittern says:

    I hope that animal cruelty is stopped!

  42. avatar SANDRA SHEPPARD says:

    Just how do you people justify continually repeating unethical cruel experiments on animals in what is tantamount to animal death camps. You already know the results of putting shampoo in any animals eyes and force monkeys to chain smoke. So give me one good reason for continuing to do it day after day. You are no better than those that did it in the concentration camps of Germany during the second world war.

  43. avatar rosemarie crosby says:

    I thought it had stopped , how people can still be doing these cruel tests I don’t understand. I will certainly check out before I buy make up.

  44. avatar Alix Freeman says:


  45. The Cosmetics industry should be ashamed of themselves, there is no need to test on amimals in this day and age, we have the tecnology to do it without animals.
    There are plenty of cosmetics on the market that don’t use animals, so the others should take a leaf out of their books and get with the 21st Century.

  46. avatar Anne Nielsen says:

    Animal testing is disgusting!! Ban it NOW!!

  47. avatar Helen Thomas says:

    Who died and made the Cosmetic Companies think they have the right to test on animals who have no choice in the matter? IT’S CRUEL AND INHUMANE, so stop it now.

  48. avatar Diane McQuillan says:

    There is no need to test on animals, plenty of companies do not test anymore! In fact animal testing on drugs has caused deaths and vital drugs delayed due to this barbaric practice!

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